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Instagram was launched back in 2010, and since then, the platform has grown drastically. In fact, it is amongst the top five social media platforms around the globe. Recently, the platform achieved a milestone of more than one billion active users monthly. It is a platform where people come to do business, interact with people, share their life updates, and much more. Instagram has become a source of earnings for many people. They are constantly updating and bringing new features for their users like new reels and much more.

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Why is checking if someone is logged into your Instagram necessary?

The privacy of users is particularly important. If someone else manages to log into your Instagram account without authorization, they get access to all your sensitive information. In fact, the logged-in person may constantly go through your personal chats. Furthermore, the unauthorized person can also change the password, log out the original owner from their account or delete it altogether. Therefore, it is essential to check if someone is logged in to your account.

But when to look for that? Read on. We will tell you.

How to Tell if Someone Else is Using Your Instagram Account

1. Pay Attention to Unusual Activity on Instagram

The first way to tell if someone is using your account is by looking for unusual activity. Unusual activities basically mean the things which you have not done. For example, a change in your display picture or Instagram bio or posts which you did not like in the first place. Furthermore, if someone has logged into your account, then there are chances of them deleting your posts or following some random people, look forward to such details.

2. Getting emails for things you didn’t do on Instagram

Users must always pay attention to the emails from Instagram. If some new login is detected from a different location, Instagram notifies the registered email ID immediately. In such a case, if you have not logged in, you can quickly revoke the login and prevent your account from getting hacked.

3. Unusual entries in ‘Past Instagram Account Activity’

Past Instagram activity basically consists of the posts you’ve liked, the stories you have posted, and so on. One can easily check their past account activity by going to the account settings via the Instagram profile page. Users can also check their search history under the security tab.

4. Check Your Logins

The best way to tell if someone is logged into your Instagram account is by checking the logins. Instagram lets users check the location and logged-in devices all in one place. There are multiple ways to check if someone is logged in to your account. Let us have a detailed look below.

How to Check if Someone is Logged in to Your Instagram Account?

Now that you know how to suspect something wrong with your Instagram activity, we will tell you how to be sure if someone has managed to get in and access your Instagram account.

Using Smartphone (Android and iOS)

The most effortless way to check if someone is logged in to your account is by using your Smartphone. The process is easy and works on both Android as well as iOS devices.

1. Open Instagram and navigate to your profile

How to Check if Someone is Logged in to Your Instagram Account? - TechPP (2)

2. After entering your profile, click on the three lines in the top right corner.

How to Check if Someone is Logged in to Your Instagram Account? - TechPP (3)

3. Once you choose that option, there will be different options. Here click on the settings option.

How to Check if Someone is Logged in to Your Instagram Account? - TechPP (4)

4. After clicking on the settings icon, choose the security option.

How to Check if Someone is Logged in to Your Instagram Account? - TechPP (5)

5. Under security, select the login activity option.

How to Check if Someone is Logged in to Your Instagram Account? - TechPP (6)

6. Here, you will be able to see all the currently and previously logged-in devices.

How to Check if Someone is Logged in to Your Instagram Account? - TechPP (7)

7. While reviewing, you can log them out instantly if you find some unknown login from a random location.

8. In such a case, it is recommended that you log out of all the devices and change your password asap to avoid any sensitive data loss.

Using PC (Windows and Mac)

If you do not want to use your Smartphone, you can do the process using your laptop/desktop. The process is similar to that on a smartphone. Let us have a detailed look at the same.

  1. Open the browser and navigate to Once that is done, log in with your account credentials.
  2. After logging with the credentials, go to the profile tab.
  3. Once you are in your profile tab, click on the settings icon next to your username.
    How to Check if Someone is Logged in to Your Instagram Account? - TechPP (8)
  4. After clicking on the settings icon, you will be greeted with various options. Choose the login activity option just below the privacy and security option.How to Check if Someone is Logged in to Your Instagram Account? - TechPP (9)
  5. Here, one can review all the logged-in devices. Furthermore, users will also have the option to log out someone if some unauthorized person has logged in.How to Check if Someone is Logged in to Your Instagram Account? - TechPP (10)

How to Secure your Instagram account?

Now that you have got back access to your Instagram account, you should ensure it doesn’t get repeated, and no one gets inside your Instagram again.

1. Enable Two Factor Authentication

In an era where everyone is connected to the internet, it is essential to maintain privacy. Users must always enable the two-factor authentication option present in the Instagram settings. Let us have a look at what it means and how one can enable the option.

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-Factor Authentication is an extra protection layer on top of your password. In the case of Instagram, if the two-factor option is enabled, users need a special code to log in after entering their password. A new special code will be sent to the registered mobile number every time someone tries to log in. A random user cannot log in to your account without the special code, even if the password is correct. Now that we know what two-factor authentication is all about let us see how one can enable it.

Steps to enable two-factor authentication

  1. Open Instagram on your Smartphone and click on your profile.
  2. There, click on the option in the top right corner next to the + icon.
  3. After selecting that option, click on the settings icon.
  4. Once that is done, choose the security option just below the privacy option.
  5. Here, click on the Two-Factor-Authentication.
  6. After clicking on the Two-Factor Authentication option, navigate to the Messages tab and turn on the option.
  7. If the user cannot receive the special code when trying to log in, they can use the backup codes present in the Instagram app.

So, this is how you can quickly check if someone has logged into your Instagram account. If you find some unauthorized log-in, then you can easily log them out. Furthermore, you can even use this to log yourself out later from other devices like a public PC or your friend’s smartphone if you had forgotten to do so earlier.

2. Check Authorized Apps

Many people don’t understand how many third-party apps and services have full access to their Instagram accounts. Let us look at how you can review these apps and services for protecting your account.

  1. Open Instagram and navigate to your profile tab.
  2. From the profile tab, click on the option next to the + option and select settings.
  3. Under settings, choose the security option.
  4. Once you have entered the security option, look for the Apps and Websites under Data and History setting.
  5. Here, you can review the active apps which have access to your Instagram; you can also easily revoke their access from this setting.

3. Stay clear of Phishing scams

Suppose there is one thing you should avoid to prevent your account from getting hacked in falling for phishing scams.Phishing is a trick wherein the hacker sends fake messages/mail, which seems extremely legit, and tries to trick the user into believing it’s real and providing sensitive data like a password. Similarly, in the case of Instagram, you might receive a message saying your account has been compromised; please change the password using the following link. Always look for the mail id; the actual mail id for Instagram security is

4. Always uncheck the ‘Remember my login info’ option

For example, if you have logged in to your account on your friend’s device and want to log out from the device later, then unchecking remember my login info option is essential. If you leave the option checked, the other person can click on your profile and login into your account without requiring a password.

5. Run antivirus/malware scan

Another possibility of your Instagram account getting hacked is a virus. These days, many viruses are not targeted to damage your system. Instead, they are designed to gather user-sensitive data. These viruses can gather your Instagram login credentials and upload them to their servers. It is crucial to run an antivirus to iron out all the viruses from your system and protect your Instagram account.

Instagramaccountalready hacked? Here are a few solutions

Do you suspect that your Instagram is already hacked? Do not panic already. We have some possible solutions.

1. Try to log in using a mobile number

If you have already logged out of your account, you can log in using your phone number or mail id. On the login screen, click on the get help option and choose to send me a text code. Once you have successfully logged in, change your password and log out all suspicious devices.

2. Contact Instagramsupport

Even after logging in using a mobile number does not work, you need to contact the Instagram support team. Here is how you can contact Instagram support.

  1. On the login screen, click on the get help option and click on the mobile number.
  2. Here, choose “I cannot access that phone number” and follow the on-screen instructions. Please note that the user will need to provide details to prove the account belongs to him and has been hacked.
  3. Once that is done, Instagram will verify your identity.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What to do if your Instagram is hacked?

If your Instagram is hacked, you must try to log in to your account using your mobile number or security backup codes. Even if that does not work, then you should contact Instagram support with details regarding your account. We have detailed the steps above. Have a look.

2. How to check Instagram login devices?

It is extremely important to check the logged-in devices on Instagram. As we mentioned in the steps above, it is straightforward to check the logged-in devices via the security options on Instagram.

3. Instagram login from the new device: Does it notify you?

Yes, if you log in to another device, Instagram sends a notification and an email stating new login has been detected. That being said, if you did not log in, then you can easily revert the activity. Instagram also sends out notifications for change password requests.

4. Where to check Instagram login activity history?

Instagram login activity history can be found conveniently found in the Login Activity option under the Login Security tab present in Instagram settings. Here, you can check all current and previously logged-in devices. Furthermore, you will even have the option to log out of other unauthorized devices.

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