Gillie Da Kid | Biography 2021 (2022)

Co-host of the podcast ‘The Million Dollaz Worth of Game Show.’

He is the co-producer of the 2017 movie 'Blood Brotha'

Gillie Da King, along with his first cousin, social media influencer and disruptor Wallo267, launched a podcast, 'The Million Dollaz Worth of Game Show,' in 2019. The show is themed as an ideal mix of music, real-life concerns, personal experiences, candid counsel, and humor. The duo also invites guests to talk about related topics.

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Gillie Da Kid/King is a rapper and a co-host of the podcast, 'The Million Dollaz Worth of Game Show.'

Who is Gillie Da Kid/King?

A rapper and artist, Gillie Da Kid is the co-founder and member of the Philadelphia rap band called Major Figgas. It was a popular group in the Philadelphia underground world. It signed a record deal with Suave House Records from Houston, Texas, and successfully released several tracks. But the label lost its distribution deal with Universal due to which Da Kid decided to embark on a solo career.

Da Kid signed with the famous Cash Money Records label but could not come up with his own music. He then stayed in the background of the label and started ghostwriting for other artists. In 2006, Da Kid revealed that he had ghostwritten many songs for the popular rapper of the Cash Money, Lil Wayne.

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It brought him an immense spotlight and a new record deal. Da Kid signed with new indie label Babygrande Records and releasedThe Best of the GDK, a mixtape collection, in March 2007. He then made a $2 million agreement with Relumae Records and releasedWelcome to Gilladelphiain 2015.

His other albums includedKing of Phillyin 2008,I Am Phillyin 2009, andMillion Dollars' Worth of Gamein 2017.

Da Kids has also acted in movies likeThe Wrath of Cain, also known asCage Animalin 2010, andForce of Executionin 2013. He produced the 2017 acclaimed filmBlood Brothaand also appeared on several episodes of the TV seriesChase Street.

In 2009 Da Kid launched a podcast with his cousin, Wallo, titledThe Million Dollaz Worth of Game Show.

Early Life

Gillie Da Kid, real name Nasir Fard, wasbornon31 July 1984 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He graduatedfromBen Franklin High School and then went to take business as his major at Cabrini College. At college, he played basketball and was also on the track team.

Reminiscing his college days that it was the best part of his life, Da Kid said, "As a young black kid straight outta the ghetto and to place them in a 95% white environment, it was very eye-opening for me," and added, "White folks just really know how to have fun! We had a rule in college when you get sh---faced drunk, you better not pass out with your shoes on. If you do, anything can happen to you. If the lacrosse team wins the championship, they all run around the whole campus ass naked! That sh-- is crazy."


Whilegrowingup, in the 90s, Da kid was a member of a Philadelphia rap group called Major Figgas. The group was a force in Philadelphia's underground scene. It was also successful in releasing a slew of independent records and mixtapes. The seven-member band signed a deal with Suave House Records in Houston, Texas, toward the end of the 1990s. As the label lost its distribution deal with Universal, Da Kid decided to go solo.

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He then met the CEO of a New Orleans-based record company Cash Money Records, at the show's backstage. The meet was a significant point in his life, and soon Da Kid went on to sign a record deal with the company. However, due to publishing issues, his records were never released, and he remained a ghostwriter to the label.

In2006, Da Kid became the national limelight following a disagreement with Cash Money Records and its star rapper Lil Wayne.

By then, he had already left the Cash Money Records but was on good terms with Lil Wayne. But, in 2006, Wayne released a series of unjustified comments against Da Kid on one of his mixtapes. Following this, Da Kid decided to talk about his ghostwriting on Wayne's albums.

It received media attention from the hip-hop press, and articles about it were rampant in the city.

Due to his popularity, Da Kid went on to sign a deal with Babygrande Records, a new indie label, and releasedThe Best of the GDK, a mixtape collection, in March 2007. He also released the track 'Get Down on the Ground' in 2008, which another artist Soulja Boy covered in 2013 as 'Get Down.'

Hisother albums wereKing of Phillyin 2008, andI Am Phillyin 2009.

Subsequently, Da Kid landed a $2 million agreement with the Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Tamba Hali's Relumae Records. Under Relumae, he releasedWelcome to Gilladelphiain 2015. In 2017, he releasedMillion Dollars Worth of Game.

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Alongside his music career, Da Kid hadappearedin several movies. In 2010, he appeared inKing of the Avenue. He then acted and producedThe Wrath of Cain, which is also known asCaged Animal. Then, in 2013, he appeared alongside Steven Segal inForce of Execution.

In2017, he co-producedBlood Brotha along with Patryk Depa. The moviewas critically acclaimed and well received by the audience.Blood Brothawas about a Philadelphia thug who decides to give up his criminal life for love. But he had to deal with old adversaries before that.


He alsoappearedon multiple episodes of the TV seriesChase Streetas North Phil. In 2017 he was on the episode titled, 'No One Can Serve Two Masters.' He was also seen on 'Run CMD,' 'No One Can Serve Two Masters,' and 'Closed Casket' in 2020.

Further, he is also credited for his portrayal of TI in the 2019 TV movieThe Probe.

Podcast 'The Million Dollaz Worth of Game Show'

In 2019,Gillie Da King, along with social media influencer and disruptor Wallo267, launched a podcast,The Million Dollaz Worth of Game Show. Da King and Wallo both grew up in Philadelphia and were first cousins. The show's first episode was released on13 August 2019.

Da King and Wallo talk about social media and reality television for their audience. The show is also themed as an ideal mix of music, real-life concerns, personal experiences, candid counsel, and humor. The duo also invites guests to talk about related topics.

Feud with Soulja Boy

In2014, Soulja Boy and Da Kid started an online feud over the issue that old rappers were not giving the younger ones their space in the spotlight. After the incident, the celebrity boxing promoter, Damon Feldman, suggested a celebrity boxing battle between them.


They soon entered into a contract. Yet, Soulja Boy dropped out of the game, and it was stillunclearwhy Boy withdrew after claiming he was trained by Floyd Mayweather Sr.

However, Da Kid is set to battle with the reality star George Weisgerber, and the details are being worked out.

Net Worth

According to CelebrityNetWorth, Gillie's net worth as a rapper is said to be $2 million.

Personal Life

Da kid is married to makeup artistGene, also known as Tudie. She was one of the guests on hispodcast, in which he revealed that he lovingly calls her 'Toot.'

Theyhavetwo sons; the eldest is YNG Cheese, and theyoungestis Mac, who goes by the name TR3Y Seven7. Both of them are recording artists, and they hadreleaseda hip-hop and rap albumMacc N Cheesein 2021.

Macc N Cheese Soulja Boy Freeway Wallo267

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