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Fakemon is a term used for fan-made Pokemon games. This is prominent for ROM hacks when the programmers can add their own versions of Pokemon. This leads us to our 10 best Pokemon ROM hacks with Fakemon list that you can check and try out.

When it comes to Fakemon, these games can come in different types. There are those that are originally made and those that are edits of existing Pokemon. You could have a white Charmander that is a Fairy/Psychic-type and more. Fakemon can be fun and the games can have a mix of all Fakemon and those with original Pokemon.

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List Of The 10 Best Pokemon ROM Hacks With Fakemon

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10) Pokemon Vega

10 Best Pokemon ROM Hacks With Fakemon | PokemonCoders (1)

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Pokemon Vega starts our 10 best ROM hacks with Fakemon list. This ROM hack was made around 2016 and originally it was in Japanese. The programmers were Japanese but the game is available in English now. Vega is a sequel to the programmers’ first ROM hacks which were Altair and Sirius.

The story is a bit long and insane but all you need to know is that this game has Fakemon. Aside from Fakemon, there are also several Pokemon from multiple Generations available in the game. Explore the Tohoak Region and complete the story with your team of choice.

Notable Features

  • Over 200 Pokemon and Fakemon to collect
  • New music and sounds
  • Updated and new Moves included

09) Pokemon Blazing Emerald

10 Best Pokemon ROM Hacks With Fakemon | PokemonCoders (2)

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Blazing Emerald is a ROM hack of Emerald so it pretty much has the same story. There are some minor changes but it is still the same plot. The cherry on top is that this hack makes the game a bit harder than the original Emerald.

It has a nice array of Pokemon from multiple Generations and don’t forget about the Fakemon as well. It’s an interesting take on Emerald because it’s harder and some features are the same with some minor changes to give you a different experience.

Notable Features

  • Choose from Pikachu, Eevee, and Clefairy as your starters
  • Trainers and Gym Leaders have altered Pokemon teams
  • Physical and Special split

08) Pokemon Clover

10 Best Pokemon ROM Hacks With Fakemon | PokemonCoders (3)

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Clover boasts its sheer amount of Fakemon under its arsenal. Currently, it has around 386 Fakemon that you can catch and use. It doesn’t have any of the regular Pokemon which is fine It has a unique and interesting story where you can invest a lot of time playing the game.

The dialogue is also fun to read and has a bit of a mature side to it. You’ll also notice that some of the Fakemon have some innuendos and comical naming to them. The game itself has features from numerous Generations such as the Gen 2 Berry system, inclusion of Fairy-type, and more.

Notable Features

  • Updated items and Moves to Gen 6
  • Reusable TMs
  • Physical and Special split

07) Pokemon Dark Rising

10 Best Pokemon ROM Hacks With Fakemon | PokemonCoders (4)

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The game begins in a dream and a Pokemon tells you that you have to save the world. It’s your typical story but this time it has Pokemon and Fakemon. There are multiple Pokemon from different Generations until Gen 5. There are over 300 of them and a different number for the Fakemon roster.

There are different areas for you to explore as well as different characters to interact with. You get to travel the overworld map with a Chansey that will be there to heal you if you need them. The whole dream sequence at the start also brings the Dream World feature in the game. This is an interesting game in our 10 best ROM hacks with Fakemon list

Notable Features

  • Mini bosses are around
  • Dream World Pokemon and Abilities
  • EVs are removed

06) Pokemon Snakewood

10 Best Pokemon ROM Hacks With Fakemon | PokemonCoders (5)

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The theme of Pokemon Snakewood is a mix of seriousness with a touch of uncertainty, and horror. You’re pretty much caught in in a zombie apocalypse situation. You’re out there battling trainers that are crazy, fanatics, witches, and, more. The Fakemon comes in the fact that several Pokemon have their zombified forms.

It is still your typical Pokemon game so while you’re trying to combat the horde of zombie Pokemon, you will still need to catch and raise your Pokemon in the process. It’s a fun game with an interesting story to play.

Notable Features

  • Several Type changes for certain regular and zombie Pokemon
  • Catch several zombie Pokemon (Fakemon)
  • A challenging game

05) Dragon Ball Z: Team Training

10 Best Pokemon ROM Hacks With Fakemon | PokemonCoders (6)

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This game is like if Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon FireRed or LeafGreen had a baby. Basically, you’re playing the FR and LG story using Dragon Ball characters as your Fakemon. There are no original Pokemon in the because all of them are Dragon Ball characters.

(Video) 10 Best Pokemon ROM Hacks With Physical Special Split

A lot of the aesthetics in the game are from the Dragon Ball series. In fact, some items have also been changed to have the ones from the DBZ series. Full Restores are turned into Senzu Beans which have the same functions. Watch out for what the Fakemon have when it comes to types and moves.

Notable Features

  • Over 200 Fakemon to use
  • Original character sprites and animation
  • Same story as FireRed or LeafGreen

04) Giratina Strikes Back

10 Best Pokemon ROM Hacks With Fakemon | PokemonCoders (7)

The story of the game is that your father failed in achieving his childhood dream of being a great Pokemon Trainer. This is why he gives you an Eevee so that you can set out to be a great Pokemon Trainer in your own right. You will encounter a lot of speed bumps along the road.

In the story, the villain, Team Genesis, is responsible for summoning Giratina, in order to wreak havoc on the world. Hence, why Giratina is striking back. Assemble your team of Pokemon and Fakemon to save the world and fulfill your father’s dream in the process. Giratina Strikes back is a good addition to our list of the 10 best ROM hacks with Fakemon.

Notable Features

  • 11 Gym Leaders to battle
  • No need for Trade Evolutions
  • Run indoors

03) Pokemon Kanlara Ultimate

10 Best Pokemon ROM Hacks With Fakemon | PokemonCoders (8)

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Kanlara Ultimate is your typical ROM hack because the story is pretty much typical. You’re a character going out to start their journey as a Pokemon Trainer. You’ll encounter rivals, Pokemon, Fakemon, and villains. Team Rocket makes an appearance here so they’re pretty much the villains of the game.

The game has Fairy-type included which only appeared from Gen 6 onwards. There’s also the new Demon-type exclusive to this game. A lot of the Demon-type Pokemon are original and some use the official Pokemon designs. They pretty much are the Fakemon for this game since the Demon-type was never around in the original games and adds a layer of gameplay. The Demon-type fills the Fakemon category when there are several Pokemon having this type. You can also catch and use them in the process. The Pokemon roster goes up to Gen 7 as well as having a custom TM list.

Notable Features

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  • Over 300 Pokemon to capture
  • New Moves have been added
  • Added new animations

02) Pokemon League of Legends

10 Best Pokemon ROM Hacks With Fakemon | PokemonCoders (9)

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We had Dragon Ball Z earlier, now we’ll be dealing with League of Legends. Pokemon League of Legends is pretty much Pokemon with LoL. Explore the world of Valoran as a Summoner so you’re not a Trainer. Instead of catching Pokemon, the Fakemon in the game are the Champions from LoL.

It is still Pokemon mechanics where you gather Champions and fight other Summoners and do Gym Battles. Gather those Champions and make some interesting team compositions. If you love LoL and Pokemon, so you may want to check it out.

Notable Features

  • Black 2 and White 2 Repel system
  • Physical and Special split
  • Fairy-type included

01) Pokemon Prism

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Taking the number one spot of our 10 best ROM hacks with Fakemon list is Pokemon Prism. It is the only game on this list that is for the Gameboy Color and not the GBA. That’s not a bad thing because the game looks aesthetically pleasing and with a wide array of Pokemon and Fakemon.

The story is also original and you get to start off with a Larvitar as your starter. There are two unique types added in the game being Gas and Sound as well as Fairy being included. The Gas and Sound-types fill the Fakemon quota of the game and there are a couple of them that you can catch.

Notable Features

  • Several Pokemon can learn New TMs
  • Gold Token System
  • Sound and Gas-types added

In Closing

These are just the 10 best Pokemon ROM hacks with Fakemon that you might want to play. Fakemon is always fun to have around. You have some of the weirdest looking models out there as well as those that use existing characters and other franchises getting mixed into the world of Pokemon.

More and more ROM hacks in the future will have more Fakemon added to them. You might want to try out every game on this list if you have some free time. Enjoy every Fakemon that you can find and like the games, maybe catch them all.

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What Pokemon ROM has all Pokemon? ›

Other than Pokémon Radical Red and Pokémon Unbound, Pokémon Emerald Kaizo is probably one of the most recognizable and widely played difficult ROM hacks out there. This is why it is still played to this day. It offers the ability to obtain all 386 Pokemon with many of the legendaries put in the postgame.

Which Pokemon GBA ROM hack is the best? ›

Pokemon GS Chronicles is often considered to be the best of the best Pokemon GBA ROM hacks in existence. Based on Gold and Silver, this version is basically a more in-depth edition of the original adventures with exciting new features.

What is a Pokemon ROM hack? ›

A warning to users about bootleggers included in Pokémon rijonAdventures. ROM hacks, also known as hack games or ROM patches, are video games that have been edited or altered by enthusiasts. The hackers achieve this by changing the code of the Read-Only Memory of a published video game to create something new.


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