Astrology Calendar 2021 - (2022)

As your portal to the stars, this calendar provides all the major astrological aspects this year. Highlighting every time each star changes signs, as well as every planet moving in and out of retrograde, this astrology calendar is the most comprehensive overview you'll find online. All the aspects mentioned are calculated in Standard Pacific Time and will affect every zodiac sign to a certain degree.

Highlighted in purple are the most important transits.

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Happy New Year! Get inspired to come up with new dreams for 2021 by talking about your goals with others.

This mature combination helps us discover something that’s been hidden in plain sight. It's a good day to work through emotional blockages through productive conversation.

Leaving its ruling sign, we might feel slowed down or stuck as Mars enters Taurus. For the next six weeks, we become more determined, patient, and a little possessive when it comes to our passion.

Communication will be spontaneous and progressive as we engage in out-of-the-box thinking. There are no bad ideas—even if they raise a few eyebrows.

While not the most romantic position, the next four weeks will bring opportunities for networking. A good time to get serious about your wants in terms of love and finances.

Not a good day for making important decisions as this combination can make it easy to jump to conclusions. Listen carefully before speaking.

A great aspect for making business deals and advancing our career.

Encourages innovative thinking when working on serious subjects to avoid falling into ruts.

This aspect brings good news in areas of friendship, technology, and surprising new events.

A combination that could create conflict between innovation methods and traditional ways of thinking.

This lunation is an exercise in patience and persistence when it comes to personal goals.

This aspect is like trying to run through quicksand—the more you move the more stuck you become. It could be a frustrating day but we should try to be patient.

A good day to step back and reflect on certain complex relationships in our lives.

As Uranus goes direct in the sign of the Bull, we must watch out for pent-up emotions that could come out in intense ways.

A good day for self-reflection and finishing any lingering projects. It may not be ideal to start anything new.

The need to rebel could work against us when it comes to career goals.

For the next four weeks, the energy is inventive and unpredictable. Our inner rebel comes out to play.

Vesta bridges heaven and Earth through ritual and devotion. During its retrograde in Virgo, it's important to focus on our daily ritual to make it even more magical.

Keeping our schedule clear is a must during this aspect. Biting off more than we can chew can lead to stress and unexpected complications.

This combination inspires courage, but it would be wise not to pick fights without justification. Instead of battling, we must invest our warrior energy into starting new projects.

A lovely aspect for manifesting dreams and turning them into appealing realities.

This pairing could help us reach our full potential with a little self-disciple.

Today, it's advised to take a walk on the wild side as we channel our inner rebel.

An opportunity to come into our personal power and step into desired leadership roles.

An intense and transformative combination that could bring obsession with money but also sexual pleasure.

Mercury's retrograde in this unique air sign could bring petty squabbles and misunderstandings in social circles. Friendships are at risk for the next couple of weeks.

For the next four weeks, love, finances, and beauty become eccentric, friendly, and a little rebellious as our hearts (and wallets) stray from the beaten path.

For the next sixteen days, freedom, independence, and originality become very important. A weird but friendly time.

This aspect could bring conflicts with ego, irritability, and challenges that are meant to test our character.

An unemotional aspect that could give you a deep need for privacy. Friendships could also suffer.

A time to get things done. Good for sending emails, organize events, network, and continue to work on humanitarian efforts.

The second time these planets have clashed this year. Not a good time for making any important decisions.

This lunation increases the intensity of the Aquarius stellium even more. It's not a good time to look to the future with a brand new vision, but brainstorming is encouraged.

An aspect that brings karma benefits as we could attract what we desire without effort. All of a sudden, the universe feels friendlier!

Happy Chinese New Year and Lunar New Year! In Chinese astrology, this is the year of the Golden Ox. The Ox is the symbol of honesty, loyalty, and determination.

A great day to tap into our creativity, make friends, and try new things.

The second time around for this lucky aspect. A day for good news, being social, and keeping an open mind.

An aspect that could bring acts of rebellion that could backfire, especially when dealing with established powers.

For the next four weeks, we are guided by our intuition and empathy. The energy will be compassionate, imaginative, and gentle.

While our sex drive could get a boost, we might experience difficulties if we had existing tension within relationships.

Everyone starts to get along again! Communication becomes easier and smoother as tech issues resolve.

In the first sign of the zodiac, Ceres nourishes new beginnings and impulses. Acting on raw emotions is now encouraged.

An empowering aspect that could have us make subtle, but impactful changes in our lives as we follow our passions.

In its sign of exaltation, Venus in Pisces brings tenderness, affection, and forgiveness.

An excellent day for fixing issues—especially ones we didn't see coming.

This full moon could bring out the perfectionist in us as we try to organize chaos. Letting go of expectations can help us to achieve clarity.

The next six weeks will be a blur of scattered energies as we bounce from one big idea to another without much follow-through. It's important to stay flexible!

Dreams might be coming true thanks to an unexpected windfall, creative breakthroughs, or new relationships.

For the second time, Mercury and Jupiter conjunct, bringing good opportunities for learning or brainstorming.

Trusting our gut is key as Pallas gives her divine wisdom through dreams and intuition.

This is the best time to get in touch with our creative side. Meditating and daydreaming are highly encouraged.

This lunation could make us extra sensitive, giving us either intuition or insecurity about the cycle ahead.

A dreamy combination that brings inspiration to help escape dull routines. New romances could sweep us off our feet or add tenderness to existing couplings.

While not the easiest sign for the logical planet to be in, for the next three weeks, our communication will be more emotionally expressive, creative, and imaginative. Trusting intuition over logic.

Bringing another round of optimism, this combination gives us hope for the future.

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This aspect brings deeply buried feelings to the surface, making it difficult to focus on anything else.

First day of the astrological calendar. The sun is now exalted in Aries, giving us enthusiasm and energy to conquer as we boldly enter this new zodiac cycle.

For the next four weeks, love is bold, passionate, and spontaneous. However, it could make us impulsive when it comes to financial matters.

This aspect encourages us to let go of the need for control. Letting the universe guide you in the right direction is key, even if it comes with some shake-ups.

A great aspect for creating harmony, peace, and improving current situations.

It's important to be very careful about what we say under this aspect. Jumping to conclusions and rushed speech could lead to miscommunication and arguments.

An aspect that encourages a little selfishness as a way to instigate us to take care of our own needs.

A time to make major decisions as we weight in all the options. This full moon encourages us to put our feelings into consideration before making the final choice.

This yearly aspect helps us sort out between what is real and what is fiction.

A good time to resolve lingering conflicts and tying up loose ends.

An excellent aspect that encourages leadership and guiding others as we boldly conquer the unknown.

This combination reveals deep, emotional truths that could transform our way of thinking without being overwhelmed by change.

For the few weeks, communication becomes spontaneous, assertive, and direct—though it can be a little blunt.

This aspect brings confidence, assertiveness, and quick action in romances. A day to have fun and live in the moment.

A yearly conflict that could bring tension, fatigue, and a loss of direction.

This aspect could make it an excellent day to negotiate deals and be open and honest with others. No tact required.

This fiery new moon gives us the courage to meet challenges and boldly follow our passions. It's an excellent time to set new intentions.

Relationships issues could bubble to the surface, creating some significant tension

More relationship issues come to a head as Juno, the asteroid of marriage and long-term commitments, goes retrograde in Sagittarius. It could trigger jealousy and impulsive behaviors.

This aspect could give us energy and a strong desire to tackle any goal with enthusiasm and ingenuity.

At home in one of her ruling signs, Venus gives us four weeks of happiness, luxury, and security in our romantic and financial pursuits.

This aspect keeps us focused on our goals and increases our energy to achieve greatness. But remember: no risk, no reward.

This intense aspect could create power struggle as we fight for who’s “really” in charge of things.

This lucky aspect could help us achieve anything we want. It's a good day to manifest, and anything we do could be successful.

This social combination could make making friends and influencing people a breeze. A good day for negotiating, debating, or charming others to see our point of view.

An energetic aspect that could put our mind in hyper-speed as we get work done quickly, solve problems, and pursue people without effort.

Obsessive thoughts are finally silenced under this fiery combination as we actually deal with the problems actively.

After all the rushing around in Aries, our thoughts and energies come back down to earth and take things slow. For the next few weeks, we will be extra determined, practical, and productive.

Now moving in the right direction, we now focus on making the best version of ourselves.

A day of surprises in our relationships and bank account.

In its fall, Mars here is hyper-sensitive, protective, and more than a little moody. A lot of feelings should be expected during the next six weeks.

While this aspect gives us a boost of intuition, we can easily jump to conclusions. Patience is needed before acting impulsively.

Communication will be difficult as we could feel that we're better off on our own rather than working as a group.

Excitement for the future could distract us from focusing on important details. It could lead to major errors or overestimation if we aren't careful.

A great opportunity to express devotion, affection, and trust in your most valued relationships.

A powerful day for transformation from one phase of our life to another. All deeply buried issues come to the surface where they cannot be ignored. The focus should be on healing instead of avoidance.

This five-month retrograde helps us review all the lessons we’ve so far learned this year. Don’t stubbornly cling to the past when you know you have to move on.

This dreamy combination encourages relaxation, creativity, and taking it easy.

Practical earth signs make communion easy and natural, even when talking about uncomfortable subjects.

Increasing sensitivity and affection in your romantic relationships, this aspect also encourages shopping, dancing, and other physical activities.

Mercury is at home in Gemini--which is good, considering how long Mercury will be staying in Gemini. Communication becomes easy with a flow of flirty banter and witty remarks.

Pay extra attention to how you express yourself, your confidence in your abilities could rub others the wrong way. Double-check you work to make sure you don't make mistakes

Challenges and blocks could delay us from reaching certain goals. Our egos may get bruised and we may be tempted to release responsibilities because of pressure.

This sensual aspect helps us stay grounded during unexpected shakeups.

Variety is the spice of life” is the motto for the next four weeks. While flighty and fickle, Venus in this breezy air sign provides wit, curiosity, and adaptability to matters of love, beauty, and money.

As the asteroid of motherly love, its transit through Taurus reminds us to enjoy the simple pleasure of life.

An excellent time to start organizing plans to manifest material desires. Success will not happen overnight, so patience will be needed.

This aspect could make life changes quick and relatively painless with its gift of inspiration, motivation, determination

Connections made today could be long-lasting and engaging. Our unique charm will be on full display during this aspect.

The planet of luck enters dreamy Pisces, encouraging positive attitudes, open-mindedness, and following our dreams. If you have fantasies, Jupiter can make them realities

This aspect blends the physical world and the spiritual world as we get in touch with our sensitive side. Take things slow and sit with your feelings.

A resolute aspect that could affirm that we are traveling down the right path, and we should continue to stay the course.

This combination encourages playing with personal style, engaging in social situations in new ways, and doing what feels good.

Communication and intellect become top priorities for the next four weeks. This is the time for studying, enlightening conversation, and humor.

Fighting the impulse to let our overconfident ego take over is now necessary, as it could lead to mistakes and major setbacks.

Misunderstandings could lead to impulsive actions we might regret later.

While this is a powerful energy, it's not a good one for starting anything new. Instead, it should be invested in tying up loose ends and finishing up important projects.

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A challenging clash that might create tension and awkward moments in relationships.

Communications breakdown as Mercury retrogrades in its ruling sign. Expect misinformation, mixed signals, and words being completely misunderstood for the next couple of weeks. Edit, edit, edit!

Mercury's retrograde can slow down Gemini’s quick speech, but conversations could still be good for gathering information, as long as you go slowly.

A spiritual aspect that brings mystical energy into our lives. It's a good day for a Tarot reading.

In this private sign, Venus makes us more nurturing, empathic, and sentimental towards our home life and loved ones for the next four weeks.

This is an ideal time to focus on future goals and long-term plans.

A positive aspect that brings optimism, good luck, and a lot of romantic success.

The second time this pairing has squared this year: Try to get all the facts before you make any decisions, and keep our mind open.

An aggressive aspect that could lead to hurt feelings and dramatic arguments.

The extra boost from the solar eclipse makes this an opportune time to start something new: learning a new subject, making connections, or taking a short trip. But the stakes must be kept low as Mercury is still in retrograde.

Receiving an extra focus in communication, it's an opportune time to spin a negative into a positive.

This is a very fiery combination so, over the next six weeks, expect sparks of passion, drama, and confidence. If nothing else, it will be very entertaining.

The power of this aspect is weakened, but it’s still a great day for small successes in love and money.

The fogginess of this annual aspect could bring disappointment and delusion. It might be safer to just stay in bed today.

A frustrating and intense aspect that could bring sudden and unpleasant changes. The best way to survive is to be adaptable.

This four-month retrograde could bring more changes to our lives, but less luck. It’s important to listen to our intuition to find our way again

The first day of summer and the longest day of the year. It's time to let go of doubts and fears and step into the sunlight.

Magical surprises could await us during this aspect, whether it’s romantic, creative, or spiritual.

Finally, we will be able to think clearly, and quickly achieve tasks that have been slowing us down for the last couple of weeks.

This positive aspect brings opportunities to help us grow personally and spiritually.

This aspect creates tension in our finances and relationships that could take a turn for the worse. Although we must brace ourselves for disappointment, other fortunate aspects may soften the blow.

This serious lunation sternly reminds us to finish up any lingering task and projects before starting anything new.

This retrograde awakens us from our fantasies into harsh realities. Over the next few months, we might have to face some cold, hard facts and look internally to get answers.

Over the next four weeks, we could experience love in dramatic, vibrant, and exciting ways. We may be a little too generous with money, but at least our wardrobe will be stylish.

This impulsive aspect could accidentally reveal some hidden issues.

A violent aspect that could bring elements of danger as well as obstacles, and accidents.

Sudden changes in our home life could reveal some deeply buried truths.

Misunderstandings and miscommunication issues could lead to impulsive decisions or bias. Ask for clarity.

This challenging aspect could make life a struggle as we try to juggle between being serious and having a good time.

This combination could bring surprises to finances and relationships that might not be welcomed.

An intense lunation that encourages to stay close to home and focus on self-care rather than new beginnings

For the next few weeks, we trade wit for sensitivity as our energy and communication style becomes more emotional and intuitive. Don't take any information at face value; words and information have a deeper meaning now.

A great day for making plans, traveling, studying, or just vibing.

An uncomfortable position for the asteroid of wisdom as it retrogrades in the emotional depths of Pisces. It could lead to feelings of insecurity and frustration.

This nurturing combination can give us protection, compassion, and sympathy to comfort us.

An intense and powerful energy that shifts our focus towards healing emotional wounds and self-love.

This yearly aspect could bring lovely opportunities for success and abundance, as long as we don't let emotions and jealousies get the best of us.

We receive an extra focus on partnerships and being a part of a collective group. It can lead to forging stronger connections with others.

This energy could bring exciting and stimulating conversations that go beyond the surface. New information could change things.

While it’s not easy for Venus to be in the sign of the perfectionist, matters of love and money become practical and altruistic—although a bit critical.

The sun is back at home in its ruling sign, so for the next four weeks, the energy is playful, bold, and a little dramatic. It’s best for treating ourselves and having fun!

This fun transition allows us to cut loose and have fun. However, if you have something important planned, this relaxed energy could backfire in a major way.

This lunation encourages us to follow the beat of our own drum. It could be a good day to unleash our inner rebel.

A very emotional aspect that could make us feel vulnerable, sensitive, and in our feels more than normal. It could also lead to impulsive behavior.

A tense aspect that could turn our words into knives when feeling threatened and intimidated. It would be best if we walked away from the situation rather than lashing out on others.

For the next four weeks, communication becomes entertaining, theatrical, and vibrant. And there will be plenty of tea to be sipped!

A replay of last year, we now have a second chance at uniques opportunities for social causes, innovation, and independence.

For the next several weeks, our energy will be subtle, but steady as we become driven to achieve goals in an organized matter and help others. However, our actions could border on obsession if we strive for perfection.

Power struggles could occur as we try to say what we feel and share important information. Make yourself be heard.

An aspect that brings fear and a lack of self-confidence if we do not dare to be open. It could make us torn between opening up to others and shutting everyone out.

A motivating aspect that could encourage us to keep reaching for our heart’s desire, regardless of the obstacles.

Now direct, the asteroid of commitment addresses power imbalances, ideals, and the thirst for freedom.

A fortunate connection that could bring excitement and joy when it comes to romance and relationships. It could also give finances a boost.

A lot of excitement could make us very nervous today. Try not to be overwhelmed by all the surprises.

Changes keep coming, but not the ones we may be hoping for. This clash could cause, tension, unpredictability, and even some chaos.

A lovely lunation that encourages us to dream big and think of ourselves like royalty as go we after what we desire. An excellent day to start projects or just enjoy life.

This aspect could bring confusion and disappointment in love—our fantasies may not match up to realities.


Telling exaggerated stories and little fibs could get us into trouble under this planetary combination.

Mercury is at home in analytic Virgo, so for the next three weeks, expect communication and information to be organized, reliable, and fact-checked.

Passions run high under this aspect, but it could lead to an obsession with love and money.

At home in the sign of the scales, Venus highlight harmony, peace, and charm in all relationships.

In the sign of perfect practicality, this blend of planetary energies helps us take action in logical ways, using clear communication to get our point across. Excellent for problem solving and advocacy.

A five-month break from sudden changes, it allows time for review and reflection of all that has happened so far.

A lucky aspect provided we can stay humble and not let our egos run wild. Bragging could lead to some awkwardness and bad luck.

A great day for problem-solving and getting to the bottom of things. However, paying close attention to detail could bring some surprises.

Back again for one more lunation of rebellion and going against the grain. However, not good for starting too much trouble.

The sun shines a light on health and work as it enters practical Virgo. For the next four weeks, energy becomes sensible and wise as we strive to be our best selves.

However, as we seek perfection, we must not stress out over every flaw or it could drive us to anxiety or obsession.

This aspect is ideal for romantic commitments, developing bonds, and being social in unique ways

It's best to avoid making any major decisions right now. This aspect could make communications murky and us unable to see what’s really going on.

This aspect brings tension to communication issues as we try to untangle certain mysteries.

Communication is diplomatic, polite, and laced with charm as we balance between keeping the peace and doing what’s right.

An aspect that challenges us to ask difficult questions about our path in life. It could help us sort out fact from fiction.

The second time this aspect has shown up, making it a good time to weight in all the options before coming up with the best possible decisions.

Power struggles could create tension in relationships and put a strain on our wallet.

This caring lunation helps us analyze our health, career, and relationships—seeing how we can make them perfect. It could bring happy surprises.

This combination could make us feel powerful, motivating us to conquer the world. Ambitious and dedication gets a boost.

This could be a great day for starting romantic relationships, socializing, and just having fun.

An uncomfortable sign for the planet of love and finances to be in, the next few weeks can be an intense time for jealousy, obsession, and manipulation.

Not a great sign for the warrior planet to be in, the next six weeks could be difficult as we might feel slower, scattered, and less energized.

A yearly aspect that could cloud our vision about how we see the world, and ourselves. Take precautions to not fall for delusions.

A positive aspect, it could allow changes already in the works to go smoothly and without resistance.

A difficult aspect that could bring delays, jealousy, and emotional distance in our relationships.

A dreamy placement that helps us find our personal power and inspiration. Though not a great day for making lasting changes or finishing projects.

This could be a good day for making plans, traveling, and learning new subjects.

Vesta in this intense sign encourages privacy, healing, and digging deeper—emotional, spirituality, and mentally.

During the fall equinox, light and darkness are in equal balance, an excellent symbol of the balance Libra brings. For the next four weeks, energies will be harmonious, diplomatic, artistic, and a little flirty.

This aspect is a good reminder that if you don't have anything nice to say, you shouldn't say anything at all.

A once-a-year aspect that could bring windfalls or disasters to love and finances. A surprising day either way.

A blend of strength and courage, this combination gives us a boost to help us achieve difficult tasks and push past barriers with ease.

The last time Mercury will retrograde this year, it could cause changes in our relationships. Communication and logic will be off-balance.

A romantic day that could bring love, passion, and creativity.

One of the best aspects for planning, it could bring us recognition for earlier efforts on long-term goals.

A day to not take ourselves so seriously. Being too emotional or obsessive in relationships or about money could lead to problems and tension.

Communication could turn sour and mean very quickly, especially if opinions are strong and both parties believe they are right.

This combination encourages exploring taboos and unconventional desires. It can also be a good time for being strategic about getting what our heart desires.

This aspect reminds us to keep an open mind as we get opportunities to expand our horizons.

This lunation brings out diplomatic energy and charm, possibly lead us to rebalance and repair relationships that may have been damaged by Mercury’s retrograde.

This direct station could give us the nudge we need to stop thinking and start doing—especially when it comes to imbalanced power dynamics in our lives.

Our hearts long for adventure and travel. The next four weeks aren't the best for long-term commitments or budgeting, but it is an exciting time to seek out fun and excitement.

A lovely combination that brings peace, harmony, and balance to our actions.

A transit that could end relationships that have become too clingy or predictable as it's hard to keep our attention in just one person for too long. It's a good period for exploring and discovering, not commitments and feelings.

A very busy time mentally as we search for justice and peace using charm, wit, and tact.

An interesting aspect that could have us torn between behaving naturally and taking action. It's a good time to stop talking the talk and start walking the walk.

Heading in the right direction again, it’s time to put thoughts into actions, and finding unique ways of solving problems.

Romances are fun and exciting, even if they don't have a lot of staying power. It's about more flirting and less about committing.

Opportunities to make new connections, learn something new, and just having fun abound.

A great day for networking and making connections that could help in other areas of life.

A negative aspect that could bring out power struggles, buried egos, and conflicts in our relationships. Stay cool, even in a crisis.

Our luck and good vibrations return to us as we look in unique places to find joy.

Finally, back in balance, we can begin meddling relationships and finding harmony in our words and thoughts before Mercury moves into the next sign.

This full moon is in the first sign of the zodiac, encouraging us to be brave and bold during conflicts and competition.

Other planetary movements will make this aspect even more intense, possibly leading us to confrontations, arguments, and bitter fights.

For the next weeks, the overall energy will be mysterious, powerful, and emotional. It's a good time for inner healing and getting closure on past hurts.

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Do not believe everything you hear, as this polarity could have us believing exaggerations instead of actual facts, especially in romance.

This friendly aspect increases our charm and social skills. It could even lead to making last-minute travel plans or going on an adventure.

In its other ruling sign, Mars is not bold and loud as it is in Aries. Instead, actions are secretive, cunning, and manipulative as we ambitious strive towards our deepest desires.

A difficult combination that could bring pessimism and moodiness; as well as some burdensome responsibilities our way.

This is the final time this aspect will appear this year, making us very socially active. This could be a good day to sign contracts and negotiate deals.

This is the last face-off these planets have for the rest of the year; when it's vital to remember to be tactful during disagreements so they don't turn into nasty fights.

Unexpected events could bring up issues in relationships or money.

This lunation encourages us to go deep and explore our shadow selves. Starting things could be difficult but can lead to powerful transformations.

For the second time this year, we see the planet of love and money in the sign of the Goat. Venus will be here for a long time, getting us to a serious mindset about money and partnerships.

For the next few weeks, communication will be intense and mysterious as we search for the truth in every word. However, it could make us develop obsessions if we aren't careful.

Ambitions guide us to make professional connections that will help us advance in our careers. It's a day for networking, developing intimate relationships, and resolving old conflicts.

We experience renewal in our interest in spirituality and creativity. During this transit, dream interpretation could become useful.

Mental agility increases, giving the ability to look behind the surface of people's words to see the truth. It's also a good day for scheming and making power moves.

A very frustrating combination that makes it difficult to express ourselves and our passions. The need for privacy is at odds with the need to be part of a collective.

An artistic aspect, it encourages creativity, imagination, and getting in touch with our spiritual side.

Tension is in the air as unexpected news could bring either anxiety or excitement.

With the asteroid of marriage in the sign of maturity and responsibility, commitments could become more important in the form of more contracts and long-term engagements.

This conflicting aspect comes as a double-edged sword as we feel both, over-confidence and deep insecurity. Together, they could bring out the worst in us.

Determination increases as we’re driven to achieve our goals. Obsession and control could actually be useful as we try to get a difficult task done.

A shift of energy that could leave us hunger for adventure and wanting to seek the truth.

An unpredictable aspect that could cause tension, frustration, and even a few accidents.

A good opportunity to get the truth out of others, as we'll be able to see people's true emotions and intentions.

An intense lunation that will bring closure in romantic and finance matters. It could lead to emotional outbursts.

Intuition becomes stronger during this time, as we think with our emotions instead of our logic. It could also bring interesting people into our lives.

It’s best to pay extra attention to how our words come across; as people could mistake our silence for hostility.

After an intense month, this sign's fiery disposition warms us and brightens our outlook. For the next four weeks, the energy is optimistic and adventurous.

Mysteries and serious conversation could take up most of our attention during this aspect. We could even become obsessed with uncovering secrets.

Communication is honest and outspoken for the next few weeks as we seek to discover new subjects and information.

A good day to have an adventure; even it's just a mini-trip or reading a good book.

There's big psychic energy coming from this combination. We could also get a boost of creativity, attractiveness, and seductive abilities. A magical day all-around.

A teaching aspect when these planets are in these signs, making for a great day to share our skills and knowledge with others.

A lovely day to get serious about romance and relationships, as commitment and pleasure come together in perfect bliss.

This aspect highlight our unique talents and knowledge. Showing these off to someone important could lead to big rewards.

Once the fog comes back to cloud our mind, we could get lost in a world of daydreams, and figuring out how to make those dreams a reality.

While this lunation is vibrant and optimistic, it’s not the best idea to start anything new. It's better to spend time with friends or those in need.

This strategic combination could give us energy and ambition as we chase after our heart's desires. It's an opportune time to get what we want.

Under this aspect, we are highly imaginative and creative. However, our judgement may not be accurate as we're looking through rose-colored glasses.

This impulsive aspect could make it a good day for taking risks, as long as we have a strategy before diving head-first into action.

A combination that could boost our sex drive, but could make us clingy and obsessive as well.

Curiosity and a thirst for knowledge increase under this aspect. It could be an opportunity for studying, exploring, or planning a trip for the future.

A yearly aspect that completely drains our health and vitality—it's best to stay in bed and avoid stressful situations.

For the next six weeks, Mars in the sign of the Archer will put us on a quest for action, adventure, and the truth. Fueled by wanderlust and passion for our ideals, we could be too quick to take action, even if we don't finish what we already started.

Communication turns business-like and serious when Mercury enters this responsible earth sign. It's a good time to start focusing on our reputation, image, and advancing our career.

A wonderful time for making small changes, communicating with siblings, and even taking small trips. It's better for finishing projects, not starting them.

An uncomfortable retrograde for Venus, who was already unhappy being in Capricorn to begin with. For the next forty days, close relationships could be tested and exes could come back from the past. It's best to set clear boundaries during this time.

To counterbalance the intensity of other planetary movements going on today, this is a very lucky aspect. If today is tackled with optimism and hope, it could attract us success and good news.

Healing can begin again as we seek the source of our pain and learn to let go of the past.

This combination could bring exciting news in areas of technology, ideas, and friendships.

On the shortest day of the year, we begin to turn our focus to our careers, public image, and achievements for the next four weeks.

Ceres being back in the sign of the Bull could bring out the homebody in us. It's a good time to stay close to home, cooking, decorating, and being affectionate with loved ones.

Big opportunities could come from this transit, but we must not accept anything blindly. It's better to think before we act.

For the third and final time, this aspect gives off some major sexual energy, but could do more harm than good if we aren't careful.

A good aspect for picking up important information by using calm, soothing words. It's also a great time to relax and enjoy creative pursuits.

Back in Pisces, Jupiter in this sign could help us attract luck and opportunities through imagination, intuition, and compassionate energy. Acts of charity, idealism, and tenderness will be rewarded as the world becomes a little kinder.

Communication is deeply important in this aspect it helps us find the words to tell loved ones how we really feel. Could be a good opportunity for proposals, contracts, or setting boundaries.

A good chance to work on long-term projects and making progress on complex tasks. It's also a good day to experiment a little and try a new way of doing something. Remember: no risk, no reward.

As 2021 comes to an end, we are encouraged to have deep conversations about serious subjects, while getting to the core of our wants and ambitions. It's a great opportunity to come up with some New Year’s resolutions.


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