List of Disney Princes and Princesses Names (2022)

List of Disney Princes and Princesses Names (1)

When anyone says Disney Princesses or Princes, our minds jump to Cinderella, Prince Charming, Rapunzel, and all those beautiful and charming royals that formed such a major part of our childhood days. This Entertainism article lists the names of all the Disney princesses in the order of their appearances, along with their better halves, the princes.

Intriguing Royals!

✦ Snow White is Disney’s first ever Princess.
✦ Princess Aurora was also known as Briar Rose.
✦ Ariel is the only Disney mermaid princess.
✦ Jasmine is the first Disney princess to marry a guy who was neither wealthy nor royal.
✦ Cinderella, Belle, and Tiana were princesses by marriage, not by blood.

Walt Disney was an iconic man. He gave us something that we all cherish, a possibility to dream, and let our imaginations run free. Why do you think every little girl wants to be a beautiful princess of a faraway land, with gorgeous dresses and a stunning tiara? Let me ask you this; what would our childhoods be like, if there wasn’t a Sleeping Beauty or Snow White? Hard to imagine, isn’t it? That is exactly what Mr. Disney created―an immortal legacy. The following paragraphs is a list of some of the princesses and princes brought to us by Disney Pictures, and the names of the movies they starred in.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


Snow White

Fair complexion. Deep-red lips. Short, ebony-black hair. Slim and graceful appearance.
A kind and sweet girl who likes to take care of everyone. Joyful and positive-spirited, and wants to enjoy life, with a desire for something better.

Prince Florian

Brown-haired and blue-eyed. Fair complexion. Tall and slender. Handsome.
He is loyal and devoted to his kingdom and people. He is courageous and not afraid to stand up to injustice. He is caring, kind, and humble.

Story Synopsis

Kingdom Name – Unknown

Princess Snow White loses her mother, the Queen, when she is very young. Her father, the King, remarries, but the new Queen is jealous of Snow White and hates her. When the King dies, the evil Queen makes Snow work as a maid. The Queen has a magic mirror which tells her that she is the fairest in the land. But one day, the mirror says that Snow White has replaced the Queen as the fairest of all. In a fit of rage, the Queen orders a huntsman to kill Snow and bring back her heart. But the huntsman cannot kill her, and lets her escape into the woods. While wandering through the forest, she finds a small hut that belongs to the seven dwarfs. They befriend her and give her shelter. When the Queen finds out that Snow isn’t dead, she creates a poisoned apple, disguises herself, and goes to the hut. When Snow bites the apple, she falls into a deep sleep, and only true love’s kiss can wake her. That is when Prince Florian arrives, and thinking that Snow is dead, kisses her, breaking the spell. The two soon get married.




Long blonde hair. Blue eyes. Very fair.
A quiet, passive girl who doesn’t put up a fight with her step-mother. Dreams of having a happier life one day. Bravely attends Prince Charming’s ball.

Prince Charming

Dark-colored hair. Brown eyes. Tall and lean. Handsome.
A complete romantic who is determined to look for the girl at the ball until he finds her. Courageous and loyal to his kingdom and people.

Story Synopsis

Kingdom Name – Unknown

Cinderella is the famous story of servant girl-turned-princess, complete with an evil stepfamily and a kind fairy godmother. Cinderella loses her father, and is made to work as a servant by her stepmother and step-sisters. She harbors the dream of a better life, and one day, with the help of her fairy godmother, she goes to Prince Charming’s dance ball. There, she dances with him, and he falls in love with her. Everyone wants to know who she is. She has to leave at 12:00 a.m., as the godmother’s spell ends at midnight. She accidentally leaves her glass slipper behind while running. The Prince searches for her a great deal, and when he finds her, they get married.

Sleeping Beauty


Princess Aurora

Long, flowing, shiny, wavy blond hair. Violet-colored eyes. Slender and graceful.
Shy by nature, but a kind person at heart. Obedient and respectful, and never disobeys what her aunts tell her. Loved by everyone.

Prince Phillip

Brown hair and eyes. Tall and strong. Fair. Handsome.
Courageous. Strong-willed. Does not make a big fuss of things.

Story Synopsis

Kingdom Name – Ulstead

Princess Aurora is the daughter of King Stefan and Queen Leah. She gets cursed by the big bad witch Maleficent, on the day of her christening. So, the three kind fairies Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather take her away to live in the forest, to protect her. Her curse is that she will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die on her 16th birthday, but Merryweather changes the curse from death to a deep sleep, which only a kiss from her true love can break. So, when Aurora and the whole kingdom go to sleep, Prince Phillip finds his way to her room, kisses her, and breaks the spell. She wakes up, and they get married and live happily ever after.

The Little Mermaid


Princess Ariel

Long, flowing red hair. Pale skin. Rose-red lips. Big blue eyes.
A carefree girl with a zest for life. Rebellious and forever curious, always wanting to explore places she shouldn’t. Kind, friendly, and sweet. Vivacious and positive-spirited.

Prince Eric

Dark-haired with blue eyes. Fair complexion, and a lean frame.
Shy but sweet-natured and kind. Brave and strong-willed. Kind, caring, and selfless at heart. Mature and quiet.

Story Synopsis

Kingdom Name – Atlanta

Daughter of King Triton and Queen Athena, Princess Ariel is a mermaid who lives in the land of Atlanta. She is always curious and explores the sea with her friend fish Flounder, often in places that are forbidden. She wants to know about the human world, and often collects objects belonging to humans that she finds in the sea. She falls in love with Prince Eric after rescuing him from a shipwreck, and unwisely makes a deal with the evil mermaid Ursula, exchanging her voice for becoming human. However, Ariel needs to kiss Eric within three days or she loses her voice forever. She becomes human and is taken by Eric to his castle. But just as she is about to kiss him, Ursula casts a spell on Eric. A fight ensues, and Triton is captured. Eric and Ariel defeat Ursula, and Ariel gets her voice back. She is turned into a human by Triton, and she marries Prince Eric.

Beauty and The Beast



Shoulder-length brown hair. Rose-red lips. Fair complexion. Slender and graceful appearance.
A sweet and kind girl who cares for everyone. Intelligent and loves reading. Independent, brave, and knows how to stand up for herself.

The Beast

As beast – Huge, powerful, covered in thick, dark-brown fur. Strong paws and fangs.
As prince – Lean and muscular. Copper-colored hair and blue eyes. Fair complexion. Handsome.
Before Belle – Short-tempered, bitter, depressed, lonely, rude, stubborn, at times immature.
After Belle – Kind, soft-spoken, generous, caring, humble, understanding.

Story Synopsis

Kingdom Name – Unknown

Belle is an intelligent girl who wants to live life her way. The villagers think that she is queer and different. Her father Maurice and his horse get lost in the woods one day. When wandering about, they chance upon the most amusing castle, having talking objects. However, the owner of the castle is a beast, who captures Maurice. His horse goes to the village and brings Belle to the castle. She offers to be the Beast’s prisoner in exchange for her father’s freedom. What she doesn’t know is that the Beast is really a Prince, who was cursed for his vanity and pride. After a few unpleasant experiences, Belle and the Beast begin to bond and soon fall in love. In the meantime, Gaston, a man who wants to marry Belle, convinces all the villagers that the Beast is evil and must be killed. A fight ensues, wherein the Beast’s curse is finally broken, and he and Belle get their happy ending.



Princess Jasmine

Thick, black, long hair. Dark, chocolate-brown eyes. Slender appearance. Small, thin face.
A very independent princess who always stands up for what is just and right. Intelligent; always participates in the court affairs, giving many suggestions to her father regarding politics. Brave. Wants to explore life outside the castle.


Dark-haired and brown-eyed. Muscular. Handsome. Lean.
A vagabond who comes from a poor background, doing petty thievery for a living. Enthusiastic. At times immature. Sweet and kind. Humble.

Story Synopsis

Kingdom Name – Agrabah

This story is complete with magic lamps, genies, and flying carpets. When Princess Jasmine meets Aladdin on one of her secret tours to the town market, she is besotted by the plain yet interesting boy. Although he is quite poor, she likes him for who he is and not what he has. Enter Jafar, the Sultan’s aid and the story’s villain. He wants to marry Jasmine and become Sultan, which is why he hires Aladdin to retrieve a genie’s lamp from inside a cave. Aladdin and his pet monkey Abu retrieve the lamp, and also find a flying carpet. When Jafar tries to kill them, they fight him and fly into the cave just as it closes up. The genie grants Aladdin three wishes. He uses the first two to woo Jasmine, and the third to free the genie. Meanwhile, Jafar continues his plotting and scheming and is almost successful in becoming the Sultan, but is defeated by Aladdin. Jasmine marries Aladdin in the end.



Fa Mulan

Thick, long, dark hair. Chocolate-brown eyes. Tall and slender appearance. Red lips. Rounded face.
Tomboyish. Brave. Independent. Intelligent. At times awkward. Always speaks her mind. Aware of her surroundings, and alert of any danger. Loves her family dearly and is very protective of them.

Li Shang

Slick black hair that’s tied back. Brown eyes. Handsome. Lean. Muscular. Olive-skinned.
Brave, courageous, does not give up without a fight. Introvert, quiet, serious. Over thinks. A just and solid leader.

Story Synopsis

Kingdom Name – NA

Although not an official princess, this girl does deserve the honor. Set during the Han Dynasty, Mulan is the story of a brave girl who risks her life to protect her father’s. When one man from every family is commanded to join the army to fight Shan Yu and prevent him from taking over the empire, Fa Mulan realizes that her aged father will have to go. To prevent this, she disguises herself as a boy and reports to the army. All is going well, and she becomes a skilled warrior under the guidance of her captain, Li Shang, until one day her secret is revealed, and she is banished from the army. She sees the enemy reaching the kingdom. A battle takes place wherein she manages to kill Shan Yu, and becomes a hero. The story has a romantic ending with her and Li Shang falling in love.

The Princess and the Frog


Princess Tiana

African-American descent. Shoulder-length black hair. Light-brown eyes. Slender appearance.
A very hard-working girl who is passionate about cooking and is saving up money to start her own restaurant. Lively, vivacious, yet humble, caring, and kind.

Prince Naveen

Dark hair and eyes. Tanned skin. Lean and handsome. Golden-brown eyes.
Romantic and flirtatious. Loves the finer things in life. A little show-offy. Intelligent and determined.

Story Synopsis

Kingdom Name – Maldonia

This is the story of a young girl from a humble background, who has a passion and wants to make something of herself. She is following her dream of starting her own restaurant, when a waitressing job brings about her encounter with the frog prince. Prince Naveen is tricked and cursed by an evil witch doctor and turned into a frog so as to prevent him from marrying a princess. Another guy is sent in instead to marry her and take over her wealth. When Tiana kisses Naveen, she too becomes a frog. They find a way to break the curse, but the evil witch doctor intervenes. A battle follows, and soon Naveen and Tiana manage to break their spell and get married.



Princess Rapunzel

Blond hair that is over 50 feet long. Slender appearance. Pale skin. Red lips. Small face. Green eyes.
A very vivacious and bubbly girl. Rebellious, but obeys her mother. Independent and intelligent. Courageous. Witty, innocent, and a little stubborn.

Flynn Rider (Eugene Fitzherbert)

Lean and muscular. Handsome. Dark-brown hair. Light-brown eyes. Sports a goatee.
Charming. Flirtatious. Witty. Smart. Hard-headed.

Story Synopsis

Kingdom Name – Corona

When Princess Rapunzel is born, the King orders for a magical flower that has healing properties, to save the Queen from dying. However, the flower also has age-reducing properties, which is being used by mother Gothel to become younger. When she fins out that Rapunzel’s hair has the same magical properties, she kidnaps the baby and raises her in a tower, away from the world, not allowing her to go outside. When the thief Flynn Rider breaks into the tower with a crown that he stole from the palace, she makes a deal with him to take her outside in exchange for the crown. The King’s guards and Gothel are looking for the two. After a lot of adventures and escapades, the two make it to the kingdom, where they are captured by Gothel. Rapunzel is taken back to the tower where she learns of her true lineage. She is reunited with her parents and also marries Flynn.



Princess Merida

Flaming-red, wavy, long hair. Rounded face. Slim and graceful appearance. Blue eyes.
Feisty, tomboyish, and downright rebellious. Headstrong, but kind at heart. Courageous and not afraid to stand up to anything. Sharp wit and strength of character.

Story Synopsis

Kingdom Name – DunBroch

When the open-minded and modern-thinking Princess Merida is asked by her mother to choose a boy from any of the allied kingdoms as her suitor, there are lot of fireworks between the two ladies. The Queen, Elinor, believes that Merida must conduct herself like a Princess for the sake of the kingdom. But Merida refuses and storms out for a ride on her horse. She comes across a witch’s cottage and asks for a spell to change her fate. The witch gives her a magical cupcake, which turns the Queen into a bear on eating. A lot of confusion follows, along with some heartwarming moments of the Princess and the bear Queen bonding. After much running around and fighting another big bad bear, the curse is broken, with Merida and her mother finally understanding each other’s points of view and becoming very close.



Princess Elsa

Slender and graceful. Pale complexion. Fair-haired and blue-eyed. Rose-red lips.
Soon to become queen. Kind and caring. Protective of those she loves. She is a shy and reserved girl who is unsure of herself. Intelligent, but has a sense of humor.

Princess Anna

Graceful and delicate. Blond hair and blue eyes. Round face. Fair complexion.
Playful, brave, outgoing, and loves to talk. Is full of life. Warm and kind-hearted. Very positive in her outlook and loves to have fun.

Story Synopsis

Kingdom Name – Arendelle

Anna and Elsa are sisters, and also the princesses of the kingdom of Arendelle. Elsa has a magical power wherein she can produce snow and frost as she pleases. When as a child she unknowingly uses that power, she ends up injuring her sister, causing them both to be confined to the castle by their parents. As she doesn’t want to hurt her sister again, Elsa distances herself from Anna. When the girls grow up, their parents die in a sea accident, and Elsa becomes the Queen. During her coronation ceremony, she accidentally reveals her powers to everyone. Afraid, she runs away, causing a permanent winter over the entire town. Anna sets off to look for her and encounters many adventures and a near-death experience, but manages to bring her sister back and mend their relationship.

Some More Official and Unofficial Disney Royals

Prince and Princess NamesMovieStatus
Pocahontas and John SmithPocahontasOfficial
Nala and SimbaThe Lion KingUnofficial
Tiger Lily and Peter PanPeter PanUnofficial
Megera and HerculesHerculesUnofficial
Kidagakash and Milo James ThatchAtlantis – The Lost KingdomUnofficial
MelodyThe Little Mermaid IIUnofficial
Tinker BellPeter Pan moviesUnofficial
Eilonwy and TaranThe Black CauldronUnofficial
Esmeralda and PhoebusThe Hunchback of Notre DameUnofficial
Jane Porter and TarzanThe Tarzan MoviesUnofficial
Giselle and RobertEnchantedUnofficial
Sofia and JamesSofia the FirstUnofficial

These were the princes and princesses of Disney Studios. These ingenious creations have been loved by people of all ages equally. These are immortal creations that will stay with us for years to come.

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