Get The Blueprint for Gaining 7-10 lbs of Lean Mass in Just 28 Days (2022)

Look, I know you’ve probably heard it ALL when it comes to gaining muscle and you’re most likely sick and tired of EMPTY mass-building promises.

But today that all changes.

And since time is your most precious commodity, I promise if your goal is to gain SERIOUS muscle in the shortest amount of time possible, reading the article below will be the BEST time investment you’ve ever made.

My name is Nick Nilsson and I’m known as the "Mad Scientist of Muscle”.

That's me in the pictures you see above and to the right...and I want to show you EXACTLY how I pack on “all-natural” rock hard slabs of muscle, in only 4 short weeks, using the PROVEN blueprint on this very page.

If you’re reading this, there’s no doubt you have solid training experience and you’re probably very knowledgeable about building muscle. And that's exactly why I know you're ready for the brand new, rarely talked about mass building approach that I've got for you below.

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I’ve helped thousands of people across the globe in dozens of different countries gain muscle and strength with my methods. This has been my passion for more than 30 years now and today I’m not holding ANYTHING back.

My innovative new 3 phase training program is called "Muscle Explosion - 28 Days to Maximum Mass"...and it will SHATTER every growth and strength plateau you've ever hit over the course of your entire training career.

HOWEVER: The approach you’re going to discover below will most likely be the EXACT opposite of everything you’ve been programmed to believe about how a "normal" muscle-building program SHOULD work.

Fasten your seat belt...

This rarely talked about 3 Phase Training System is guaranteed to make your muscles grow Faster and Stronger than ever before…

Even if you’re a Seasoned Veteran that’s been training for years and years.

If you think it should take you 6 months
to a year to build 7-10 pounds of
lean mass, get ready to be
PROVEN dead wrong...

You CAN do it "naturally" in only 28 days
WITHOUT Steroids or Drugs…

Now, you and I both know you're not going to magically look like Arnold in 28 days. No program is going to do THAT for you.

Even though the title of this program is "28 Days to Maximum Mass", I want you to think of the Muscle Explosion program as a "high intensity interval" approach to building mass and strength, with each "interval" being 28 days long.

Bodybuilding IS a marathon...and this is like a marathon done as a series of SPRINTS.

You put in VERY focused, super-concentrated effort for short periods of time, then pull back and let the gains pile up as your body recovers.

This is not hype...this is science.

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Even though this is probably one of the toughest programs you'll ever do… It's a SUPER simple 3 phase system that ANYBODY can follow.

You will EARN every single pound of muscle you gain and every pound of weight you put on the bar...with sweat and hard work.

This program is NOT a shortcut or some shiny gimmick. This is REAL training...HARD training...that will push your physical and mental strength to the limit.

And if that sounds like fun, then this program is a perfect fit for you.

If you're tired of programs that don't deliver on their're going to LOVE Muscle Explosion. It's going to give you results right in line with the effort you put in...the harder you work, the more it'll pay you back.

She lifted up my shirt and said "show
me your abs"...and all I had to
show her was a big, fat gut.

When I was in high school, I couldn't build muscle to save my life. I trained hard but I didn't eat naturally, I stayed skinny. I was a high-level endurance athlete for years in high school...cross-country running, track, etc. I was ripped, but painfully skinny.

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I thought I was a total hardgainer...and I thought I was doomed to be skinny and weak my whole life.

Then I went to college and discovered cafeteria food...LOTS of cafeteria food.

And then I promptly ran headlong into the SECOND problem

I was gaining muscle fast, but I was piling on a LOT of excess blubber in the process (eating 8,000+ calories a day will do that to you!).

At the time, though, I was so excited to be actually gaining muscle and strength that I totally DIDN'T CARE that I was piling on all that fat. I was getting BIG and I was getting STRONG. I could always lose that fat later, right?

Right...and in the meantime, I looked like crap, I couldn't walk up a flight of stairs without gasping for air, and my blood pressure was through the roof.

The last straw came for me when a friend of mine (who knew I trained hard in the gym) was talking to a bunch of girls. I walked by and he waved me over and said..."Hey Nick, you work out a lot, show them your abs."

Well, much to my embarassment, one of the girls lifted my shirt all I had to show was a big fat gut...

So I laughed it off and stuck it out even further (the classic "food baby" look).

So that sucked.

And if you've tried the bulking approach, you know exactly what I'm talking about. It's a great feeling watch your muscles grow and the numbers go up on your lifts....but it's also a horrible feeling watching your muscle definition slip away on a weekly, sometimes daily basis, ending up looking like a big, puffy sausage.

So what I did I do about it?


And in the process I became the "grizzled vet" that know how to solve ANY training problem that gets thrown at me.

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So right now, I'm going to teach YOU what I've learned so you can skip over the 24+ years it took me to perfect my approach and just get straight to the results.

You see, with a good training program, the magic happens not in each individual workout...that's fine for beginners...

...the REAL magic happens when you treat your body as a SYSTEM and construct a program so that each individual part strategically builds on and feeds of off every other part.

THAT is power and THAT is the blueprint I'm going to give you right now...


The Foundation:

How to Use OVERTRAINING on PURPOSE to Build Mass

The human body is an incredibly adaptive machine...but it has it's limits. The key to building muscle and strength efficiently is to push yourself right up to those limits then strategically back off and let it recover.

I call this concept "Controlled Overtraining"...also known as "overreaching."

There are two phases of the Controlled Overtraining framework that the Muscle Explosion program is built on.

The first is the ramp up...known in strength training circles as "Accumulation." This is the phase where you build up the training volume, increasing it to the point where your body is fighting and struggling to keep up with the workload you're putting on it.

This will eventually result in Acute Overtraining, and this is exactly what we're looking for.

Because of the massive training volume (you'll see what I'm talking about below), it's during this phase that your greatest muscle gains will happen.

A lot of programs have this phase down pretty good...the problem is, they just don't know when to back off.

Because if you DON'T back off, you send your body into Chronic Overtraining...where the body is so overloaded, it can't keep up, can't recover and starts to break down. That's when you start to lose all the gains you fought so hard to get in the first phase...and that's just PAINFUL.

These programs end up with you backing off pretty much by accident...either through injury or just by stopping because you're so burnt out. They don't stragetically plan for it and they don't take full advantage of it.

Which is a shame because this is where your greatest STRENGTH gains should happen. The back-off phase is where we dramatically decrease the training volume, increase rest periods, and increase loads (e.g. lifting heavier weights). This is called "Intensification."

Here's what it looks like...

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I like to compare these two phases to a car going up a steep hill.

When you're on the Accumulation phase, you're heading straight've got the pedal down and you're hardly moving. As you get to the peak of the hill, where it's the steepest, that's Acute Overtraining. Then you come up and over and start heading down the other side....with the pedal STILL FLOORED. You pick up speed and before you know it, you're FLYING down the hill at 100 miles per hour!

This is how your body works.

You pile on the training volume, you build yourself up to overtraining, then you back off. Then repeat.


And INCREDIBLY powerful.

Because once you understand this concept and know how to apply it, you've got the keys to the kingdom.

In the Muscle Explosion program, the "ramp up" Accumulation phase lasts 2 weeks and the "ramp down" Intensification phase lasts another 2 weeks (though you can stretch it out longer to keep the results going).

And believe me, if you think you can't hit overtraining in 2 weeks time, you'd be'll see what I mean when I describe the training you'll be doing below.


Phase 1: Metabolic Acceleration

The Deprivation Week...How to Use FOOD to Give Yourself BIG Gains in Lean Muscle WITHOUT Gaining ANY Fat

So now that you've got the overall program framework down, let's look at food at how it interacts with that.

First, though, here's the thing...NO program or nutrition strategy can match the gains you get with steroids. Won't happen. I would never even suggest that this program would or could.

However, when you know how to use food properly, you can unlock your OWN powerful set of hormones within your body (Insulin, GH and Testosterone, specifically) and achieve results that might make other people THINK you're on steroids.

The first week of the Muscle Explosion program is very low-carb, very low-calorie eating. In addition to helping you drop fat right from the start, this is going to set up a massive hormonal response when you go to the next phase of training.

By removing carbs (and calories) from your system, you're going to create an environment of deprivation in your body...and your body HATES deprivation.

Let's start wtih Insulin.

Insulin is one of THE most potent anabolic hormones in your body. Pro bodybuilders inject it for that reason...and we're going to force your body to make more of it internally and be more EFFICIENT in putting it work.

THAT is where the carb deprivation comes in. By taking out carbs, we increase your body's sensitivity to insulin and actually increase it's effectiveness for building muscle.

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Now, remember how I said your body hates deprivation?

Well, that increased sensitivity to insulin means when we actually put the carbs back IN, your body will immediately crank up insulin production in order to grab and store (in the form of glycogen) every scrap of carbohydrate it can find, above and BEYOND what it was holding before...up to 1.5 times the level of glycogen it normally holds.

Keep that in the back of your mind here while I talk about the training...

The training that you're doing in that first week is designed to use up all the carbs in your system as quickly as possible. The first two days of the program are done with a combination training style that I call Fat-Loss Circuit Training. You'll be doing a "normal" weight training workout, but instead of taking complete rest in between sets, you're going to do moderate-intensity CARDIO in between sets.

Yep, you'll be working WITHOUT REST for the entire training session...switching back and forth between energy systems (aerobic and anaerobic) constantly through the workout. This is incredibly effective for fat loss, and for burning through all the carbs in your system very quickly.

The second two training days will be Lactic Acid Training.

Which takes us to the SECOND way that food can have massive hormonal effects on your body.

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Low-carb eating keeps your insulin levels low and your blood sugar stabilized.

These are the PERFECT metabolic conditions for maximizing Growth Hormone release in your body...because GH and insulin don't get along.

When insulin is high, GH release is blunted.

GH is a key fat-burning and muscle-building hormone in the body...and the training we're going to do in the last part of that first week is geared specifically towards cranking up GH production by cranking up Lactic Acid production.

You see, when your body generates Lactic Acid via training, this is seen as an emergency situation in your body.

And it responds by secreting large amounts of GH. It'll help you burn fat faster and spare your muscle tissue, even when on a calorie and nutrient-deprived diet, like we're doing in the first week of training.

Because after all, we don't want you LOSING muscle before you can get started building it, right!

Now our setup is complete...


Phase 2: MASSIVE Overload

Put Your Body In The Most HIGHLY Anabolic State You Have EVER Experienced

This is where the fun REALLY begins...(this is the insane part).

After 7 days of being deprived of food...and deprived of carbs...with training designed to ramp up your metabolism and set up a monster hormonal rebound response in your body, you're going flip the switch.

You're going to eat MASSIVE amounts of food...

You're going to ramp up to MASSIVE training volume...

Your muscles are going to suck up MASSIVE amounts of carbs and water...

You're going to load MASSIVE amounts of protein, creatine and other targeted supplements (if you choose to use them)...

Bottom're going to set up in your body the ideal physiological conditions to add MASSIVE amounts of lean tissue...

Get The Blueprint for Gaining 7-10 lbs of Lean Mass in Just 28 Days (8)

It's literally a FORCED "super-anabolic" environment. In my 30+ years of training, I've found there's simply NO better way to set up muscle growth as a natural trainer. None.

In myself, I've seen my bodyweight shoot up 10 to 12 pounds within that week (over and above my initial starting weight of the program)...with minimal gains in fat.

Granted, there is a LOT of water coming along for the ride...that's to be expected and DESIRED. Because that flood of water brings a flood of nutrients into the muscles, creating a sort of "anabolic primordial soup" inside your body.

It's an environment that is absolutely PERFECT for muscle growth and something that most natural trainers simply don't know how to properly set up.

Because your metabolism is in such a high gear...because you're using such massive training volume...and because your body is so furiously building muscle to cope with that emergency "threat-to-survival" training volume, you can eat a TON of food and not see much, if any, fat storage.

The training you're going to be doing this week is a very special high-volume approach I came up with called Compound Exercise Overload Training. And with all due modesty, it's freaking amazing.

You're going to take ONE exercise (I recommend squats or deadlifts the first time through) and do 200+ sets of that exercise over the course of 5 consecutive days.

That's not a typo (or series of typos)'re going to use either of the two most anabolic exercises in existence and do 200+ sets of that exercise in 5 days...

..while your body is FLOODED with nutrients from the carb rebound...
...while your body is SWIMMING with insulin and has heightened sensitivity to it's anabolic effects...
..while your body is in the most highly anabolic nutritional state it's likely EVER been in.

is when you're going to squat or deadlift every day for 5 days in a row.

Sound exciting? That getting you whipped up yet?

If it does, then you're nuts like me. Because I think it sounds downright awesome.


Phase 3: Intensification

Keep EVERY Ounce Of Lean Mass You've Gained and Build Superhuman "Forklift" Strength

Now we come to the back-off phase.

The final two weeks of the program are going to target two major training goals...consolidating the mass gains you made in the second week by focusing on "time-under-tension" style training for your muscles and developing your maximal strength capacity (I like to use the term "human forklift" strength for this).

So you've just come off a week of massive overload training...your nervous system is shot...your muscle fibers are shredded...your desire to train is likely pretty low.

THAT is when we're going to focus on "pump" style training that fills the muscles with blood.

This is critical for recovery and will target increased Time Under Tension (TUT for short) on your muscles. This style of training is going to use light to moderate's purposefully designed to be easy on the nervous system, so your body continues the recovery process and doesn't go back into overtraining.

Plus, it's FUN...which I think is also very important in a good program!

The training technique you're going to use here is one that I call "Positions of Flexion 1 & 1/4 Rep Training".

Positions of Flexion (POF for short) is a framework pioneered by Ironman Magazine editor (and friend of mine) Steve Holman.

In POF, you utilize exercises that focus tension on three main positions...mid-range (which is approximately halfway through a lift...for example, a barbell bench press), stretch (the point at which the muscle is under peak stretch...e.g. dumbbell flyes) and contraction (yep, you guessed it...peak contraction...e.g. cable cross-overs).

Get The Blueprint for Gaining 7-10 lbs of Lean Mass in Just 28 Days (9)

When you properly combine exercises that target these three positions, you will be FULLY working the muscle from every biomechanical position, maximizing growth potential in that muscle.

It's very powerful...and we're going to then COMBINE that POF framework with 1 & 1/4 rep training.

This 1 & 1/4 rep training style is all about focusing your effort on the best part of each exercise by doing an extra 1/4 in that "best" part of the exercise. This fits perfectly with the idea behind POF training.

For example, you'll do 1/4 rep at the bottom of the bench press, to get more tension in the mid-range position, just below the sticking point. You'll do an extra 1/4 rep at the bottom of every dumbbell flye that you do, spending more time under stretch. For the contracted position, you're going to finish with a static contraction hold in that peak contracted position of the cable cross-over...holding that contraction until you've squeezed every last ounce of tension out of that muscle that you can possibly muster.

I can speak from experience with this'll develop a raging pump that will feel like your muscles are about to explode through your skin...and you will get DEEP soreness the next few days in those worked muscles because you've hit them in a biomechanically COMPLETE fashion.

And you'll do this for ALL of your bodyparts.

I hope you're getting excited here and really seeing the potential this training and eating system has for you...

...and we're not done...

As I mentioned previously, the Intensification phase is when you'll really start seeing big jumps in strength. Most programs don't target this properly, screwing up the loading parameters so that you're cheated out of the strength gains that you've EARNED with your sweat and effort under the bar during the previous phases.

So to maximize the strength gains you get from this phase, we're going to utilize two different forms of training...Weak Point Training and Single-Rep Cluster Training.

Weak Point Training is all about determining where your weak points are on the major lifts (deadlifts, squats, bench press and/or overhead press) and ATTACKING those weaknesses with supplemental training volume, using specific exercises that precisely target those weak points.

Get The Blueprint for Gaining 7-10 lbs of Lean Mass in Just 28 Days (10)
One-Shoulder Barbell Squats for Developing "Steel-Girder" Core Strength

Because after all, I can promise you, you're NEVER going to break through a strength plateau until you address the weakest points that are holding you back in your big lifts.

And we're going to do this using Time-Volume Training...a density-training style I came up with that allows you perform a LOT of volume on a specific exercise without overloading your nervous system.

Then you're going to take a day off to recover.

Then you're going to hit the big three lifts with one of THE best strength-training techniques I've ever used...Single Rep Cluster Training.

This technique is allows you to use near-maximal weights for greater volume than you normally could with regular strength-oriented training. You'll take a weight that is 90 to 95% of your 1RM and do single reps of it, with 20 seconds rest in between reps.

Imagine taking a weight you could normally get 2 or 3 reps in a standard with and performing 6 to 8 reps with it...(that's what will happen).

Now imagine the STRENGTH you're going to build by training like this after you've just improved the weak points of those specific lifts...

...after you've just utilized light-weight TUT training that didn't trash your nervous system or leave your connective tissue strength compromised...

...after you've just finished an entire MASSIVE OVERLOAD week of training (and eating!) for one of those big exercises...

Starting to see the potential of this system?

Get The Blueprint for Gaining 7-10 lbs of Lean Mass in Just 28 Days (11)
Trap Bar Deadlift - 585 lbs

I can tell you in all honesty, during this phase, the strength gains you will experience will be nothing short of the BEST you've ever seen in your entire training career.

And I say that without hype...I've literally had users of this program gain more than 100 POUNDS on their max deadlift during this phase of training (which is insane...I almost wouldn't believe it myself if I hadn't experienced gains of 60+ pounds on my own deadlift during this phase).

I've also had people gain 70+ pounds on their squat and 40+ pounds on their max bench press.

This is on TOP of the 7 to 10+ pounds of lean mass gains they've experienced at the same time...while actually DROPPING bodyfat.

And these are NOT inexperienced beginner-level trainers where everything works no matter what it is...these are intermediate to advanced trainers who've been STUCK in their results because the programs they've been using haven't challenged their bodies to build muscle and strength to the level they're truly capable of.

And THESE are the results that YOU can get with this style of training program, too.

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Subject Name - Ken Gore

Hey Nick!

First, let me say that tomorrow I will finish my first cycle of Muscle Explosion -and it is a major kick-ass program!! Well worth the money, my friend - thanks!!

I have used a LOT of diferent programs - and it's been a long time since I've gotten results like this! I'm talking about real results - even for a 40-yr. old experienced bodybuilder!

Thanks, bro - you are awesome!

- Ken Gore

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Subject Name - Tyler Morgan

Start Date - 3/2/14 End Date - 4/2/14

Height - 6'5"
Weight - 243
# of Years Training - 10
Waist - 39"
Bodyfat - Not tested
Right Arm (Flexed) - 15.5"
Left Arm (Flexed) 15.5"
Right Thigh - 25.5"
Left Thigh - 25.5"
Chest - 43.75"

Height - 6'5"
Weight - 239
# of Years Training - 10
Waist - 38"
Bodyfat - 7%
Right Arm (Flexed) - 17"
Left Arm (Flexed) 17"
Right Thigh - 27.5"
Left Thigh - 27.5"
Chest - 46"

1RM Deadlift - 505lbs
1RM Squat - 485lbs
1RM Flat BB Bench - 395lbs
1RM Overhead Press - 255lbs
1RM Barbell Curl - 205 lbs

1RM Deadlift - 545lbs
1RM Squat - 515lbs
1RM Flat BB Bench - 425lbs
1RM Overhead Press - 275lbs
1RM Barbell Curl - 235 lbs

I saw some huge gains with the first round of the program! On week 2, I did chest (days 2 and 3 were HARD as hell by the way, and by day 4 my chest was used to it a little more).

I gained 30lbs on my bench, 40 lb on my deadlift and 30 lbs on my squat when I maxed out a week and a half ago. The results were crazy and I had no idea what I was in for when I started the program but I LOVED it.

Tyler Morgan

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Subject Name - David Sipos

Nick's programs are one of the very few that I use with my clients because they produce lasting, measureable and reproducable results pretty fast!

Throughout my rounds with Muscle Explosion I've done the following (and these results all happened in the 5 DAY CEO cycles for each target exercise):

  • Squat 70kg > 110kg (+88lbs)
  • Conventional deadlift 75kg > 120kg (+100lbs)
  • Bent-over row: 75kg > 100kg (+55lbs)

and my last 2 cycles (February and March 2014):

  • Trap Bar Deadlift 200kg > 215kg (+33lbs)
  • Military Press 55kg > 80kg (+55lbs)

All while increasing my shoulder measurement by 3cm (1.5inch) and leg size by an inch just this last test round.

I must tell you that ME 2.0 is far better than the previous version. I loved the Cluster sets for strength and hypertrophy. The program is brutal as hell but if you can survive it you WILL become bigger and stronger. The exercise video library is very detailed and easy to use.

Anything Nick comes up with I'm a fan for the first time because he knows what it takes to build muscle, that's for sure. Mad Scientist for the win!

- David Sipos

Get The Blueprint for Gaining 7-10 lbs of Lean Mass in Just 28 Days (15)

Get The Blueprint for Gaining 7-10 lbs of Lean Mass in Just 28 Days (16)

Get The Blueprint for Gaining 7-10 lbs of Lean Mass in Just 28 Days (17)

What's the Next Step?

I've given you a lot of information here...and you can absolutely take it and run...put together your own program based on these concepts and see MUCH better results than you're currently getting right now.


Why do all that when I've done all the work FOR you already...

The program that I've put together based on these concepts is called "Muscle Explosion - 28 Days to Maximum Mass"

Get The Blueprint for Gaining 7-10 lbs of Lean Mass in Just 28 Days (18)

This program is going to...

Get The Blueprint for Gaining 7-10 lbs of Lean Mass in Just 28 Days (19)

Save you time and energy by not having to design the program yourself...I've got EVERY aspect of this program dialed-in for maximum efficiency. There is not one wasted day, set, rep or exercise....there is no guesswork.

You get the finished product that has been fully tested and PROVEN by myself and thousands of other serious trainers, just like you.

Get The Blueprint for Gaining 7-10 lbs of Lean Mass in Just 28 Days (20)

Give you full access to my expertise and years of experience in actually USING and fine-tuning this strategy of eating and training to maximize your muscle and strength-building results so that you know exactly what you're doing, every step of the way.

And that includes personal support directly from ME, the creator of this brainless automated robot replies.

Get The Blueprint for Gaining 7-10 lbs of Lean Mass in Just 28 Days (21) Lay out how to best structure your food intake during EVERY phase of the program so that you don't look like a big, bloated marshmallow at the end of'll be bigger, stronger and leaner in 28 days.
Get The Blueprint for Gaining 7-10 lbs of Lean Mass in Just 28 Days (22) Guide you through every workout, every phase and every training technique in easy-to-understand language so that you have a total understanding of how the program works and the steps you'll take to squeeze maximum results out of it.
Get The Blueprint for Gaining 7-10 lbs of Lean Mass in Just 28 Days (23) Teach you the optimal strategies for using targeted, PROVEN supplements (like creatine) to force another 10 to 20% GREATER results out this already-powerful program framework.

Here's what you get with the Muscle Explosion program...

Get The Blueprint for Gaining 7-10 lbs of Lean Mass in Just 28 Days (24)

Component #1 - The Muscle Explosion Manual ($97 value)

This manual is the "guts" of the it works, why it works and the science behind it.

You'll get complete and detailed rundowns of all the Exercise Techniques used in the program as well as Nutrition Info to help you maximize the slingshot effect we'll use to set up the growth phase.

Get The Blueprint for Gaining 7-10 lbs of Lean Mass in Just 28 Days (25)

Component #2 - Printable Workout Sheets ($47 value)

Just print and bring to the gym with you...these workout sheets give you the details of each day's training, including sets, reps, exercises, and notes to help make the program even MORE effective.

You'll know EXACTLY what you're doing every step of the way.

Get The Blueprint for Gaining 7-10 lbs of Lean Mass in Just 28 Days (26)

Component #3 - Muscle Explosion Exercise Guide ($47 value)

In this guide, I'll cover every exercise and training technique used in the program.

It's packed with my best training information and tips that you can use to seriously improve the results you get both in this program and any other program you use in the future.

Get The Blueprint for Gaining 7-10 lbs of Lean Mass in Just 28 Days (27)

Component #4 - Mass-Building Supplement Guide ($27 value)

Get my "insider" supplement recommendations for building mass and strength

Hint: you don't NEED supplements but they can help tremendously, especially when used strategically in the context of the overall program and the mass principles we're attacking with it.

And I'll tell you exactly how to do it.

Get The Blueprint for Gaining 7-10 lbs of Lean Mass in Just 28 Days (28)

Component #5 - Done-For-You Meal Plans ($47 value)

Also included in the program for the "strict" phase of the eating plan are professionally-designed, high-performance meal plans contributed by world-class Sports Nutritionist Dr. John Berardi, PhD, CSCS.

Dr. Berardi is an accomplished expert in both sports nutrition and high-performance athletics and would NOT put his name and reputation on a program that didn't deliver results.

Get The Blueprint for Gaining 7-10 lbs of Lean Mass in Just 28 Days (29)

Component #6 - Free Updates for LIFE ($97 value)

Whenever I come out with an update of this eBook, you'll get it FREE.

I'm constantly working to improve my programs and exercises and there's no way I'm going to make you pay for an update that SHOULD be free.

Get The Blueprint for Gaining 7-10 lbs of Lean Mass in Just 28 Days (30)

Component #7 - MY TIME (priceless)

You will have ME as your trainer by your side all the way through. If you ever have any questions about this program, you can fire them over to me and I'll respond asap.

If you've ever tried to get help directly from an author or trainer, you KNOW how rare this is. I'm committed to YOU and helping you build mass fast.

Now...if you REALLY want to take this program (and really, ALL of your training) to the next level, I've also got a killer upgrade option for you...

Full lifetime access to my Muscle Explosion Online Exercise Video Database...

Get The Blueprint for Gaining 7-10 lbs of Lean Mass in Just 28 Days (31)

This 150+ page library will give you video demonstrations of EVERY single exercise and training technique found in the book....filmed during ACTUAL workouts, so you can see how things are done FOR REAL.

It's packed with training tips, techniques, and secrets that I've discovered and researched over my 24 years of "mad scientist" training.

This video library will jump you literally YEARS ahead of where you are now in your training's a dirt-cheap bargain at just 20 bucks.

You'll have the option to sign up for unlimited access right here when your order below.

There's no risk at all to you
to try this program...

And I'll tell you right up front...I fully realize that this program is not a perfect fit for everybody and it would be downright dishonest of me to say otherwise, because not everybody is willing to take action and put in the work!

THAT is why I'll give you a full 60 days to test this program out and see if it works for you. If it doesn't, you get all your money back. NO RISK AT ALL TO YOU.

Bottom line, I want to make sure this a program that gets the job done for you and gets you the spectacular results you deserve for the hard work you put in at the gym. If it doesn't work for you or if you read through it and feel it's not a good fit, let me know and I 'll give you a full refund, no questions asked, no hassle.

Here's my guarantee...

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LIFETIME ACCESS to the Muscle Explosion Online Exercise Video Database (real world value $197... mobile friendly!)

150+ Videos Demonstrating EVERY Exercise and Training Technique in the Muscle Explosion Program

My best tips, tricks and insider knowledge that you can apply to ANY training program you do.

Get The Blueprint for Gaining 7-10 lbs of Lean Mass in Just 28 Days (34)

Still Got Questions?
I've Got Answers...

Is this program for real? Those results sounds WAY too good to be true. What does the science say?

This program is legit....and in order to make SURE that it's legit, I actually contacted a very well respected Doctor of Exercise Physiology, Dr. Mike T Nelson. Full disclosure, I know Mike personally...and I told him to be HARSH. No holding back.

Mike is an exercise science MACHINE...he lives for it and he's VERY good at what he does, lecturing around the country and doing cutting-edge research.

Get The Blueprint for Gaining 7-10 lbs of Lean Mass in Just 28 Days (35)

"Recently, Nick had me put this program through the science wringer. When I do that, I don't pull any punches. The data is the data. In the end, I had a few places that I disagreed with him based on the current research, which is complex and ever-evolving.

Nick took it in stride and asked some excellent follow-up questions because he wanted to learn more! This is a rare trait as many just get super defensive and never question anything.

I commend Nick on the program and being willing to listen to new research. That is one of the highest compliments I can give someone. Rest assured that this program is based on foundational principles to ensure you will see results. "

-Dr. Mike T. Nelson, PhD

What equipment do I need?

You can perform this entire program with simple free weight equipment like barbells and dumbbells. If you have a bench, great. And if you have a power rack, even better.

I made VERY sure with this program that you DO NOT NEED MACHINES or special equipment to get massive results with it.

I've also designed the training so that you can also do it very easily in a crowded gym. Because even though I train in my basement, not everybody has that luxury. Sometimes you have to wait for equipment and sometimes it's WAY too hard to have more than one exercise lined up to perform.

This is the perfect program for the home gym warrior or the hardcore gym trainer.

Do I have to use supplements?

Not at all! In fact, you can get GREAT results in this program without even touching a single supplement. Check this out...

Get The Blueprint for Gaining 7-10 lbs of Lean Mass in Just 28 Days (36)

Hi Nick,

The program was amazing! And I definitely plan on giving it another go. There were moments when I didn't know if I'd make it out alive (i.e. CEO week), but I pushed through.

I took no supplements whatsoever and went from 163lbs to 173lbs. I think this is pretty substantial for no supplements. However, I definitely plan on using some next time.

Thanks again!

Josh Day

That being said, when used properly, supplements can absolutely be effective. You can potentially squeeze another 10 to 20% greater results out of this program when you use them in the strategic fashion I lay out in the program.

How long are the workouts?

In the first week of the program, you'll be done your workouts in 25 to 30 minutes. In the second week, the longest workout is 40 minutes. And in the third and fourth weeks, your training time will be 45 minutes to an hour.

No marathon spending your whole life in the gym.

Just 4 to 5 carefully designed, strategic, TIME-EFFICIENT training sessions per week and you can gains of 7 to 10 pounds of lean mass, while dropping fat.

How hard is this program really?

I'll tell you right up front, this is a VERY challenging program. It's going to push to your physical and mental limits.

And I'm truly not trying to scare you when I say that...I'm trying to ENCOURAGE you!

Because I KNOW you're capable of a lot more than you think...and I firmly believe THIS program is exactly the kick in the butt you need to really push yourself to the edge. And the edge is where the REAL results are.

How long should I be training before using this program?

I'll tell you right up front, it's definitely NOT for beginner-level trainers. You should have at least 6 months to a year of serious training under your belt before working with this program.

If you fall within that timeframe, you can still pick up a copy of the it...learn from it. But PLEASE wait to try until you've got more training experience under your belt. This is a program for intermediate to advanced lifters only.

As well, you should have solid form on your big exercises (like squats, bench press and deadlifts). Because as I mentioned when talking about how the program works, during the second week of the program, you're going to be doing 200+ sets of a single exercise. And any form issues you have will be magnified.

Is this program effective for women?

Absolutely. In fact, I've had a LOT of women work this program and get GREAT results with it.

If you're a woman and you've made it all the way down to this question, I have a feeling building muscle doesn't scare fact, you truly WANT to build muscle!

And as a women, you're at a disadvantage to men hormonally (i.e. testosterone) when it comes to building muscle.

This program goes BEYOND testosterone, working your systemically and with high training volume and specific eating patterns so that building muscle becomes NECESSARY for your body, not just a luxury.

THAT is the real secret for a women to build muscle effectively.

Get The Blueprint for Gaining 7-10 lbs of Lean Mass in Just 28 Days (37)

"Muscle Explosion is probably one of the toughest and the most challenging training programs you will ever do. Do you THINK you are hardcore? Well... try Compound Exercise Overload on deadlifts for 5 days in a row with a daily increased volume and load, and then you will just KNOW what you are!

I’ve done this Program 4 is my favourite muscle-building program. You either love it or hate it – there is no other option.

The Structural Attack week is UNIQUE and is my most favourite part of the Program; it is definitely the toughest one, yet it is fun at the same time – it immerses you into mental-physical game. It forces your body into survival mode and engages you in the constant battle with yourself – it toughens you up mentally!

Doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced or intermediate trainer, this program WILL challenge you on so many levels: from physical to mental, leaving no room for softness, and at the end of the day you will know what you are made of and how far you can push your limits.

The best part is the Coach Nick Nilsson - The Mad Scientist of Muscle, Strength and Fat Loss support, and, as always, it goes above and beyond, and in my opinion this is something you CANNOT even put the price tag on!

Thanks Coach for all your support; you are the BEST!"

- Elena Georgiana

Is this program effective for older people?

Without a doubt yes. Let me give you an example of a gentleman I had go through this program as a test subject:

Get The Blueprint for Gaining 7-10 lbs of Lean Mass in Just 28 Days (38) Rick Craddock - 57 years old
  • As far as fat loss; I started at 213.5 pounds on Feb. 26th.

  • This morning I weighed 214.0.

  • When I started, my bodyfat was approximately 16 - 18% using calipers. Today I am at 11 - 12% using calipers.

  • So, according to that, (using 18% and 11.5% respectfully), I lost around 13 pounds of fat and gained around 14.3 pounds of muscle.

  • If my calculations are correct, my LBM went from 175.07 to 189.39. I have never seen such a dramatic change with any workout program I have done in the past!


  • Waist went down by 0.5" to 35.5"

  • Right Arm from 16" to 16.25"

  • Left Arm from 15.75" to 16.0"

  • Right Thigh from 23" to 23.5"

  • Left Thigh from 23" to 23.5"

  • Chest, From 47.75" to 48.25"

Strength Increases:

  • Deadlifts up 30% - 350 lbs

  • Back Squats up 16% - 360 lbs

  • Flat Bench Press up 21% - 250 lbs

  • Shoulder press up 100% - 175 lbs

  • Barbell Curls up 28%

  • Cable Pull-downs up 30%

  • Deadlifts up 30% - 350 lbs

  • Dumbbell Curls up 50%

So's definitely effective for older people...


$45 $25

  • The Muscle Explosion Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Exercise Index
  • COMPLETE Meal Plans
  • Recipe and Food Guide
  • Supplement guide
  • Printable Workout Sheet

Get The Blueprint for Gaining 7-10 lbs of Lean Mass in Just 28 Days (39)


LIFETIME ACCESS to the Muscle Explosion Online Exercise Video Database (real world value $197... mobile friendly!)

150+ Videos Demonstrating EVERY Exercise and Training Technique in the Muscle Explosion Program

My best tips, tricks and insider knowledge that you can apply to ANY training program you do.

Get The Blueprint for Gaining 7-10 lbs of Lean Mass in Just 28 Days (40)

NOTE: Muscle Explosion is a downloadable program. You will receive electronic files. No physical products will be shipped to your home. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download all the components onto your computer.

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