AMAZE Is Indoctrinating Children (2022)

AMAZE Is Indoctrinating Children (1)

AMAZE was recently brought to my attention from a Twitter thread by Chris Elston. In the thread, Chris describes in detail a 30-minute audio recording made in a 7th grade (kids aged ~12) classroom on the topic of gender.

In that recording, following a muddled discussion about pronouns and sex “assignment,” the children were made to watch a video. A Twitter user pointed out that the video is from an organization called AMAZE, which describes its mission thusly:

AMAZE harnesses the power of digital media to provide young adolescents around the globe with medically accurate, age-appropriate, affirming, and honest sex education they can access directly online—regardless of where they live or what school they attend.

AMAZE also strives to assist adults—parents, guardians, educators and health care providers around the globe—to communicate effectively and honestly about sex and sexuality with the children and adolescents in their lives.

They are also creating “Toolkits, lesson plans, promotional materials and other resources to help educators and health care providers refer students and young patients to AMAZE as an available, free and fun resource to learn about sex and sexuality.” Their YouTube channel currently boasts 177K subscribers and, as the 30-minute recording reveals, their materials are actively making their way into children’s classrooms. This is all to say that their reach is not insignificant.

After watching the video described in the recording, I explored the AMAZE YouTube channel and was shocked at some of the content, which I will share with you.

The first video is the one from the recording about gender identity. Please watch it (below). I have also provided a transcript for reference.

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(Video) Shapiro Reacts to INSANE Sex Ed Video Shown to FIRST GRADERS


MOM: All right, folks, here we go. A Romaine and kale salad with avocado, cucumber, shishito peppers, and four kinds of cheese. Sprinkled in balsamic straight from Italy.

UNCLE JAY: Wow! In my day, salads only had two ingredients, a rock hard wedge of iceberg lettuce and a stinky old dried up tomato.

DAUGHTER: Sorry, guys, I'm going to have to eat fast. Alex is stopping by in a few minutes to work on a robotics project.

UNCLE JAY: Alex, is that the girl with that weird dog or the boy with the hat with the wings that flap?

DAUGHTER: No, Uncle Jay, this is Alex.

UNCLE JAY: Oh, OK. I remember. A very nice young, hmm. Come to think of it, well, is Alex a boy or a girl?

DAUGHTER: Actually, Alex doesn't define themselves as boy or girl.

UNCLE JAY: What else is there?

SON: Back in your day, most people understood the world in terms of just boys and girls. But now, we know gender is more complex than that.

UNCLE JAY: Wait. Aren't we just talking about whether you're born with a hoo-hoo or a hee-hee?

DAUGHTER: When you're born, your sex is assigned in a medical way. But the sex listed on your birth certificate may not necessarily match your gender identity.

SON: Gender identity is a person's inner experience of who they are in terms of gender. Their deep personal sense of being male, female, a blend of both, or neither.

(Video) AMAP #61 | Amaze's Sex Education Serves to Indoctrinate Children

DAUGHTER: And while many people have a gender identity that's the same as their assigned birth sex, a female or male, that's not always the case because gender exists on a spectrum. Like transgender, which means a person whose gender identity is not consistent with their assigned birth sex. Non-binary, which means a person whose identity doesn't fall in the category of either male or female. And genderqueer or genderfluid, which means a person who does not identify themselves as having a specific gender at all.

UNCLE JAY: Does gender identity have to do with being straight or gay?

SON: Actually, no. Gender identity has to do with the way you feel about yourself. While sexual orientation is based on the way you feel toward others, the people you may or may not be attracted to.

UNCLE JAY: You know I really like Alex. And I can tell they're a good friend to you. But I'm still pretty confused about all of this.

MOM: That's OK. You don't have to fully understand someone to respect them. To start, try not to make any assumptions about a person's gender. And use the name and pronouns that they ask you to. Above all, be a friend or ally for people of all gender identities.

DAUGHTER: That's right, mom. Alex is here. Come on in.

ALEX: Hey, everyone.

UNCLE JAY: Oh, hey, Alex. Care for some salad? The balsamic's right from Italy, you know.

This video expresses something that I and others have been pointing out for a long time: gender ideology is defining what it means to be a boy or a girl based on sex-related stereotypes of masculinity and femininity. For instance, they define someone who is transgender as “a person whose gender identity is not consistent with their assigned birth sex,” and non-binary as “a person whose identity doesn’t fall in the category of either male or female.” But what does it mean for one’s identity to not be “consistent with” their sex? This is not stated. It is merely a feeling.

In 2019 I co-authored an article in Quillette titled “No One Is Born in ‘The Wrong Body,” that argued:

In most cases, the thing that is now called “gender identity” likely is simply an individual’s perception of how their own sex-related and environmentally influenced personality compares to same and opposite sexed people. Put another way, it’s a self-assessment of one’s stereotypical degree of “masculinity” or “femininity,” and it’s wrongly being conflated with biological sex. This conflation stems from a cultural failure to understand the broad distribution of personalities and preferenceswithinsexes and the overlapbetweensexes.

When a girl reports that she “feels like a boy” or “is a boy,” that sentiment may reflect her perception of how her personality and preferences compare to the rest of her peers. If the girl has an autism spectrum condition, she may even perceive “sex-atypical” behavior that does not actually exist, and thereby falsely self-diagnose as male even without experiencing any actual male personality traits.

The complete avoidance of activist organizations like AMAZE to draw a sharp distinction between biological sex and gender identity is surely causing more confusion than clarity. In one sentence the above video appears to draw a distinction between sex and gender when they state, “When you’re born, your sex is assigned in a medical way. But the sex listed on your birth certificate may not necessarily match your gender identity.” Note how they never describe sex as a biological reality, but instead refer to sex as something “assigned” or simply “listed on your birth certificate.”

The video then circularly defines gender as “a person's inner experience of who they are in terms of gender. Their deep personal sense of being male, female, a blend of both, or neither.” But “male” and “female” are not identities, they are biological sexes that are wholly independent of identity. This needs to be made absolutely clear for children, because confusion about the relationship between their innate personalities, preferences, and behaviors to their sex may cause gender nonconforming children to believe that they are perhaps “born in the wrong body” and need to medically transition.

The next video from AMAZE is called “What Is Transgender?” and further demonstrates the complete conflation of biological sex, gender as a societal role and expectation, and gender identity.

(Video) LGBTQ Family: I Have Two Moms


What is transgender? Well, when you’re born, the adults in your life decide your gender identity based on two particular features: There’s a penis—it’s a boy! Vulva—it’s a girl! And if someone is trans their gender identity doesn’t match what society says, so they can feel that they’re a boy when society is saying that they’re a girl, or the other way around. Or you can also not identify with any gender at all. So what’s important is to remember that transgender people are worthy of love, safety, and respect, just like everyone else.

This is a very confused video that forwards the bizarre notion that doctors are prescribing “gender identities” on infants instead of simply observing and recording their sex. “Boy” and “girl” just refer to a non-adult male or female child, respectively.

This definition of transgender also conflates “gender” defined as the social roles and expectations society places on individuals based on their perceived sex, with gender identity. If a child is gender nonconforming and bullied because of it (society enforcing gender roles), this video suggests that their gender identity doesn’t match their sex, i.e. they’re transgender.

As you’ll see in the next video, this depiction of transgender may cause them to pursue interventions such as puberty blockers, which are falsely portrayed as a pause button that simply allow children to buy more time to think about their identities and transitioning.

Transcript (my emphasis):

A person who is transgender is someone whose internal sense of their gender—being a boy, girl, or something else—doesn't match their physical body. People who feel this way sometimes feel anxious when they begin to reach puberty and their body starts to change in ways that don't match their internal sense of their gender. These feelings are totally normal. If you feel you want more time to explore how you feel about your gender before your body starts to change, it's important to talk with a parent, counselor, therapist, or doctor about the feelings you have regarding your gender. After some discussion and counseling, you may be referred to an endocrinologist. Endocrinologists specialize in hormones, and they're the most likely to prescribe puberty blockers for someone who wants them.

Puberty blockers are medications that will stop your body from changing. They're usually given as an injection or an implant. They block the production of hormones to stop or delay the physical changes of puberty. The effects of the medication are only temporary, so if a person stops using puberty blockers, the physical changes of puberty will begin again. Whether you identify as male, female, genderqueer, or something else, you're perfectly normal. And there are lots of ways to manage puberty so that it can be a fun, exciting time rather than a scary or stressful one.

Again, this “internal sense of their gender” is likely interpreted by children as their own perception of how her personality and preferences compare to the rest of their peers in terms of masculinity and femininity, which is wrongfully being conflated with one’s “true” sex.

This video then suggests that this confusion (which is likely a direct result of how the ideology talks about sex and gender) may be a sign that a child is trans, and that they can “talk with a parent, counselor, therapist, or doctor” about these feelings and obtain puberty blockers if they “want more time to explore how [they] feel about [their] gender before [their] body starts to change.” They also describe the effects of puberty blockers as “only temporary” despite the long term effects of puberty blockers being entirely unknown.

Indeed, the UK’s National Heath Service (NHS) now accurately reports the current state of the research on puberty blockers:

Little is known about the long-term side effects of hormone or puberty blockers in children with gender dysphoria.

Although GIDS advises this is a physically reversible treatment if stopped, it is not known what the psychological effects may be.

(Video) INSANE Video Exposes PRE-SCHOOL Teaching Gender Identity

It's also not known whether hormone blockers affect the development of the teenage brain or children's bones. Side effects may also include hot flushes, fatigue and mood alterations.

We should all be very concerned that organizations like AMAZE have made their way into our children’s classrooms. Despite claiming their videos are “medically accurate” and “honest,” this is far from the truth. In reality, these videos are highly ideological and are likely making children incredibly confused about sex, gender, and sexuality.

If you are aware of this material being taught in your child’s class, please contact the school and voice your concerns.

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AMAZE Is Indoctrinating Children? ›

AMAZE harnesses the power of digital media to provide young adolescents around the globe with medically accurate, age-appropriate, affirming, and honest sex education they can access directly online—regardless of where they live or what school they attend.

Is amaze org YouTube for kids? ›

Sex Education: What Is AMAZE? - YouTube

Who made amaze? ›

Honda Amaze
Also calledHonda Brio Amaze (2013–2018)
Body and chassis
5 more rows

What age is amaze org for? ›

Created by three health and sexual information advocacy groups in 2016, AMAZE serves as an online sexual education resource for kids age 10 to 14. Short videos hosted on the site's YouTube channel and on Amaze focus on topics ranging from puberty to STDs and HIV, pregnancy, and personal safety.

What is amaze Jr? ›

Amaze Jr- Sex Education for Children Ages 4-9.

Is amaze org used in schools? ›

The Amaze team has happily taken advantage, coupling its outreach to schools and other institutional forces with partnerships with digital influencers. YouTubers Brendan Jordan, Haley Pham, Damon and Jo, and Conan Gray have pitched in to help promote the project online.

Is amaze org appropriate? › is an initiative that provides comprehensive, age-appropriate, and medically-accurate sexual health videos for adolescents ages 10-14, along with resources for educators and parents.

How many levels are in Amaze? ›

Ninety levels are spread across three visual themes, but the differences between them are minimal and don't have enough effect on gameplay. The resulting monotony discourages long play sessions.

When was Amaze launched in India? ›

The first generation Amaze was launched in the country in 2013 while the second generation of the model made its debut in 2018.

What are Amaze videos? ›

AMAZE takes the awkward out of sex ed. Real info in fun, animated videos that give you all the answers you actually want to know about sex, your body and relationships.

Where is Honda Amaze built? ›

(HCIL), leading manufacturer of premium cars in India has commenced the mass production and despatches of its popular family sedan New Honda Amaze from its manufacturing plant in Tapukara, Rajasthan. The New Amaze is scheduled to be launched on 18th August 2021.

What is the full meaning of Amaze? ›

Definition of amaze

1 : to fill with wonder : astound He amazed audiences with the power of his voice. 2 obsolete : bewilder, perplex. intransitive verb. : to show or cause astonishment The fireworks display never ceases to amaze. amaze.

When was New Amaze launched? ›

Honda India is set to launch the new Honda Amaze in India tomorrow, i.e. the 18th of August. Bookings for Honda's compact sedan had been open since early August at Rs 21,000 at the showroom and Rs 5,000 if done online.

Is Amaze a luminous battery? ›

Luminous new division Amaze inverter batteryThe economical range of tubular inverter batteries with high performance, made using rugged tubular plates.
150ah(36 Months) Luminous Amaze Tubular Battery, 18 Months Full Warranty.
Model Name/Number150ah(36 months)
Battery TypeTubular
1 more row

Few people seem to have a clear definition of indoctrination, and thus call anything they dislike indoctrination (e.g., “Leftists professors are indoctrinating their students,” “Those fundamentalist Christians are indoctrinating their kids,” or “Facebook is indoctrinating its users.”).. People who are indoctrinated with a certain narrative or ideology do not arrive at the intended conclusions through their own thinking, but hear the same thing repeated in a million different ways until they finally take it as unquestionable truth.. Because indoctrination happens in the absence of thinking, many teachers who engage in indoctrination do so unconsciously.. Lewis’s “The Screwtape Letters,” states in his letters to Wormwood, “It is funny how mortals always picture us as putting things into their minds: in reality our best work is done by keeping things out.” A person who really thinks will eventually reason himself out of the things he heard at school.. History teachers now teach their students “history skills,” which involve everything except remembering actual history and synthesizing information.. Word problems also loom large, causing teachers to spend less time on their subject and more time teaching students to highlight the right terms.. Common Core proponents will say that this teaches students “metacognition”––thinking about thinking––and pushes students to learn how to learn.. Good teachers (which include parents, mentors, and other knowledgeable adults) train students in methods of thought while supplying the stuff of thought.. This was St. Augustine’s argument in “On Christian Doctrine” (back when indoctrination meant teaching, not brainwashing), in which he recommended the inclusion of pagan learning in Christian education, trusting in the rational faith of the Christian scholar to handle it properly.

The chickpeas are an important source of protein for my child, who I am raising vegetarian, so I’m not giving up that easily.. Elliott probably doesn’t understand why just yet, but he would always seek my husband’s and my hands when we place his food in front of him during meal times, so that we can say a family prayer of thanks to God for his provision (aka saying grace), because it’s what we’ve done since he started solids.. And my husband and I are doing our best to ensure Elliott will be brought up, to paraphrase the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s fundamental belief on marriage and the family: loving and obeying the Lord, and seeing Jesus as a loving, tender, and caring guide who wants him to a part of His family.. The reality is, parents are always indoctrinating their opinions into the minds of their children, be that a belief in God, Santa Claus or that eating with your elbows on the dinner table is bad manners.. Perhaps I am indoctrinating my opinions about vegetarianism and religion into Elliott’s vulnerable mind, and perhaps one day he may grow up and question (or even choose to abandon) the kind of upbringing I gave him.. So perhaps I am indoctrinating my opinions about vegetarianism and religion into Elliott’s vulnerable mind, and perhaps one day he may grow up and question (or even choose to abandon) the kind of upbringing I gave him.. But parents only want the best for their children, and as an imperfect and limited human being, I can only give him what I believe is the best way to a healthy and somewhat worry-free life, because he knows he can always turn to God for help, wisdom, strength and peace.. The Bible says to “bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4), but how do you do that when your life has changed upside-down and you don’t even have time for adequate sleep, much less time getting to know God better in order to teach Him to your child?. Just as Elliott is learning about everything, I am learning how to be a mum and we’re both learning about God in the context of who we are and the titles we bring.. I may have the benefit of having a relationship with God for 17 more years than Elliott, but I’ve never had a relationship with God as a mum.. Together with my husband, we’ll journey and learn together what it means to believe in God as a family.. We’ll thank God for the ups, we’ll seek God’s strength and understanding for the downs, and we’ll never sweep the difficult questions under the carpet.. Together with my husband, we’ll do everything we can to reflect God’s loving, tender and caring character, wanting everybody to a part of His family, so that when time comes and Elliott asks us what God is like, we can use our lives as a reference.

Sacramento-based Campbell, a DSA comrade since at least 1983, is an emeritus professor of bilingual/multicultural education at California State University–Sacramento and former chair of the Sacramento DSA .. In the mid-2000s, Campbell was a contributor to a Bay Area socialist blog called Educational Justice, described as being “from a collective of progressive education activists—stuff about teaching, thinking, parenting, social justice, desegregation, self-determination, economic justice, music, creativity, and building progressive movements for our future.”. Other contributors included Tom Edminster, a teacher’s unionist and DSA member; Karen Zapata of Teachers 4 Social Justice; and Eric Mar, a Freedom Road Socialist Organization supporter and, like Campbell, a member of Progressives for Obama.. Campbell has served on DSA’s leadership body, the National Political Committee, and has also served on the DSA’s Latino Commission and Anti-Racism Commission.. According to Campbell, this work will result in a new “progressive” path of learning for California’s school children:. “Under a unanimous decision by the California Board of Education made on July 14, 2016, California students will finally be encouraged to know the history of Latino civil rights leaders like Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta and Filipino labor leaders like Larry Itliong, as well as an accurate and inclusive history of LGBT activists as a part of the history of California and the nation.. California has the largest school population of any state, with more than 6,226,000 students in school in 2015, more than 11 percent of the United States total.”. So, not only will millions of California school children be moved to the left by Campbell’s pro- communist propaganda , but they will also likely vote in significantly higher numbers.

His comments came just days after a father removed his daughter from an elite, all-girls Manhattan private school, Brearley, that counts Tina Fey and Drew Barrymore among its parents.. Last week, a math teacher who went public with his complaints that another elite New York City prep school, Grace Church School, was indoctrinating students with anti-racism ideology.. George P. Davison (right) the head of the Grace Church High School in Manhattan, sent a letter to parents and staff saying he was 'disappointed' math teacher Paul Rossi (left) had publicly blasted the private school in a blog post. The school had started the required pledge after Black alumnae accused the school of racism in posts made to the Instagram account account 'Black at Brearley,' according to the Washington Free Beacon .. Jane Fried, Brearley's head of school, sent a message to the school's families on Friday in which she slammed Gutmann's letter as 'deeply offensive and harmful.'. This is Brearley's exhaustive anti-racism calendar for the school year of 2020 to 2021 which includes training sessions for parents. The head of the elite Manhattan school Dalton is stepping down this year after being slammed by parents for pushing an 'obsessive', antiracism agenda on students.. His resignation is in response to parents' complaints that Dalton, like other prestigious private schools Grace Church and Brearley, is indoctrinating students with its woke agenda.. Our family recently made the decision not to reenroll our daughter at Brearley for the 2021-22 school year.. I write to you, as a fellow parent, to share our reasons for leaving the Brearley community but also to urge you to act before the damage to the school, to its community, and to your own child's education is irreparable.. And if Brearley really cared about “inclusiveness,” the school would return to the concepts encapsulated in the motto “One Brearley,” instead of teaching the extraordinarily divisive idea that there are only, and always, two groups in this country: victims and oppressors.. I object that the school is now fostering an environment where our daughters, and our daughters’ teachers, are afraid to speak their minds in class for fear of “consequences.” I object that Brearley is trying to usurp the role of parents in teaching morality, and bullying parents to adopt that false morality at home.

The letter is first published in its entirety, then with a point-by-point response by Lita Sanders :. Further reading of. the Family/Marriage section of CMI however seemed to indicate to me that in fact. evangelicals and creationists are just as bad or worse with the brainwashing of. young people as the evolutionists!. “Firstly, you can teach your children about God’s creation.. “Teach your children about the fallacies of evolution before they learn about. its supposed truth at school”. “Personally, for our children over the years, we chose a combination of homeschooling. and Christian schooling”. “We have to teach our children to be very different”. “So how can we as parents prepare our children to face this world?. Further reading of the Family/Marriage section of CMI however seemed. to indicate to me that in fact evangelicals and creationists are just as bad or. worse with the brainwashing of young people as the evolutionists!. “Firstly, you can teach your children about God’s creation.. “Teach your children about the fallacies of evolution before they learn about. its supposed truth at school”. “Personally, for our children over the years, we chose a combination of homeschooling. and Christian schooling”. “We have to teach our children to be very different”. “So how can we as parents prepare our children to face this world?. To keep believing the Bible when so much of. what they are taught contradicts it”. “We must set aside time each day to teach our children” We indoctrinate young children all the time in all sorts of areas, not just religion.. Parents have the responsibility to ‘indoctrinate’ their children in. the truth. Indoctrination is necessary because young children are simply not mature enough. to investigate religious matters for themselves, any more than they could figure. out the multiplication tables on their own, and parents have a responsibility therefore. to oversee what their children learn.. Also, often the evolutionists indoctrinating children are their teachers in school,. not their parents.. Ideally, as the child grows and is able to understand the reasoning behind creationism,. Christian parents would teach their children about the reasons behind why. they believe what they believe, including about Genesis creation, and thus help. the child to build a coherent Christian worldview.. The notion that Christians should not lead their children to believe what they are. convinced is the truth owes much to the postmodern secular philosophy that there. is no such thing as absolute truth. The short answer is that God commands us to teach our children about His Word, and. I would argue that Christian parents would be showing that they hated their children. if they did not teach them about Christianity (which by definition they are convinced. is true) and help them to gain a firm grasp on the issues involved in their faith.. The question is whether. the views that the child is taught will be from the Word of God or from secular. or pagan philosophies.

A conservative student in Minnesota shared her experiences which include being ridiculed by students and staff on campus for her beliefs, being graded much harsher than other students, and not being given extra credit opportunities afforded to other students.. It is a teacher’s job to provide unbiased facts to the students, not promote their own agenda by biasing the information given to students and promoting a double standard between students and religions.. If, while discussing NFL players kneeling for the National anthem, a student makes the comment, “I think kneeling during the anthem is disrespectful and isn’t appropriate” a teacher will often respond with, “you don’t think that these players have a right to protest these issues?” The teacher has now twisted the words of the students and allowed for only one response, “Well, yes they have the right to protest.” By misrepresenting this issue as an oversimplified ultimatum the teacher has denigrated and defamed the student questioning him/her and has made sure that the student can only give the answer the teacher wants.. Teachers and books focus on these issues because they want students to have a negative view of America as many of these teachers and authors do.. If you’re not male then you’re in danger.” This same student’s chemistry teacher told the class that, “they as students should be smarter than the president.” This student says she really likes Trump, but is afraid to say anything.. Teachers, administrators, and the school system as a whole are pushing liberalism and leftism onto the students and alienating students who don’t agree with their views.

The completed picture would show Jimmy, angry at his parents refusal to give him money to support his habits any longer, killed them in a fit of rage - induced by snorting crushed Ritalin, to inherit their $2.2 million dollar estate.. Jimmy was convicted of murdering his parents in 1999 and was sentenced to death.. Who would kill the Wamsleys?. The Wamsley's neighbors would be shocked and appalled when the couple's 19 years-old son Andrew was arrested as the mastermind of the murders.. It was there, in August 2003, the plan to murder the Wamsleys so Andrew could inherit the family fortune and he and Chelsea could live happily ever after.. Following her conviction, Chelsea Richardson became the first female sentenced to death in Tarrant County but later her sentence was commuted to life in 2011.. Following an allocution before the Court confessing the events of the night of the murder, Alan was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.. In 2016, Tony and Kisha pleaded guilty in exchange for life sentences without the possibility of parole.. Although Lieth was Chris' sole financial support through high school and when he went to college, Chris believed he was too controlling of the purse strings.. Both book and movie are an excellent recounting of Lieth Von Stein's murder.


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