Free Printable Phone Number and Address Practice Worksheets (2022)

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Every child should know their Mom or Dad’s cell phone number and their home address. You would be surprised at the number of young children who don’t know either! These free printable phone number and address practice worksheets are perfect for practicing their knowledge of this important information.

Free Printable Phone Number and Address Practice Worksheets (1)

Memorizing Phone Numbers

Unfortunately, many parents regret not teaching their children their phone number and address. You do not want to be that parent who could have prevented something awful just by not sharing the important lesson of knowing vital information.

In today’s world of smartphone technology, memorizing someone’s phone number is like a lost art. But what if you lose your phone? Your kids need to be able to contact you, and they cannot do that if they haven’t memorized your phone number!

I may sound overly dramatic, but I don’t mean to exaggerate. I do mean to bring awareness to the need for important life skills, even at a young age.

Why is it important that children know their home address and phone number?

The major reason your children should know their phone number and home address is because it is an important safety skill.

I have heard the argument that as homeschoolers, parents really never let their children out of their sight. I have one question for you.

Do you ever want to be that parent who has to say … but I never let them out of my sight. I beg this not be any of us. If you have ever lost sight of your child even for a moment at a clothing store or a grocery store, you understand what I mean.

None of us ever “plan” for our children to want to need this personal information, however in preparation for an emergency situation, any case of emergency – just do it. Plus kids really do enjoy learning them. Trust me on this one.

When should my children learn their phone number and home address?

Of course, the answer to this question may vary. If you are thinking about teaching your kids their home address and phone number, then there is no better time than the present. No matter what the age, now is better than never. Hindsight is always 20/20.

The general census is that after your students know their basic numbers and can write, they should be learning their phone number and address. Children develop differently, so their ability to memorize numbers and words in the correct order will be different as well.

So, definitely as early as the ages of 3, 4, 5, 6, or 1st Grade, your children will start to get it and be able to memorize their home phone number, house number, and cell phone number. I even remember my home phone number from when I was eight years old and in 3rd grade!

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How can you teach children their home address and phone number?

There are several different ways to teach your student’s information for these vital skills. Here is a short list for you to get an idea of which ways may work best for your learners:

Make a map of your community neighborhood.

Add your house to the small radius around your area. Include street names, street markers like trees or parks, then add your street address to your house image. Use photo props, actually grass for the lawns, and any other textures to help them make this map as cool and memorable as possible.

Use sequencing activities for correct order.

Have your child write their address, one line at a time on index cards. One line goes on one index card. Mix up the cards and have your child place the address in sequential order.

  • Name
  • House number
  • Street name
  • City/Town
  • State
  • Zip Code

Provide real-life practice.

Grab an old phone and task your students to practice dialing their telephone number. This is a great time for you to give your students a final assessment by using a real phone to dial their emergency contacts like grandma or grandpa, aunts, uncles, etc.

Use hands-on activities and games for fun.

There is no doubt that when kids have hands-on activities to go alongside their lessons, they remember the lessons more and they have fun while they are learning. Check out some free printable activities below to help.

Remember to use various ways to teach your students these important skills at an early age and use the printables below to enhance what they have learned.

Free Printable Phone Number and Address Practice Worksheets

High Fives Phone Number and Address Game – This free downloadable pdf file game is perfect to help your young students memorize their phone number and address. This resource uses muscle memory hands-on learning for students’ information knowledge in making connections between physical activity and memorization.

About Me Address and Phone Number Printable Activity – Mom’s first name isn’t “Mom” and we don’t press a button to get random money out of a bank. This all about me worksheet focuses on helping young children learn their home address and emergency number.

Learn My Name, Number and Address Printables – Your preschoolers, kindergartners, and 1st grade students can gather these printable pdf files to practice their name, telephone number, and home address. Knowing these are extremely important life skills at a young age.

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Simple Phone Number and Address Printable – This printable free download helps your young children to remember their address and phone number. They also will practice dialing the phone number on the printable phone illustration.

Address, Phone Number, and Name Worksheets – These free name, address, and phone number worksheet pdf printables are for your confident readers at home. The freebie is geared towards Kindergarten students to 2nd grade students.

Free Editable Tracing Pack

The Me and My Family Editable Tracing Pack is a free download that will allow you to open the doc in Adobe Reader and edit the names, address, phone numbers, and sibling names. There are bonus worksheets for months of the year and days of the week. Scroll to the bottom of this post to gain access to this editable tracing pack.

Free Printable Phone Number and Address Practice Worksheets (2)

Free Printable Phone Number Worksheets

Memorizing Phone Numbers Printable – Help your children to remember dialing important numbers with these memorization worksheets for important phone numbers. When children get in the habit of dialing they can easily put their hands-on practice together with the memory of the family telephone number or mobile phone number.

Learning Phone Numbers Printables – If you want to teach your toddlers and preschoolers their phone numbers then these printable worksheets can help. The resources help your little ones with 7-digit numbers, 10-digit numbers, and 911.

Practice Phone Number Printable – This phone number printable helps your young students memorize their phone numbers, introduces how numbers look on a phone and help them copy the numbers as well.

Address Practice Fun Worksheets

I Know My Address Worksheet – This free I Know My Name fun worksheet is in the shape of a house and space where students can write down their name, phone number, and address. Grab this worksheet to help kids realize the importance of their address in a fun way.

My Address Download Worksheet – Use this fun envelope template as address practice pages. This is a good kindergarten writing practice skill and is a great resource so students can practice writing their full name, area code, rural location, house number, and email address of parents even.

Recommended Resource: Huge Early Learning Bundle

If you are teaching your young children about letters, numbers, shapes, colors, or sight words, this bundle is a must-have! It contains over 600 pages of printable preschool and kindergarten worksheets, plus a lesson plan and skills checklist.

Free Printable Phone Number and Address Practice Worksheets (3)

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Phone Number and Address Practice Hands-On Activities

Learning Phone Numbers Ideas and Printables – In case of an emergency, these free printables and activity ideas help your children to learn their phone numbers in easy and fun ways. Also, learn five engaging ways to teach your young children their phone numbers.

Fake-A-Call App and Ideas – To provide your children with actual hands-on practice for kids to dial their phone number and emergency number with the Fake-A-Call app. Kids can work on dialing independently.

Printable Number Activity to Practice Dialing – This is an awesome activity to get your students to learn their phone numbers. While you teach phone numbers, this activity will go great alongside your important lesson plans.

I Know My Address and Google Earth Activity – Grab this free printable with spaces for kids to draw a picture of their home and family then space to add their address and phone number. After this, look up the address on Google Earth, kids will LOVE it!

Downloadable Address Learning Activities – Check out these awesome ideas for teaching your kids their address. The activities include sing-a-louds, puzzles, a mail sorting game, and more. At the bottom of the post, you will find a freebie from Powerful Mothering for a free name tracing printable as extra practice.

In Conclusion

Teaching your children their phone number, emergency numbers, home address and other important things kids should know does require some knowledge.

Students will need to know some good contact names of people who are safe around them and their numbers. Students should know how to read, write, and have knowledge of number recognition.

Teaching kids these important life skills is mainly a safety issue. As our children grow, we should be equipping them with a better way to be aware of their surroundings. This training in the way a child should go can begin with these free printable phone number and address practice worksheets.

Me and My Family Editable Name Tracing

This pack of printable name tracing pages provide a customizable name tracing template that you can use with your beginning writers. Included are trace your name pages, sibling’s name pages, phone numbers, address, child’s birthday, and bonus days of the week and months of the year tracing worksheets.

Free Printable Phone Number and Address Practice Worksheets (4)

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Free Printable Phone Number and Address Practice Worksheets (5)


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