Monsters, Inc./Transcript (2022)


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    • 1.1 Scene 1: Monsters in the Closet/Mr. Waternoose
    • 1.2 Scene 2: Morning Workout
    • 1.3 Scene 3: Monstropolis
    • 1.4 Scene 4: Monsters, Inc.
    • 1.5 Scene 5: Randall Boggs
    • 1.6 Scene 6: The Scare Floor
    • 1.7 Scene 7: 23-19!
    • 1.8 Scene 8: End of the Day
    • 1.9 Scene 9: Meet Boo
    • 1.10 Scene 10: Harryhausen's Chaos
    • 1.11 Scene 11: Back in the Apartment
    • 1.12 Scene 12: Bedtime for Boo
    • 1.13 Scene 13: Sneaking Mary In
    • 1.14 Scene 14: The Locker Room/Bathroom Break
    • 1.15 Scene 15: Randall's Plot
    • 1.16 Scene 16: The Wrong Door
    • 1.17 Scene 17: Mike on the Run
    • 1.18 Scene 18: The Trash Compactor
    • 1.19 Scene 19: Mike Kidnapped
    • 1.20 Scene 20: The Scream Extractor
    • 1.21 Scene 21: Sulley Scares Boo
    • 1.22 Scene 22: Banished
    • 1.23 Scene 23: Welcome to the Himalayas
    • 1.24 Scene 24: Sled Ride
    • 1.25 Scene 25: Sulley Rescues Boo
    • 1.26 Scene 26: Schmoopsie-Poo!
    • 1.27 Scene 27: The Door Vault
    • 1.28 Scene 28: Randall's Demise
    • 1.29 Scene 29: Tricking Mr. Waternoose
    • 1.30 Scene 30: Goodbye
    • 1.31 Scene 31: The Laugh Floor
    • 1.32 Scene 32: Kitty


Scene 1: Monsters in the Closet/Mr. Waternoose

(The camera fades in to the little boy's bedroom, at night. We see the toys on the shelf.)

Mother: (o.s.) Good night, sweetheart.

Little Boy: (o.s.) Good night, mom.

Father: (o.s.) Sleep tight, kiddo.

(The bedroom light clicks off. Soft moonlight illuminates the room. A little boy snuggles into bed as his parents' footsteps fade away from the hall. All is quiet. The closet door creaks open. The boy looks around the room, nervously, eyes growing wide. Suddenly, he spies a tentacle, emerging from the closet. The boy turns away in fear, but a second look reveals it to be just a shirt sleeve. He relaxes back into bed. A dark shadow cuts across the bedspread. From under the bed, a pair of evil red eyes peer out. Rising up behind the boy, preparing to scare his young victim, towers a fearsome monster. The boy sees the monster and screams. Bile, horrified by the child, lets out an even more blood curling scream of his own. He backs away and slips on a soccer ball, which ricochets off the wall and beans him squarely on the face. He stumbles back onto a skateboard, slips, and lands on a pile of jacks. Crazed with pain, Bile runs around the room, squealing and holding his backside.)

Computerized Voice: (o.s.) Simulation terminated. Simulation terminated.

(Worklights flash on, flooding the room with light. The boy, now revealed to be an animatronic, winds down and resets. One wall of the bedroom starts to rise, revealing the bedroom to be just a set, a simulator where monsters practice their scare tactics. Behind a control console sits an evaluator, the dragon-like Ms. Flint. Judging by her tone, she's been through this before.)

Ms. Flint: Alright, Mr. Bile, is it?

Bile: Uh, my friends call me Phlegm.

Ms. Flint: Uh-huh. Mr. Bile, can you tell me what you did wrong?

Bile: I fell down?

Ms. Flint: No, no, before that. Can anyone tell me Mr. Bile's big mistake? Anyone?

(Ms. Flint addresses a panel of pathetic looking recruits, seated behind her. They stare back at her blankly.)

Pupil 1: (coughs)

Ms. Flint: (frustrated) Let's take a look at the tape. Here we go.

(Ms. Flint rewinds the tape, then plays it. On the monitor, Bile sneaks into the bedroom, leaving the door open. The image freezes.)

Ms. Flint: Right... there. See? The door! You left it wide open.

Pupils and Bile: Oooh.

Ms. Flint: And leaving a door open is the worst mistake any employee can make because...?

Bile: Um... It could... Let in a draft?

Mr. Waternoose: It could let in a child!

(Mr. Waternoose, CEO of Monsters, Inc., steps from the shadows.)

Ms. Flint: Oh! Mr. Waternoose!

Mr. Waternoose: There is nothing more toxic or deadly than a human child. A single touch could kill you!

(Bile shuffles nervously away from the animatronic kid.)

Mr. Waternoose: Leave a door open, and a child could walk right into this factory. Right into the monster world!

(One of the pupils loses it, leaping into the lap of the monster next to him.)

Pupil 2: I won't go in a kid's room! You can't make me!

(Mr. Waternoose grabs a nearby yellow scream can.)

Mr. Waternoose: You're going in there because we need this!

(Mr. Waternoose unlocks the can, and the sound of children's scream leak out. The lights surge, and monitors crackle. The pupils cover their ears. Mr. Waternoose corks the can.)

Mr. Waternoose: Our city is counting on you to collect those children's screams. Without scream, we have no power! Yes, it's dangerous work, and that's why I need you to be at your best. I need scarers who are confident, tenacious, tough, intimidating. I need scarers like... like... James P. Sullivan!

Scene 2: Morning Workout

(Sulley is seen sleeping in his bed as the alarm clock switches to 6:05 a.m.)

Mike: Hey! Good morning, Monstropolis. It's now five after the hour of 6:00 A.M. in the big monster city. Temperature's a balmy 65 degrees, which is good news for you reptiles, and it looks like it's gonna be a perfect day to maybe, hey, just lie in bed, sleep in, or simply... (gets annoyed) WORK OUT THAT FLAB THAT'S HANGING OVER THE BED!!! GET UP, SULLEY!!!! (uses an air horn, waking up Sulley)

Sulley: (screaming) Ahhhhh!

(In the living room, Sulley drops to the floor for push-ups. Mike stands in front of him barking orders like a coach.)

Sulley: I don't believe I ordered a wake-up call, Mikey.

Mike: Hey, less talk, more pain, marshmallow boy! Feel the burn!

(Between each push-up, Sulley springs into the air, striking a fearsome pose and roaring.)

Mike: You call yourself a monster?

(Sulley roars louder. Later, Sulley jogs in place.)

Mike: Scary feet, scary feet, scary feet-- Oop! The kid's awake!

(Sulley drops to the ground and lies motionless, then jogs again.)

Mike: Okay, scary feet, scary feet, scary feet, scary feet, scar-- Kid's asleep!

(Sulley roars.)

Mike: Twins! In a bunk bed!

(Sulley goes up and down, roaring on two levels.)

Mike: Ooh, I thought I had you there.

(Later, Mike holds a broom with a crude drawing of a child's face taped to the end.)

Mike: Okay, Sulley, here we go. You ready? Follow it!

(Mike swings the broom, Sulley lunges after it.)

Mike: Oh! It's over here! Oh! Look over there! (gasps) Don't let the kid touch you! Don't let it touch you!

(Sulley growls at the paper kid while dodging it. Later, like a quarterback rushing a tackle dummy, Sulley strains to push a pile of heavy furniture across the living room. Mike stands atop the pile encouraging him.)

Mike: (singing like a Drill Sergeant) I don't know, but it's been said. I love scaring kids in bed!

(Later in the bathroom, Sulley brushes his teeth, while Mike stands on his arm.)

Mike: C'mon, fight that plaque! Fight that plaque! Scary monsters don't have plaque!

(Later in the living room, Sulley hangs upside-down from a beam, doing some "gravity" sit-ups.)

Mike: One-eighteen. Do you have one-nineteen? Do I see one-twenty? Oh, I don't believe it!

Sulley: I'm not even breaking a sweat.

Mike: Not you! Look! The new commercial's on.

(Mike runs to the TV, Sulley slips and falls. On the TV, a bank of lights illuminate and flare brightly.)

Announcer: (v.o.) The future is bright at Monsters Incorporated.

(Mike and Sulley scramble into their chairs to watch the commercial).

Mike: I'm in this one. I'm in this one!

(On the TV, there are beautiful shots of monsters happily living their lives.)

Announcer: (v.o.) We're part of your life. We power your car. We warm your home. We light your city.

(Betty turns to the camera.)

Betty: I'm Monsters Incorporated!

(Sulley watches from his easy chair.)

Sulley: (points to the screen) Hey, look! Betty!

(On the TV, a bored child watches as various monsters cycle past. We settle on Claws which causes the child to scream.)

Announcer: (v.o.) Carefully matching every child to their ideal monster, to produce superior scream, refined into clean, dependable energy. Every time you turn something on, Monsters Incorporated is there.

Jerry: (to camera) I'm Monsters Incorporated!

(On the TV, a child is vacantly staring at a television set. Machine gun fire, explosions, etc. are heard emerging from the set. Text appears on the screen: "Simulation-Not Actual Child.")

Announcer: (v.o.) We know the challenge. The window of innocence is shrinking. Human kids are harder to scare.

(On the TV, Henry J. Waternoose, a large crab-like monster, turns to face the camera.)

Mr. Waternoose: (to camera) Of course. MI is prepared for the future. With the top scarers...

(On the screen, Sulley stands next to a door standing on a factory work floor, known as the Scare Floor. He leans next to the door, opens the door and roars. The kid inside screams. Mike watches his buddy on TV and leaps to his feet.)

Mike: Whoo-hoo-hoo! Ha-ha!

Mr. Waternoose: (on TV) ...the best refineries, and research into new energy techniques.

(On the TV, a monster with virtual reality glasses roars, causing a computer child on a monitor behind him to scream. Mike scoots to the edge of his seat in anticipation.)

Mike: Okay, here I come.

(On the TV, Mike and Sulley stand in front of a crowd of MI workers. As they turn to the camera, the Monsters, Inc. logo appears over Mike, blocking him entirely.)

Sulley: (on TV) We're working for a better tomorrow... today!

(Mike stares at the TV, shocked.)

Monsters: (on TV) We're Monsters Incorporated!

Mr. Waternoose: We're MI, Monsters Incorporated. We scare because we care.

(Sulley turns off the TV.)

Mike: (in shock) I can't believe it.

Sulley: (consoling) Oh, Mike.

Mike: I was on TV! Ha. Did you see me? I'm a natural!

(As Mike was amazed to see himself on TV, the phone rings, and Mike grabs the receiver.)

Mike: Hello? I know! Wasn't I great?! Did the whole family see it? (to Sulley) It's your mom. (to phone) Ha-ha, what can I say? The camera loves me.

Scene 3: Monstropolis

(Outside of Monstropolis, at morning, the sun rises over Monstropolis, an industry town much like Pittsburgh. Its ancient history is seen in the architecture. Frank, a newspaper delivery monster tosses a paper on the stoop of Mike and Sulley's apartment building. Mike and Sulley walk out the door, with lunch boxes in their hands.)

Mike: I'm telling you, big daddy, you're gonna be seeing this face on TV a lot more often.

Sulley: Yeah, like on "Monstropolis' Most Wanted"?

Mike: Ha, ha, ha, ha. You've been jealous of my good looks since the fourth grade, pal.

(They walk by a tiny monster couple.)

Tiny Monster Wife: Have a good day, sweetie.

Tiny Monster Husband: You too, hon.

(The tiny monster husband flies away. Later at the curbside, Mike approaches a shiny new convertible and holds up a set of keys.)

Mike: Whoo! Okay, Sulley, hop on in.

Sulley: Nope. Uh-uh. Uh-uh.

Mike: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, where are you going? What are you doing?

Sulley: Mikey, there's a scream shortage. We're walking.

Mike: Walking?!

Sulley: Yup. (Sulley grabs Mike's arm, gets him off the car, and drags him away.) Come on!

Mike: (being dragged away) No, no, no, no! My baby! Look! She needs to be driven! (to car) Bye, baby! I'll call you!

(Later at the Monstropolis street, the camera closes on a newspaper stand with headline: "ROLLING BLACKOUTS EXPECTED." Mike and Sulley walk past.)

Mike: Hey, genius, you wanna know why I bought the car?

Sulley: Not really.

Mike: To drive it! You know, like on the street, with the honk-honk, and the vroom-vroom, and no walking involved?

Sulley: Wa, wa, wa, wa. Give it a rest, will you, butterball? Come on, you could use the exercise.

Mike: I could use the exercise? Look at you! You have your own climate.

(Later, the monster kids jump rope as Mike and Sulley pass.)

Monster Kids: (chanting) How many tentacles can jump the rope? One and two and three and four...

(The rope is actually one of the kid's tongues.)

Monster Kid: Morning, Mike! Morning, Sulley!

Sulley: Hey, morning, kids. How're you doing?

Mike: Hey, kids.

Tongue Monster Kid: (turning her head) Bye, Mike! Bye, Sulley!

(The jumping monster kid gets tangled in the tongue rope and lies into a giant eye monster watching from a window.)

Giant Eye Monster: Ow! Hey!

(Later at the Monstropolis storefront, a garbage monster sweeps garbage off the sidewalk into a dustpan. He happily tosses the contents into his mouth. A monster reading a newspaper sneezes, and fires shoots from his mouth and nose, incinerating his newspaper.)

Sneezing Monster: Aw, nuts.

(Later at the Monstropolis grocery store, Tony the Grosser arranges fruit on a stand with his many tentacles.)

Tony: Hey, fellas!

Mike: (Italian accent) Hey, Tony! Hey, hey, hey! Tony! Pow-pow-pow-pow-pow!

Sulley: Tony! Bada-bing!

Tony: (chuckling) I hear somebody's close to breaking the all-time scare record.

Sulley: Aw, just trying to make sure there's enough scream to go around.

(Tony tosses Mike and Sulley two pieces of fruit.)

Tony: Hey! On the house.

Mike: Hey, thanks!

Sulley: Grazie!

Mike: Bada-bing! Follow me!

(Mike and Sulley pass Blobby who suddenly oozes through a grate and into the sewer below, leaving only eyes and teeth a top the grate.)

Blobby: Oh, great.

(Later at the Monstropolis cross-walk, Mike and Sulley wait to cross next to a giant monster, Ted. Because of his height, we only see Ted's massive legs.)

Sulley: (yelling up to Ted) Hey, Ted! Good morning!

(Ted answers. The traffic sign changes from "DON'T STALK" to "STALK", replacing the red hand and the green monster walking. Mike, Sulley and Ted cross.)

Sulley: See that, Mikey? Ted's walking to work.

Mike: Big deal. Guy takes five steps and he's there.

(The camera pans to the billboard advertising Monsters, Inc.)

Scene 4: Monsters, Inc.

(The Monsters Incorporated parking lot fills with cars as workers stream into the enormous building. In the lobby, various monster employees greet Mike and Sulley as they enter.)

Ricky: Morning, Sulley!

Sulley: Morning, Ricky!

Jerry: Hey, it's the Sullster!

Sulley: See you on the scare floor, buddy!

Mike: Hey, Marge! How was jury duty?

Employee #1: Morning, Sulley!

Employee #2: How're you doing, big guy?

Sulley: 'Ey!

(Twelve scarer of the month photographs -- all of Sulley -- hang on a wall. Two geeky monsters, Needleman and Smitty, straighten one of them.)

Needleman: Hey! It's still leaning to the left!

Smitty: It is not!

Sulley: Hey, fellas! Hey, Jerry!

Jerry: (o.s.) Morning!

(The geeks hear Sulley's voice and run up to him.)

Needleman: Hey, Mr. Sullivan!

Sulley: Guys, I told you, call me Sulley.

(The geeks laugh like school girls.)

Smitty: I don't think so.

Needleman: We just wanted to wish you good luck today.

Mike: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Come on, get lost, you two. You're making him lose his focus.

Needleman: (worried) Oh, sorry.

Sulley: See you later, fellas.

(Sulley heads off with Mike.)

Smitty: (calling after) Go get 'em, Mr. Sullivan!

Needleman: Quiet! You'll make him lose his focus.

Smitty: Oh, no. (calling after again) Sorry!

Needleman: Shut up!

(At the reception desk, Celia Mae is answering phone calls.)

Celia: Monsters, Inc., please hold. Monsters, Inc., I'll connect you. Ms. Fearmonger is on vacation, would you like her voicemail?

(Mike and Sulley approach the desk.)

Mike: Oh, Schmoopsie-Poo?

(Celia turns with a big, bright smile. So do a collection of snakes, which we now realize make up Celia's hair.)

Celia: Googly Bear!

(Her snakes sigh contentedly.)

Mike: Happy birthday.

Celia: Oh, Googly-Woogly, you remembered!

(Celia leans forward and gently rubs Mike's head. They're nauseatingly cute together.)

Celia: (to Sulley) Hey, Sulley-Wulley.

Sulley: (uncomfortable) Oh, hey, Celia... Welia. (clears throat) Happy birthday.

Celia: Thanks. (to Mike) So, uh, are we going anywhere special tonight?

Mike: I just got us into a little place called, um... "Harryhausen's."

Celia: (gasps) Harryhausen's?! But it's impossible to get a reservation there.

Mike: Not for Googly Bear.

(Celia giggles. So do the snakes.)

Mike: I will see you at quittin' time and not a minute later.

Celia: Okay, sweetheart.

Mike: Think romantical thoughts. (singing and dancing out of the lobby) ♪ You and me, me and you, both of us together! ♪

Scene 5: Randall Boggs

(In the locker room, Mike opens his locker door and grabs a giant, clear bowl.)

Mike: You know, pal, she's the one. That's it. She is the one!

Sulley: I'm happy for you.

Mike: Oh, and, uh, thanks for hooking me up with those reservations.

(Mike puts the giant bowl -- his contact lens -- into his eye.)

Sulley: Oh, no problem. They're under the name "Googly Bear."

Mike: Oh, good id- (catching the joke) You know, that wasn't very funny.

(Mike's locker suddenly slams by itself. Confused, Mike opens it. It slams shut again.)

Mike: (confused) What the...?

(A purple chameleon-like monster named Randall Boggs, uncamouflages and jumps out at Mike.)

Randall: WAZOWSKI!

Mike: Ahhhhh!

(Mike flies backwards, tripping over the bench.)

Randall: (laughs) What do you know? It scares little kids and little monsters.

Mike: I wasn't scared, I have... allergies. (fakes a cough)

Randall: Uh-huh, sure.

Sulley: Hey, Randall. Save it for the scare floor, will you?

(Randall performs a series of martial art moves.)

Randall: I'm in the zone today, Sullivan. I'm going to be doing some serious scaring, putting up some big numbers.

Mike: Wow, Randall, that's great. That should make it even more humiliating when we break the record first. Ha-ha!

Randall: Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. Do you hear that?

(Randall pauses for a dramatic effect.)

Randall: It's the winds of change.

(Randall exits. Mike watches him go, smoldering.)

Mike: (mocking) "You hear that? You hear the winds of cha--?" (stops mocking) What a creep. One of these days, I am really... gonna let you teach that guy a lesson.

Scene 6: The Scare Floor

(In the M.I. hallway, a slug monster named Chalooby mops up a puddle of green slime. He exits, leaving a trail of more slime. Mike walks in.)

Mike: Chalooby. Baby.

(Roz is reading a newspaper.)

Mike: Good morning, Roz, my succulent little garden snail. And who would we be scaring today?

(Mike reaches for paperwork on the desk, but Roz's wet hand lands on it first. She's a slug-like monster with horn-rimmed glasses.)

Roz: (sternly) Wazowski! You didn't file your paperwork last night.

Mike: (coy) Oh, that darn paperwork! Wouldn't it be easier if it all just blew away?

(Roz leans forward in her chair threateningly.)

Roz: Don't let it happen again.

Mike: Yes, well, uh, I'll try to be less careless.

(Mike grabs the paperwork and shuffles away.)

Roz: (calling after Mike) I'm watching you, Wazowski. Always watching. Always.

Mike: (to self) Ooh, she's nuts.

(Mike walks onto the Scare Floor, already bustling with activity)

Celia: (o.s., over paging system) All scare floors are now active. Assistants, please report to your stations.

(Mike fits an empty can onto his door station. Mike swipes a card-key from a child's folder, and slides it through a slot on the station. A child's closet door rides out into the Scare Floor on an overhead track. Several assistants follow suit. Doors ride out of the vault and land in stations. A Jumbo-tron screen displaying the MI logo switches over to a map. The eastern portion of the United States is illuminated as Jerry Slugsworth steps up.)

Jerry: Okay, people, Eastern Seaboard coming online. We got scarers coming out!

(The assistants run to their stations and stand at attention. The scarers stride onto the Scare Floor in slow motion. These are the best of the best; the top Scarers, ready for action. Smitty and Needleman, two geeky teenage janitors stand in awe on the sidelines.)

Needleman: Oh, they're so awesome!

(The Scarers stop opposite their doors. Their assistants approach them and make last minute preparations. Sulley cracks his knuckles and shakes to keep it loose. Pete "Claws" Ward flips out his retractable claws like switchables. Bob "Dentures" Peterson is handed a set of false teeth. He slides the chompers into place and snarls. Randall practices camouflaging by blending into various background patterns: wood, brick, wallpaper. His nerdy assistant Fungus alternates the patterns. Augustus "Spike" Jones puts a tentacle in his mouth and blows. Spikes pop out of his skin. Ricky Plesuski opens his mouth to reveal a giant set of spiked teeth. His assistant brushes them. Ted Pauley grabs a handful of eyeballs from his assistant and squishes them into his face. One of the eyeballs falls off Ted's face, and his assistant puts it back on. The Jumbo-tron now shows everyone's scare totals. Sulley is at the top, with Randall in second place.)

Sulley: (with hand outstretched) Hey, may the best monster win.

Randall: (turning away) I plan to.

(Jerry begins the countdown.)

Jerry: We are on in seven, six,

(Mike hits a button on his keypad. The red light above his door lights up. Other assistants do the same.)

Jerry: five, four, three, two...

(Jerry silently indicates "one" with his hand. A sign light above the Scare Floor changes from "STANDBY" to "SCARE", replacing the red monster to a green monster. The scaring begins. A horn sounds, and each scarer rushes up to their door. Sulley disappears through the door.)

Mike: You're the boss, you're the boss, you're the big hairy boss.

(Randall and the other monsters follow suit. Screams are heard from Sulley's inside door. Sulley exits and checks his new scare totals on the jumbo-tron.)

Sulley: Oh, I'm feeling good today, Mikey!

Mike: Whoa! Attaboy. Attaboy. Another door comin' right up.

(A scream comes from another door. Randall emerges to watch his tally go up, but only slightly. Randall's assistant Fungus scratches his head.)

Fungus: Hmm, you're still behind, Randall. You know, maybe I should re-align the scream intake valve...?

Randall: Just get me another door!

Fungus: Aah! A door! Yes! Door! (runs off)

(The monsters work fast and furious. Children's screams are heard everywhere, filling the cans. Mr. Waternoose walks up besides Jerry.)

Mr. Waternoose: (expecting the worse) Well, Jerry, what's the damage so far?

Jerry: We may actually make our quota today, sir.

Mr. Waternoose: Hmm. First time in a month.

(A scream can gurgles as it registers empty. Rock music pounds as the door opens and Claws scrambles out of the room, sobbing pathetically.)

Claws' assistant: What happened?

Claws: The kid almost touched me! She got this close to me!

Claws' assistant: She wasn't scared of you??! (looks through paperwork) She was only six!

Claws: I could've been dead! I could've DIED!!!!

(Claws' assistant slaps him across the face.)

Claws' assistant: Keep it together, man! (whistles for help) Hey, we got a dead door over here!

(Needleman and Smitty come running, wheeling a portable door shredder.)

Needleman: We're coming! Look out!

Smitty: Out of the way! Excuse us.

Needleman: Coming through.

(Needleman tapes a yellow "X" across the door.)

Jerry: (to Mr. Waternoose) We've lost fifty-eight doors this week, sir.

Mr. Waternoose: Oh, kids these days. They just don't get scared like they used to.

(Needleman and Smitty load the defunct door into the shredder.)

Needleman: Let 'er rip!

(The door shreds with a buzz, spewing out sawdust and leaving only two door knobs. A octopus-like monster named Josh Rivera runs toward a door with his tentacles flying.)

Josh Rivera: Bugabugabuga!

(Randall emerges from another door. He's working hard.)

Fungus: (nervous) Uh, sir?

Randall: What?!

Fungus: L-look!

(Fungus points to the tally board. Randall's name replaces Sulley's as number one.)

Celia: (o.s., over P.A. system) Attention. We have a new scare leader, Randall Boggs.

(Charlie, Waxford and Frank gather around Randall, congratulating him.)

Charlie, Waxford and Frank: Nice job! You took the lead! You did it! Look at those numbers!

(Multiple screams draw the attention of the admirers. In seconds, Mike deftly fills can after can with scream. Sulley emerges from the door and cracks his knuckles.)

Sulley: Slumber party.

(The tally board updates; Sulley's back in first place.)

Celia: (o.s., over P.A. system) Never mind.

(Charlie, Waxford and Frank push past Randall as they rush to Sulley.)

Randall: (being jolted) Hey, watch it!

Charlie, Waxford and Frank: That was awesome! How did you do that? You're going to the hall of fame for sure!

(Sulley gives his fans a high five as Mr. Waternoose approaches.)

Mr. Waternoose: Well, James, that was an impressive display.

Sulley: Oh, just doing my job, Mr. Waternoose. Of course, I did learn from the best.

(Mr. Waternoose and Sulley both chuckle. Randall watches angrily. Fungus stands next to him.)

Randall: If I don't see a new door in my station in five seconds, I will personally put you THROUGH THE SHREDDER!!!

Fungus: Aaaaah! (runs off)

Scene 7: 23-19!

(Charlie, the assistant at the next station, turns to Mike.)

Charlie: Hey, Wazowski, nice job. Those numbers are pretty sweet.

Mike: (false modesty) Are they? You know, I hadn't even noticed. And, uh, how's Georgie doing?

Charlie: He's doing great! I love working with that big guy.

(Charlie's door opens, and a goofy-looking furry monster named George Sanderson emerges.)

George: Keep the doors comin', Charlie. I'm on a roll today.

Charlie: (to Mike) George and I are like brothers. (he spots a child's sock on George's back.) (gasps) 23-19!! WE HAVE A 23-19!!!!

(Jerry hits a human child emergency button. A siren blares. The Jumbo-tron reads "WARNING: CONTAMINATION ALERT", replacing the yellow circle with a black child inside.)

Computer voice: (over P.A.) Red alert! Red alert! Red alert! Red alert! Red alert!

(George looks around, confused. On the Jumbo-tron behind him is a security cam view of George's back, showing the sock.)

Computer voice: (over P.A.) George Sanderson, please remain motionless. Prepare for decontamination.

(George realizing he caused the alarms, and he tries frantically to remove the sock.)

George: Get it off! Get it off!

Jerry: Duck and cover, people!

(Yellow-suited figures known as the CDA rappel through the windows from the ceiling overhead.)

Mr. Waternoose: Oh, not the CDA.

(Outside of Monsters, Inc., helicopters hover over the factory as large black trucks squeal into the parking lot. On the sides of the trucks is printed: CDA - CHILD DETECTION AGENCY. More CDA agents burst out of the truck and run toward the factory. Roz closes her desk window as CDA agents run by.)

CDA agent #1: Move, move, move! Coming through, please. Stand aside.

CDA agent #2: Please clear the contaminated area.

(The Scare Floor is now filled with CDA agents. One points a child detector at Needleman and Smitty.)

Needleman and Smitty: Aaaaah!

CDA agent #3: This is a 23-19 in progress.

CDA agent #4: Keep the area clear.

CDA agent #5: Coming through. Watch yourself.

(CDA agents run up to George and tackle him to the ground. Using tongs, they gently remove the sock from his back.)

CDA agent: Stand back. Careful.

(They place the sock on the floor. A metal dome is bolted over the sock. A CDA agent presses a button. Mr. Waternoose and the workers cover their eyes. Mike gasps as a blinding flash emerges from under the metal device. Agents unbolt the dome and vacuum up the charred remains of the sock.)

CDA agent #1: All clear. Situation is niner-niner-zero. Ready for decon.

George: (to CDA agents) Hey, thanks, guys, that was a close one.

CDA agent #2: (to other agents) Okay.

(A circular shower curtain flies up around George. A yellow hand reaches in with a huge electric razor. George's fur flies up over the curtain.)

George: Ahhhhh!

(A small shower head pops up, spraying disinfectant.)

George: Eiieeee!

(The curtain flies open. George is entirely shaved, wearing an Elizabethan dog collar. A band-aid covers the area "contaminated" by the sock. An agent rips the band-aid off.)

George: Ahhhhh!!

(A sign on the wall reading "DAYS SINCE LAST ACCIDENT" flips from 47 to 0.)

Jerry: Okay, people, take a break! We gotta shut down for a half-hour and reset the system.

(Mr. Waternoose and Sulley watch as CDA agents file off the scare floor.)

Mr. Waternoose: An entire scare floor out of commission. What else could go wrong?

(Mr. Waternoose and Sulley approach the coffee machine. Mr. Waternoose pours himself a cup of the thick gooey liquid.)

Mr. Waternoose: Oh, what a day.

Sulley: We're just going through a rough time, sir. Everyone knows you gonna get us through it.

Mr. Waternoose: Tell that to the board of directors. (He drinks the liquid.) James, this company has been in my family for three generations. I would do anything to keep it from going under.

Sulley: So would I, sir.

(Mr. Waternoose is suddenly struck with an idea.)

Mr. Waternoose: Say, I could use your help with something.

Sulley: Anything, sir.

Mr. Waternoose: You see, we hired some new scare recruits, and frankly they're... They're... Uh...

Sulley: Inexperienced?

Mr. Waternoose: They stink.

Sulley: Uh-huh.

Mr. Waternoose: I thought maybe you might come by tomorrow and give them a demonstration, show them what it takes to be a top scarer. Huh?

Sulley: (grinning) I'll start out with the old Waternoose Jump-and-Growl.

(Sulley demonstrates the "old Waternoose jump and growl". Mr. Waternoose is so startled that he drops his coffee cup.)

Mr. Waternoose: Aaah! (amused) Ha-ha! Oh, yes. Now, that's my boy.

(Mr. Waternoose pats Sulley on the shoulder. They laugh.)

Scene 8: End of the Day

(The sun sets over Monsters, Inc. A bell rings as the factory winds down. The "SCARE" light is turned off, and tired scarers emerge from doors.)

Jerry: (o.s.) Let's go, everybody. All doors must be returned. No exceptions!

(All doors are ejected and return to the vault.)

Mike: Whoo! I've never seen anything like you today! You were on a roll, my man!

Sulley: Another day like this, and that scare record's in the bag!

Mike: That's right, baby!

Sulley: Uh-huh.

(The overhead lights turn off as everyone leaves for the day. Mike and Sulley are at their lockers.)

Mike: So, get this. As if dinner wasn't enough, I'm taking her to a monster truck rally afterwards.

Sulley: Nice.

Mike: What's on your agenda?

Sulley: I'm going to head home and work out some more.

Mike: Again? You know, there's more to life than scaring.

(Mike sniffs under his arm.)

Mike: Whew! Hey, can I borrow your odorant?

Sulley: Yeah, I got, uh, Smelly Garbage, or Old Dumpster.

Mike: You got, uh, Low Tide?

Sulley: No.

Mike: How about Wet Dog?

Sulley: Yup. Stink it up.

(Sulley tosses Mike the can of "odorant". Mike and Sulley walk down a crowded hallway.)

Mike: You know, I am so romantic, sometimes I think I should just marry myself!

Sulley: Give me a break, Mike...

Mike: What a night of romance I got ahead of me! Tonight is about me, and...

(Mike spots Celia tidying up her desk.)

Mike: (love-struck) Celia! Ooh, the love boat is about to set sail! (imitates boat horn, then, to Sulley) 'Cause I gotta tell ya, buddy, that face of hers, it just makes my heart go...

(As Mike turns back to Celia, he is surprised to instead see Roz.)

Mike: YIKES!!!

Roz: (sternly) Hello, Wazowski. Fun filled evening planned for tonight?

Mike: Well, as a matter of fact--

Roz: And I'm sure you filed your paperwork correctly... for once!

(Mike freezes.)

Roz: Your stunned silence is very reassuring.

(Roz slithers away.)

Mike: (to Sulley) Oh, no, my scare reports! I left them on my desk! If I'm not at the restaurant in five minutes, they're going to give our table away, what am I gonna tell--?!

(Celia leaps in and squeezes Mike's cheek.)

Mike: Schmoopsie-Poo.

Celia: Hey, Googly Bear, wanna get going?

Mike: Uh, do I ever. It's just that... Uh, you know it's...

Celia: What?

Mike: There's a small...

Celia: I don't understand.

Mike: It's just that--

Sulley: It's just I forgot about some paperwork I was supposed to file. Mike was reminding me; thanks, buddy. Whew!

Mike: I was? I mean, I was! Yeah, I was.

Celia: Oh. Okay, let's go then.

Mike: We're going! (whispers to Sulley) On my desk, Sulley. The pink copies go to accounting, the fuchsia ones to purchasing, and the goldenrod ones go to Roz.

(Celia grabs Mike and pulls him away. Mike leans back.)

Mike: Leave the puce!

Scene 9: Meet Boo

(The floor is dark and empty as Sulley walks to Mike's desk.)

Sulley: (to himself) So the pink copies goes to accounting, the fuchsia ones go to Roz. No, the fuchsia ones go to purchasing, and the goldenrod ones go to Roz. Man, I have no idea what puce is...

(Sulley picks up the reddish-brown paperwork files and shuffles through it.)

Sulley: Oh, that's puce.

(Sulley sees a lone door in a station. The door is white, and it has five flowers on it.)

Sulley: Uh, hello? Anyone? There's a door here. Hmmm.

(Sulley walks to the door. He's about to eject it when he notices that the light above the station is illuminated. It's active. Cautiously, he opens the door. Sulley peeks into the room.)

Sulley: (stage whisper) Hello? Hey. Psst. Anybody scaring in here? Hello? Yo.

(Nothing but crickets. Sulley shrugs and shuts the door. Sulley steps away from the door, examining it curiously.)

Sulley: Hmmm.

(Suddenly, there is a thump noise behind him. Sulley freezes. He turns around to see his tail being dropped by a human girl named Boo.)

Mary: Lookit.

(Sulley screams, falling over backward. Boo looks up at Sulley and smiles. Sulley tries to get away, but Boo grabs his tail. Panicked, Sulley picks her up with a pair of tongs and places her back in her room, closes the door and spins around... Only to discover that she's standing before him again. Sulley yells. Mary squeals with delight. He picks her up and carries her deep inside the room. Sulley deposits Boo on top of her bed. She giggles. Sulley runs out, but gets caught in a hanging mobile.)

Sulley: Oh!

(He falls, trips over a laundry basket, slips on a rug, and is ejected out of Boo's room. Sulley slides out of the room, covered in toys and junk from Boo's room. Suddenly, from the utility hallway, he hears a noise. Sulley scrambles to his feet and takes off. As he runs, a line of toy duckies caught on his tail quack along after him. Randall enters, wheeling a cart of scream cans towards the door. Sulley rushes to the toilets, stuffs Mary's junk into the bowl, and flushes it down.)

Sulley: Ahhhh...

(A second later it all comes back up, overflowing the toilet.)

Sulley: Aaah!

(Sulley runs to the locker room. He spots an open locker and stuffs the sopping kid stuff in. He closes the locker.)

Sulley: Whew.

(Relieved, Sulley turns and walks away. On his back, clinging to his fur, is Mary. Sulley rounds the locker bank and disappears from view. For a moment, all is quiet. One second later:)

Sulley: Aaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!

(Sulley runs back past the lockers, panic-stricken. Boo chases him.)

Boo: Kitty!

(Sulley cowers on a bench, backed into a corner of the room. Boo stands in front of him waving her arms. To Sulley, she is like a diseased rat.)

Sulley: No, no, stay back.

(Boo is distracted, playing with a hardhat. Sulley finds an M.I. gym bag, scoops her up, and zips it closed. Holding the bag at arms length, he runs out of the room. Sulley runs to Boo's door, ready to toss Boo back in. As he reaches to open it, the knob rattles. Sulley's standing in the middle of the Scare Floor. He's thinking of a place to hide. Randall emerges from the door, confused.)

Randall: Hmmm.

(Randall ejects the door. As Randall walks away, the door rises, revealing Sulley hidden behind it. Boo wiggles inside the bag and makes a peep.)

Mary: Ahhh!

(Randall stops. He sneezes and continues on. As Randall exits the floor, Sulley watches as Boo's door disappears into the vault, and with it all hope of getting rid of Mary. Sulley grabs the gym bag and runs towards the exit.)

Scene 10: Harryhausen's Chaos

(CHOP! A cleaver chops through a piece of raw monster fish. This is Harry Hausens, a top Monstropolis eatery. A multi-tentacled monster sushi chef prepares elegant meals as waiters waltz by with Sushi. When new customers enter the restaurant, the waiters all yell.)

Waiters: いらっしゃいませ! ("Irasshaimase!" - meaning "Welcome!")

(Mike and Celia are seated in a romantic booth, laughing.)

Celia: Oh, Michael! I've had a lot of birthday - well, not a lot of birthdays, but this is the best birthday ever.

(Mike gazes dreamily at Celia. She grows self-conscious.)

Celia: What are you looking at?

Mike: Oh, I was just thinking about the first time I laid an eye on you, how pretty you looked.

Celia: (embarrassed) Stop it.

Mike: Your hair was shorter then.

Celia: Mm-hmm. I'm thinking about getting it cut.

(The snakes look panicked.)

Mike: No, no, I like it this length.

(The snakes sigh in relief.)

Mike: I like everything about you. Just the other day, someone asked me who I thought the most beautiful monster was in all of Monstropolis, and you know what I said?

Celia: (coy) What did you say?

Mike: I said....

(Behind Celia, Sulley presses his face up to the window.)

Mike: Sulley?

Celia: Sulley?!

(Befuddled, Mikes looks to the window. Sulley is gone.)

Mike: No! No, no! That's not what I was going to say! I mean, well, sure, he's handsome, if you like the big guy, he's rugged.

Celia: Mike, you're not making sense.

Sushi Chefs: (o.s.) いらっしゃいませ!

(Sulley appears at the table and sits down.)

Sulley: Hi, guys! What a coincidence, running into you here!

(Sulley awkwardly squeezes into the booth next to Mike, setting the gym bag under the table.)

Sulley: Uh, I'm just going to order something to go.

Celia: (annoyed) Michael...

Mike: (through gritted teeth) Sulley...!!!

(Sulley grabs a menu and whips it in front of his and Mike's faces.)

Sulley: I wonder what's good here. Hmmm.

Mike: Get out of here! You're ruining everything!

Sulley: I went back to get your paperwork and there was a door.

Mike: What??!!!

(Mike peeks around the menu, grins awkwardly at Celia, then ducks back behind. Celia's starting to steam. Her snakes rattle in annoyance.)

Mike: A door?!!?

Sulley: (nodding) Randall was in it!

Mike: Wait a minute? Randall? (putting it together) That cheater! He's trying to boost his numbers.

Sulley: There's something else.

Mike: What?!!

Sulley: Ooklay in the ag-bay.

Mike: WHAT??!!

Sulley: Look in the bag.

(Sulley motions to the floor. Mike ducks under the table, but there's nothing there.)

Mike: What bag?

(Sulley looks around frantically for the bag. Mike sees something that make his eye go wide. Sulley sees it too: The MI duffle bag is now giggling and hobbling away on little human kid-feet that poke out from the bottom of the bag.)

Sulley: WOAHHH!! They don't have anything I like here, so take care, Celia!

(Sulley charges toward the bag, stumbling into a waiter.)

Celia: Michael, what's going on?

Mike: Celia!?? Please try to understand!

(As Mike explains, he sees the bag tossed aside, revealing Mary.)

Mike: I have to... (he dashes off.) DO SOMETHING!!!

Celia: Michael?

(A monster photographer is about to take a picture of a happy monster couple.)

Photographer: (o.s.) Look happy. Okay, on three. One, two...

(The posing couple sees Boo pop up over the photographer's shoulder. They scream. The photographer looks up and sees Mary.)

Photographer: AAAAAAHHHH!!!!!! A KID!!!

(The photographer's flash goes off, as the kid jumps onto the counter. Everyone in the restaurant turns towards Mary.)

Boo: (to the restaurant) Boo!

(Chaos ensues. Patrons scramble out the door, screaming.)

Nick Schmidt: A kid!!!

(The sushi chef grabs a phone and dials.)

Sushi Chef: There's a kid here! A human kid!!!!

(Mary runs carefree through the chaos in the restaurant, babbling. Mike runs headlong into a pile of take-away boxes. Celia is caught up in the stampede of fleeing patrons.)

Celia: (calling out) Googly Bear!!!!!

(Sulley tries to grab Boo, but she playfully evades his outstretched arms.)

Sulley: Come on! Oh! Heh!

(Mike dashes in with a take-away box, which he uses to delicately scoop her up. Boo pops her head out of the take-away box and sticks out her tongue at Sulley.)

Mary: Pthbthbtht!

(Sulley hesitantly pushes her head down into the box and shuts the lid.)

Sulley: Come on!!!

(Sulley and Mike run out of the restaurant, leaving the MI gym bag behind. Then they exit as patrons scramble.)

Mike: Let's get out of here!

(The CDA arrives in helicopters and vans.)

CDA Agent #1: Please remain calm. This is not a drill.

CDA Agent #2: We have an 7835 in progress. Please advise.

CDA Agent #3: Stand clear please.

(Monsters run amok, screaming. Celia calls after Mike.)

Celia: Michael? Michael!

(Mike spins around.)

Mike: Celia!

(A CDA Agent steps in front of Celia and herds her away.)

CDA Agent: Please come with me.

Celia: Ow, stop pushing!

(Mike starts towards her.)

Mike: Hey! Get your hands off my Schmoopsie-Poo!

(Sulley grabs Mike and yanks him away.)

CDA Agent: Building clear. Ready for decontamination.

(Sulley and Mike run down the alley.)

Mike: Well, I don't think that date could have gone any worse!

(BLAM!!! Behind them a giant green plasma dome envelopes the restaurant and glows ominously. Things just got worse.)

Scene 11: Back in the Apartment

(The same image of the restaurant becomes part of a news report, with the word, "KID-TASTROPHE!" superimposed over it, replacing the black circle with a yellow child inside. A newscaster talks to the camera.)

Newscaster: If witnesses are to be believed, there has been a child security breach for the first time in monster history.

(A CDA agent stands in front of the apartment buildings. A microphone is thrust in his face.)

CDA Agent: We can neither confirm nor deny the presence of a human child here tonight.

(With chaos behind them, panicked Monsters speaks into camera.)

Nick Schmidt: Well, a kid flew right over me and blasted a car with its laser vision.

Interviewee #1: I tried to run from it, but it picked me up with its mind powers and shook me like a doll.

(A monster with dozens of eyes steps forward to corroborate)

Interviewee #2: It's true! I saw the whole thing!

(A scientist sits next to the anchor)

Scientist: It is my professional opinion that now is the time to PANIC!!!

(CRASH! Mike and Sulley's TV smashes to the floor. Boo's head peeks out over the set.)

Boo: (cheery) Uh-oh...!

(Sulley and Mike wear colanders, snorkel masks, and oven mitts for protection. They see Mary and scream, scrambling behind a chair for protection.)

Mike: Oh, it's coming! It's coming!

Mary: Boo!

Sulley and Mike: AAAH!

(Sulley and Mike flee over to the window. Outside, helicopters scan the area. Hurriedly Mike and Sulley yank the shades closed. Boo totters towards them, babbling. Mike and Sulley retreat in fear.)

Sulley and Mike: Aaaaaaah!

(Mary opens the window shade, standing in full view of the helicopters outside.)

Mike: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! Come here, kid!

(Mike scoots her out of view using a broom, then sprays the area with disinfectant. Meanwhile Mary has discovered Mike's CD collection, neatly arranged in two stacks.)

Mike: No, don't touch those, you little--!

(The stacks come crashing down.)

Mike: Oh, now those were alphabetized!! It's okay, it's all right. As long as it doesn't come near us, we're going to be okay.

(Boo sneezes directly in Mike's eye.)

Mike: AAH!!

(Mike freaks, accidentally spraying disinfectant squarely into his own eye!)


(Now Boo approaches Sulley. Whimpering, he protects himself with a garbage can lid. Mary points to a one eyed teddy bear, out of her reach.)

Sulley: Oh, you like this? Fetch!!!

(Sulley tosses the bear across the room. Boo runs after it. She picks up the bear and hugs it. Mike gasps. This has gone too far.)

Mike: Hey, hey, that's it! No one touches Little Mikey.

(Mike angrily swipes the bear out of Boo's hands. Stunned, her face begins to redden, and her eyes well up with tears.)

Sulley: Mike, give her the bear.

Mike: Oh, no...

(Boo screams at the top of her lungs. Sulley and Mike cover their ears. The lights in the apartment surge. From outside, the apartment lights pulse brightly, creating a beacon for the helicopters. The circling helicopters head towards them. Mike and Sulley panic. Mike drops the bear and runs to the window, pulling the shade shut.)

Mike: Make it stop, Sulley! Make it stop!!!

(Boo continues to wail. Desperate, Sulley offers her the bear.)

Sulley: Here! Look! See the bear? Ooh, nice bear!

(It's not working -- she continues to cry. The helicopters are getting closer.)

Mike: Sulley...!!!

(Desperate, Sulley begins to dance with the bear; anything to get her to stop crying.)

Sulley: See? Ooh, bear, ooh! ♪ Oh, he's a happy bear. ♪ He's not crying, neither should you ♪ Or we'll be in trouble ♪ 'Cause they're gonna find us ♪ So please stop crying right now ♪

(Boo stops crying. The lights return to normal levels.)

Mike: Good! Good, Sulley! Keep it up! You're doing great!

(The helicopters turn around and begin to fly away.)

Sulley: ♪ Ooh, ah, the happy bear, he has no... ♪

(Boo reaches for the bear, accidentally touching Sulley's hand. He screams.)

Sulley: Bwaaaaah! Yaah! Oh, she touched me!! It touched me! Aaaah!

(Sulley's yelling frightens the kid, who starts crying again. The lights surge. Mike runs toward Sulley, reaching for the bear.)

Mike: Sulley, the bear!!! The bear!! Give her the...!!!!

(Mike trips on a lamp and flies across the floor.)

Mike: Whoahhhhh!!!!

(Mike rolls into a garbage can and bumps into a shelf, sending a stack of books into his mouth. A hanging stereo speaker lands on his head.)

Mike: Oof!

(Boo thinks this is hilarious and begins laughing. The lights in the apartment glow even brighter than before. The region lit up by the laugh's power radiates outwards from Mike and Sulley's window. In a moment all the apartment windows are glowing brightly. The lights flare to a white hot brightness, and then POP! The laughter subsides, and all is dark.)

Sulley: What was that?!

(Mike is still wedged inside the garbage can.)

Mike: I have no idea. But it would be really great if it didn't do it again.

(Boo giggles again)

Sulley: Shhhh!

Boo: Shhhh.

Sulley: Shhhh!!!

Boo: Shhhh.

(She smiles)

Scene 12: Bedtime for Boo

(The room is lit by candlelight. Boo sits at one end of the room coloring while at the other end Mike and Sulley hunker behind a chair, tossing her pieces of cereal.)

Sulley: How could I do this? How could I be so stupid? This could destroy the company.

Mike: The company? Who cares about the company? What about us?! That thing is a KILLING MACHINE!

(Boo spins around in a circle, getting dizzy)

Mary: La la la la la la la la…

Mike: I bet it's just waiting for us to fall asleep, and then, WHAM!! Oh, we're easy prey, my friend, easy prey! We're sitting targets!

(She falls over. Mike holds up a piece of paper.)

Mike: Okay, look, I think I have a plan here. Using mainly spoons, we dig a tunnel under the city and release it into the wild.

(Sulley stares in disbelief.)

Sulley: Spoons.

(Mike crumples up the piece of paper, and tosses it onto a large existing pile of crumpled plans.)

Mike: That's it. I'm out of ideas. We're closed. Hot air balloon? Too expensive. Giant slingshot? Too conspicuous. Enormous wooden horse? Too Greek!

(Mary holds up a drawing.)

Mary: Looka dooko teeko peeka!

(Sulley can't quite believe his eyes. The drawing is crude, but its unmistakenly a picture of Sulley and Mary holding hands.)

Mike: No plan... no plan... can't think... can't think. Flat-lining...flat-lining...

(Mary yawns.)

Sulley: Uh, Mike, I think she's getting tired.

Mike: Well, then why don't you find some place for it to sleep (suddenly angry) while I think of a plan?!

(Sulley speaks to Mary as though one might talk to a dog.)

Sulley: Are you sleepy? You wanna sleep? Is that what you want? Huh?

(She blinks sleepily. Sulley leads a trail of cereal pieces into his room, and Mary eats them. He puts some of the pieces on a newspaper as a little area for Mary to sleep, but she sticks with sleeping in Sulley's bed.)

Sulley: Okay, all right, making a nice little area for you to-- (Sulley hears a giggle. He turns around to find Mary in his bed.) No, hey, hey, that's my bed. You're going to get your germs all over it.

(Mary snuggles into the covers.)

Sulley: (sighs) Fine. My chair is more comfortable, anyway.

(Sulley starts to walk out, but the kid whines anxiously.)

Sulley: What?

(She's pointing to the closet, mumbling.)

Sulley: It's just a closet. Will you go to sleep?

(Mary holds up one of her drawings.)

Sulley: Hey, that looks like Randall. Randall's your monster. You think he's gonna come through the closet and scare you. Oh, boy, how do I explain this? Uh, it's empty. See?

(Sulley opens the closet. Mary pulls covers over her head.)

Sulley: No monster in here. (he steps inside.) Well, now there is. But I'm not gonna scare you. I'm off duty. (he steps out.)

(Mary looks into the closet intently. His little demp hasn't quite done the trick; she's still afraid.)

Sulley: Okay, how 'bout I sit here until you fall asleep?

(Sulley closes the door and sits in front of the closet. Mary stares back at him, wide awake.)

Sulley: Go ahead. Go to sleep. Hmm-hmm. Now. Now, go.

(She's not getting it. Sulley tries to mime his words.)

Sulley: Uh, you... go... to... sleep! (snore!)

(She giggles for a moment, then passes out. Sulley breathes a sigh of relief. He watches Mary sleep, a tiny figure in his giant bed. Funny, she doesn't look dangerous. Sulley quietly walks out of the room, shutting the door behind him. In the living room, Mike is in deep thought.)

Sulley: Hey, Mike, this might sound crazy, but I don't think that kid's dangerous.

Mike: Really? Well, in that case, let's keep it. I always wanted a pet THAT COULD KILL ME!!!

Sulley: Now, look, what if we just put her back in her door?

Mike: What?

Sulley: Mike, think about it. If we send her back, it's like it never happened. Everything goes back to normal.

Mike: Is that a joke? Tell me you're joking.

(Sulley isn't kidding.)

Mike: Sulley, I'd like to think that given the circumstances, I have been extremely forgiving up 'til now, but that is a horrible idea! What are we gonna do, march right out into public with that thing? Then I guess we just waltz right up to the factory, right?

(As Sulley listens to Mike, his eyes are drawn to the purple fabric of his reclining chair.)

Scene 13: Sneaking Mary In

(The purple fabric of Sulley's chair has now been reconstructed into a makeshift monster costume.)

Mike: I can't believe we are waltzing right up to the factory! Sulley, a mop, a couple of lights, and some chair fabric are not gonna fool anyone. Just think about a few names, will you? Loch Ness, Big Foot, The Abominable Snowman. They all got one thing in common, pal: banishment! We could be next!

Sulley: Don't panic. We can do this.

(As they approached the lobby doors, a fellow worker emerges. Sulley turns, keeping Mary hidden behind his back.)

Sulley: Hey! How you doing, Frank?

Frank: Hey, guys.

(Sulley and Mike walk through the door into Monsters Inc.)

Sulley: Everything's going to be okay.

(CDA Agents are everywhere, combing the place.)

CDA Agent #1: Number One wants this place dusted for prints.

(They inspect a garbage can.)

CDA Agent #2: Careful with that.

(They hang from the ceiling.)

CDA Agent #3: I got a good view from here.

CDA Agent #4: A little lower...

(The lead CDA agent shows the charred remains of the M.I. gym bag to Waternoose.)

Lead CDA Agent: This was recovered at the scene.

(Mike and Sulley barely dare to move.)

Sulley: Don't panic. Don't panic.

Mike: Don't tell me not to panic. Everything is not okay. It's not okay!

Sulley: Just keep it together. Stay calm.

Mary: Boo!

(Sulley and Mike turn toward the noise. Mary is waddling up to Mr. Waternoose. Mike and Sulley are panic-stricken.)

Waternoose: (to CDA) Gentlemen, safety is our number one concern. Now if there's anything that-- (Mary tugs on Waternoose's leg. He turns around, annoyed.) Not now, not now, I'm-- (seeing Mary) Oh, hello, little one. Where did you come from?

Sulley: Mr. Waternoose!

(Sulley and Mike run up.)

Waternoose: Ah, James. Is this one yours?

(Sulley quickly sweeps Mary in his arms.)

Sulley: Ah, actually, that's my uh, cousin's sister's daughter, sir.

Mike: Yeah, it's, ah, "Bring An Obscure Relative to Work Day".

Waternoose: Hmmm, must have missed the memo. Well, listen, James, why don't you stop by the simulator after lunch today and give us the scare demonstration we talked about, huh?

Sulley: Oh! Sir, uh... today might be a little--

(The lead CDA agent is anxious to get on with their work.)

CDA Agent: Excuse me, Mr. Waternoose...

Waternoose: Yes, yes, I'm coming. (to Sulley) All right, then, I'll see you this afternoon, James. That is, if these gentlemen hadn't shut us down.

(Mr. Waternoose exits with the CDA.)

Sulley: Oh, boy.

Mike: Oh, a scare demo. Well, that is great. Why am I the last to know? We can bring your cousin's sister's daughter along. She'll be a big hit.

(As they walk off, a CDA agent scans the area with a child detector. The agent points it towards the kid just as a random monster walks between them. The detector beeps.)

CDA Agents: Halt! Stop him! Hold him down!

(The CDA agents tackle the suspecting monster. Mike and Sulley look back at the melee, and scurry out.)

Scene 14: The Locker Room/Bathroom Break

(Sulley, Mike, and Mary appear cautiously from behind a row of lockers.)

Mike: Come on, the coast is clear. Okay, all we have to do is get rid of that "thing." So wait here, while I get its card key.

Sulley: But she can't stay here. This is the men's room.

(Mike stares at Sulley as if he is insane.)

Mike: That is the weirdest thing you have ever said. It's fine. It's okay. Look, it loves it here! It's dancing with joy!

(Mary is indeed dancing.)

Mike: (exiting) I'll be right back with its door key.

(Sulley looks down at Mary who is wiggling and mumbling.)

Sulley: Haha! That's a cute little dance you've got. It almost looks like you gotta--

(Mary lifts the hood of her costume. Her face is uncomfortably scrunched. Her hands (flippers) grab at her "lower region.")

Sulley: (realizing) Ohhh.

(Sulley stands waiting in front of a bathroom stall. Inside, Mary sings.)

Sulley: Uh, are you done in there?

(Sulley starts to poke the door open.)


Sulley: Aah! Sorry! Sorry.

(Sulley closes the door, embarrassed. The song continues. The singing stops. Then finally, a flush.)

Sulley: Okay, you're finished now, right? Hello?

(He rushes in as the water in the giant toilet swirls around. Surely she's gone down. He's about to jam his arm into the bowl when...)

Mary: Boo!

(Sulley spins around to find Mary standing behind him.)

Sulley: (relieved) Whew!

(Mary wears a big goofy grin that says "Gotcha!" She giggles, then scampers off to hide behind another stalls. Sulley chuckles as he walks toward her.)

Sulley: (over-selling) Where did she go? Did she disappear? Did she turn invisible? I just have no idea.

(She giggles in her stall, enjoying the game. Sulley pauses in front of her stall, then turns and opens it.)

Sulley: Gotcha!

(It's empty!)

Mary: Boo!

(She peeks out from a different stall.)

Sulley: (genuinely impressed) Hey, you're good!

Scene 15: Randall's Plot

(Mike prepares himself and walks towards Roz's station.)

Mike: Be relaxed, be relaxed, be relaxed.

(Mike approaches Roz's desk.)

Mike: Roz, my tender, oozing blossom, you're looking fabulous today. Is that a new haircut? (Roz stares back at him, expressionless.) Come on, tell me. It's a new haircut, isn't it? That's got to be a new haircut. New makeup? You had a lift? You had a tuck? You had something? Something has been inserted in you that makes you look like...

(She's unmoved.)

Mike: (sighs) Listen, I need a favor. Randall was working late last night out on the scare floor. I really need the key for the door he was using.

Roz: Well, isn't that nice? But guess what? You didn't turn in your paperwork last night.

Mike: He didn't... I mean I... no p-p-paperwork?!

Roz: This office is now closed.

(Roz slams the front panel of her desk on Mike's fingers.)


(Back in the bathroom, Sulley crawls playfully along the row of stalls.)

Sulley: Ready or not, here I come!! I'm getting warmer, any second now! FEE, FI, FOE-

(Mike enters, rubbing his sore fingers.)


Sulley: (standing) Uh, um, I'm looking for the kid.

Mike: You lost it???!!

Sulley: No, no, she was just--

(Mary runs up and latches onto Sulley's arm, whimpering.)

Sulley: Here she is. (to Mary, comforting) Hey, what's the matter?

(Mike and Sulley hear Randall approaching.)

Randall: (o.s.) Look, I already told your buddies I haven't seen anything!

CDA agent: (o.s.) All right. Carry on.

(Sulley, Mike and Mary duck into a stall and scramble atop the toilet to avoid being spotted. Randall enters the bathroom, growling. He washes his hands. Mary sees him through the crack in the door and whimpers. Sulley awkwardly does his best to comfort her. Splish! Mike's foot slips into the toilet water. Randall stops. Did he hear something?)

Fungus: (suddenly entering the room) Randall!

Randall: (startled) Aah!

Fungus: Thank goodness. What are we going to do about the child?!

Randall: Will you... shhhh!

(Randall grabs Fungus' mouth, shutting him up. Randall disappears. Fungus looks around, confused. The first stall door in the row suddenly slams open. Randall materializes. Fungus waits impatiently, pointing to the newspaper as Randall kicks open each stall door. The trio shudders in the stall, awaiting their turn. Just as Randall is about to kick open their door, Fungus pops in front of him.)

Fungus: (impatiently) THE FRONT PAGE! It's on the front page! The child! The one you were after!

Randall: Will you be quiet?! Don't you think I'm aware of the situation? I was up all night trying to find it!

Fungus: I did a simple calculation factoring in the size of the sushi restaurant. The child may have escaped!

Randall: Yeah, well, until we know for sure, we're gonna act like nothing happened, understand? You just get the machine up and running, I'll take care of the kid. And when I find whoever let it out, they're DEAD!

(Randall angrily hits the stall door. It swings open, exposing Sulley, Mike and Mary. It swings shut again.)

Randall: (to Fungus) Why are you still here? COME ON! GO! MOVE! NOW!

Fungus: (flustered) Oh! Yes! I'm going! Ow! Ow! I'm not here!

Sulley: (whispering) They're gone.

(Beat. Mike slips. From behind the stall, toilet water splashes onto the floor.)

Mary: (o.s.) Ewww.

Scene 16: The Wrong Door

(Mike and Sulley are taking Mary to the scare floor. Mike's feet are wet, and one of his feet has toilet paper on it.)

Mike: This is bad. This is so very bad.

Sulley: What were they talking about a machine?

Mike: Who cares?! Oh!

Sulley: Look, don't panic. All we have to do is call her door down and send her home.

Mike: (after getting the toilet paper off of his foot) You're right, you're right. We're just two regular Joes on our way to work. We will blend right in.

Sulley: (after hiding Mary behind his back again) Top of the morning, fellas.

Mike: Hey, what's shakin', bacon?

Sulley: Did you lose weight? Or a limb? (whispering to Mike) You have her card key, right?

Mike: (whispering to Sulley) Of course I have her card key. I told you I'd get her card key. I went and got her card key, and now I have her card key.

(He grabs a different card key by mistake, and a different number comes up.)

Mike: Okay, here we go.

Sulley: (to Mary) Take care of yourself. Try not to run through anymore closets.

(Mary plays with his mouth, and they both laugh. A brown wooden door comes down and it becomes activated.)

Sulley: Mike, that's not her door.

Mike: What are you talking about? Of course it's her door. It's her door.

Sulley: No, her door was white, and it had flowers on it.

Mike: No. It must've been dark last night, because this is its door.

(He opens the door, and there is polka music coming from the inside of the door.)

Mike: Hey, you hear that? Sounds like fun in there. Okay, send me a postcard, kid. That's Mike Wazowski, care of 22 Mike-Wazowski-You-Got-Your-Life-Back Lane.

Mary: Mowki Kowski.

Mike: Very good. Now, bon voyage. Bye-bye. Come on.

(Mike pretends to wave a stick at Mary's face, as if she was a dog, and he throws it in the door.)

Mike: Look at the stick. See the stick? Go get the stick. Go fetch.

(Then, Sulley angrily closes the wooden door, and tries to prove that it's not "Boo"'s door.)

Sulley: Mike, this isn't Boo's door.

Mike: "Boo?" What's "Boo?"

Sulley: That's... what I decided to call her. Is there a problem?

Mike: Sulley, you're not supposed to name it. Once you name it, you start getting attached to it! NOW, PUT THAT THING BACK WHERE IT CAME FROM, OR SO HELP ME--!!!

(Mike halts abruptly. He and Sulley look up to see the entire scare floor looking at them.)

Mike: Oh, hey! We're rehearsing a scene for the upcoming company play called, um, Put That Thing Back Where It Came From, Or So Help Me! Heh, heh... it's a musical! ♪ Put that thing back where it came from, or so help me... ♪

Sulley: (joining in.) ♪ Bom, bom, bom, bom... ♪

Mike: ♪ So help me! So help me! ♪ And cut! Heh, heh. We're still working on it. It's a work in progress. But hey, we need ushers!

(Everyone goes back to work.)

Mike: Sulley, I've had enough. Now, say goodbye to--...

(Mike points to where Boo stood moments before she's gone.)

Mike: Where'd it go? What'd you do with it?

Sulley: (panicked) Where is she? Aah! Boo!

Mike: I don't believe it. She got away from you again?! Well, that is just-- (beat) Wait a minute, the sun is coming up. (brightening) This is perfect! Ha-ha! She's gone!

(Sulley isn't listening. He scans for Boo, then takes off towards the entrance.)

Mike: Hey, hey, hey, hey, where are you going?

(Sulley strides off, scanning the room as he goes. Mike grabs onto Sulley's tail, trying to slow him down.)

Mike: Sulley, please, don't blow this. Not when we're so close to breaking the record. Somebody else will find the kid.

(Sulley pulls Mike into an adjacent hallway.)

Mike: It'll be their problem, not ours. She's out of our hair!

(Sulley turns the corner and slams into Randall. Like silly putty, Randall picks up Sulley's fur texture and color.)

Randall: What are you two doing?

(Randall quickly changes back. A random assistant walks by.)

Random Assistant: They're rehearsing a play.

Mike:She's out of our hair!

Randall: Can it, Wazowski! So, what do you think of that kid getting out, Sullivan? Pretty crazy, huh?

Sulley: Oh, yeah! Crazy. Heh!

Randall: Word on the street is the kid's been traced back to this factory. You haven't seen anything, have you?

(Behind Randall, Mike and Sulley spot Boo emerging from behind an ash can. She scampers off down the hall.)

Sulley: (nervous) Uh, well... uh... er, uh...

Mike: No! No way! But, if it was an inside job, I'd put my money on Waxford.

Randall: Waxford?!

Mike: Yeah, the one at station six. You know, he's got them shifty eyes.

(Across the room, Waxford turns and looks around revealing many shifty eyes. Randall's eyes narrow. He heads off towards Waxford.)

Randall: Hey, Waxford?! What time did you leave last night?

(Sulley heads off after Boo. Mike runs after him.)

Mike: Sulley?!!

Celia: (o.s.) Michael Wazowski!?!

(Mike gasps. Celia is right in front of him, scuffed, bruised, and wearing an Elizabethan collar around her neck.)

Celia: Last night was one of the worst nights of my entire life! Bar-none!

(Celia's snakes hiss. They all wear little dog collars, too.)

Celia: I thought you cared about me!

(Mike shoots a look at Randall. Is he hearing this?)

Mike: Honey, please. Schmoopsie, I thought you liked sushi..

Celia: Sushi? Sushi?! You think this is about sushi?!

(This gets Randall's attention. He turns towards Mike.)

Mike: Shh... Schmoopsie... Heh heh... Shh, shh, shh....

(Panicking, Mike grabs Celia and kisses her to keep her quiet, but this only makes Celia slap him. Randall looks down at his newspaper. The front page reads: KID SIGHTING AT SUSHI RESTAURANT. Randall studies the blurred photo of Boo in the restaurant. In the background of the photo, blurred but unmistakable, is Mike!)

Randall: Wazowski!

(Randall looks up, but Mike is gone. Celia lies on the ground.)

Celia: (calling) Michael!!!! Mi-- (bitterly) Men!

Scene 17: Mike on the Run

(Mike sprints through the hallways of Monsters Inc.)

Mike: Breathe... Keep breathing....

(He zips past a water cooler, leaps over a trashcan, and scurries around a corner. He comes to a stop in front of a portrait of Waternoose, and breathes a sigh of relief. Randall uncamouflaged out of the painting.)

Mike: Yikes!

(Randall grabs Mike and pushes him against the wall.)

Randall: Where's the kid?!

Mike: (nervously looking around) Kid? Heh. What kid?

Randall: It's here in the factory. Isn't it?

(Mike can't take the pressure.)

Mike: You're not pinning this on me. It never would have gotten out, if you hadn't been cheating last night!

Randall: Cheating?! I-- (A smile spreads across Randall's face.) Cheating. Right. Okay, I think I know how to make this all go away. What happens when the whistle blows in 5 minutes?

Mike: Uhhh, I get a time-out?

Randall: Everyone goes to lunch! Which means the scare floor will be...

Mike: Painted?

Randall: (losing it) Empty! It'll be empty, you idiot! You see that clock?

(Mike nods. Randall grabs Mike's arms, using them as a visual aid to drive home his point.)

Randall: When the big hand is pointing up,...

(Randall twists Mike's arm. Ouch!)

Randall: ...and the little hand is pointing up,...

(Another twist and gasp from Mike.)

Randall: ...the kid's door will be in my station. But when the big hand points down,

(This one really hurts.)

Mike: (wincing) Ooooh!

Randall: the door will be gone. You have until then to put the kid back. Get the picture?

(Mike nods in pain.)

Scene 18: The Trash Compactor

(Boo waddles down a hall in her disguise, babbling and roaring happily. She climbs a stack of boxes next to a garbage can. Sulley runs down the hall searching for Boo.)

Sulley: (relieved) Boo!

(Boo falls into the trash can.)

Sulley: No!

(Behind him, Sulley hears...)

CDA Agent #1: (o.s.) Hey, you! Halt!

(Sulley freezes as two CDA agents head towards him.)

CDA Agent #2: He's the one.

Sulley: (panicked) Uh...

CDA Agent #1: The one from the commercial.

CDA Agent #2: Affirmative, that's him.

CDA Agent #1: Can we get an autograph?

Sulley: (relieved) Oh! Oh, sure... no problem.

CDA Agent #1: If you could make that out to Bethany, my daughter...

(The geeks, Smitty and Needleman, emerge from a door, grab the trash can, and wheel it away. Sulley notices this turn of events.)

Sulley: Ah, yes! Let's see.... (signing quickly) "From your scary friend... Best wishes..."

(The geeks stop in front of a trash chute.)

Needleman: then I said "if you talk to me like that again, we're through."

Smitty: Oh! What'd she say?

Needleman: You know my mom. She sent me to my room.

(Behind the geeks, Boo climbs out of the garbage. As she does, one of her eye stalks pops off and lands in the trash. She waddles off down a hallway. Meanwhile, Sulley has finished signing.)

CDA Agent #1: Thanks a lot.

Sulley: See you guys later. Take it easy.

(Sulley turns to see the geeks dump the garbage into the chute. The loose eyestalk rests atop the garbage pile, making it look like Boo is in amongst the trash.)

Needleman: Bottoms up!

(Boo's eyestalk and trash go tumbling down the garbage chute. Sulley gasps in horror. He comes hurling down the stairs, panting. Then he bursts into the room. From behind glass, Sulley watches the load of garbage -- including Boo's eyestalk -- move towards a large smashing machine.)

Sulley: (muffled) BOOOO!!!

(Boo comes skipping around a corner and run into a group of monster kids. A monster day care kid notices Boo.)

Day care worker: Oh. Well, hello there. What's your name?

Boo: Mike Wazowski.

(Sulley reacts in horror as the eyestalk and trash moves through a meat grinder, smashing hammers chooping blades, and under a large roller. Finally the machine spits out a compressed cube of garbage. The cube travels down a conveyor belt towards Sulley. Atop the cube, still visible, is Boo's eyestalk. Sulley reaches for it and faints. Mike runs into the lobby, searching for Sulley.)

Mike: SULLEY!!! Oh, Sulley! (then he scans the bathroom) Okay, Sulley. Come on, enough. (he sees George and Charlie) Hey! You guys seen Sulley anywhere?

George: Nope, sorry.

Mike: Oh, Sulley! (he runs off)

George: Boy, Wazowski looks like he's in trouble.

(George opens his locker. The toys and kid junk from Boo's room -- which Sulley stuffed in the night before -- fall out onto George.)

Charlie: (gasps) 23-19!! WE HAVE A 23-19!!!!

(CDA agents burst out from the bathroom stalls.)

CDA Agent: Halt!

George: Oh, dear. (George is taken down.)

(Mike turns a corner, desperate now.)

Mike: Sulley! Sulley!

(He spots Sulley staggering along pathetically, cradling his "Boo garbage cube" in his arms.)

Mike: Sulley! Oh! Great news, pal. I got us a way out of this mess, but we gotta hurry. Where is it?

(Sulley whimpers as he shows Mike the cube.)

Mike: Sull, that's a cube of garbage. (he spots the eye stalk.) Uh-oh.

Sulley: (sobbing) I can still hear her little voice.

Boo: (o.s.) Mike Wazowski!

(Mike leans in closer to the garbage cube.)

Mike: Hey, I can hear it too.

Multiple day-care kids: (o.s.) Mike Wazowski!

Mike: How many kids you got in there?

Day-care kids: (o.s.) Mike Wazowski!

(Mike and Sulley turn to see a line of monster children, led by the day care worker. Boo is at the end, still in her monster costume, minus one eye stalk.)

Boo: Kitty!

Sulley: Boo!

(Sulley runs to Boo. He tosses the cube, which lands on Mike. Sulley picks Boo up, and hugs her tightly.)

Sulley: Boo! Oh, you're all right. I was so worried. I was-- (suddenly stern) Don't you ever run away from me again, young lady. (back to mushy) Oh, but I'm so glad you're safe.

Day care worker: (sweetly) My, what an affectionate father.

Sulley: Uh, actually, she's my, uhhh, my cousin's sister's--

Mike: (cutting him off) Okay, Sulley, that's enough. Let's go.

(A little day care kid steps up to Mike.)

Day care kid: Mike Wazowski!

Mike: Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure. Step aside, kid. We're in a--

(Mike waves the kid away. Without warning, the kid bites him.)

Mike: (screams in pain.)

(Boo laughs hysterically at Mike's pain. The lights overhead glow intensely, then burst. The day care monsters scream.)

Sulley: Will you stop making Boo laugh?

Mike: I didn't! So come on!

(Mike frees his hand. He and Sulley run down the hallway.)

Scene 19: Mike Kidnapped

(Sulley holds Boo as he and Mike run down the hallway.)

Sulley: I still don't understand. You've got Boo's door?

Mike: I'll explain later. Run!

(The Scare Floor is dark and empty; everyone is still at lunch.)

Mike: Okay, let's move. Let's move, let's move! Come on!

(Mike closes his eye, not daring to hope...)

Mike: Oh, please be there, please be there, please be there.

(Mike opens his eye and spots Boo's door in a station.)

Mike: There it is! Just like Randall said!

Sulley: (stopping) Randall? Wait a minute.

(Boo squirms out of Sulley's arms and runs off under a desk. Sulley tries to calm her.)

Sulley: Whoa, whoa, hey!

Mike: 1, 2, 3, 4! Get the kid back through the door!

Sulley: Hey, hey.

Mike: We're gonna get our lives back. The nightmare is over.

Sulley: Hey, it's okay, Boo.

(Mike turns around and sees Sulley.)

Mike: Hey, what's the matter? Come on, it's time to move.

(Sulley lifts Boo from under the desk.)

Sulley: Mike, what are you thinking? We can't trust Randall. He's after Boo.

Mike: Who cares? Let's go. This is a limited time offer.

Sulley: (surveying the floor) No, no. I don't like this.

Mike: Look, Sulley, you wanted her door, and there it is. Now, let's move!

Sulley: No, Mike.

(Sulley holds onto Boo tightly.)

Mike: (sighs) You want me to prove everything's on the up and up? Fine! (he storms toward Boo's door.) He wants the door, I get the door. He don't want it now.

Sulley: Mike, wait!

Mike: He's a paranoid delusional furball. (Mike opens the door.)

Sulley: Mike...!

(Mike enters the room and jumps on the bed. Suddenly a large box covers Mike and snatches him away. Boo whimpers. Sulley quickly ducks under the desk. Randall peeks out of Boo's room and emerges with the box. Boo sees Randall and whimpers, Sulley gently shushes her. She nods and goes quiet. Randall loads the box into a tricked out hollow scream cart, slams the lid closed and heads for the hallway. Sulley and Boo watch Randall exit. Suddenly Boo slips and falls forward with a noise.)

Boo: Oof!

(Randall snaps to attention and disappears. Sulley peers out from under the desk. Randall is gone! But where is he? A piece of paper slips off a nearby desk and flutters to the ground. Sulley barely dares to breathe. On the other side of the desk, Randall silently uncamouflages. Neither one sees the other, but Randall is moving closer to Sulley by the second. The lunch bell rings. Randall rushes off to his cart as monsters return from lunch. Sulley grabs Boo and sprints after Randall as he pushes his cart out into the hallway.)

Floor Manager: Hey, Sulley, where have you been all day? (as Sulley runs past) Sulley? Sulley!

(Sulley follows Randall through the halls, barely able to keep up. Sulley follows Randall around the corner to a dead end.)

Sulley: (confused) Huh?

(Disassembled scream carts and tools sit idle; Randall is nowhere to be seen. Sulley checks the carts for Mike.)

Sulley: Mike? Mike? Where are you? You in there? Where are you, buddy? Mike?

(Meanwhile, Boo plays with some tools hanging on a work panel. Tugging on a wrench, Boo accidentally opens a secret panel, revealing a dark corridor.)

Boo: Da gey makada bol!

Sulley: Boo! Way to go!

(Boo giggles, thanking Sulley for his congratulation to her.)

(Sulley tiptoes down the dark passageway, carrying Boo. She whimpers.)

Sulley: It's okay.

(The doors slams shut behind him. Sulley continues. He hears the echoey voices of Randall and Fungus, which grow clearer as Sulley gets closer to them.)

Fungus: (o.s.) Uhm, so to confirm, then, you did find the ah...

Randall: (o.s.) Yes! I got the kid!

Fungus: Oh, huzzah! That's great news. N-n-not that I was concerned of course, I knew--

Randall: Just get over here and help me!

(Sulley and Boo peer through a wall of pipes. They see Randall, Fungus and the scream cart.)

Randall: Come on, come on, come on! While we're young here, Fungus!

(Randall and Fungus lift the box out of the scream cart.)

Randall: (struggling) Kid needs to take off a few pounds.

(They dump the box out into a chair, revealing Mike. This is not what Randall was expecting.)

Randall: Wazowski! Where is it, you little one-eyed crettin?!

Mike: Okay. First of all, it's cretin. If you're gonna threaten me, do it properly. Second of all, you're nuts if you think kidnapping me is gonna help you cheat your way to the top!

Randall: (chuckles evilly) You still think this is about that stupid scare record?

Mike: Well... I did. Right up until... you chuckled like that... and, uh, now I'm thinkin' I should just get out of here.

(Randall clamps Mike into the chair.)

Randall: I'm about to revolutionize the scaring industry. And when I do, even the "great" James P. Sullivan is gonna be working for me.

Mike: (weakly) Well, somebody's certainly been a busy bee.

Randall: First I need to know where the kid is, and you're gonna tell me.

Mike: Hey, I don't know anything!

Randall: Uh-huh. Sure.

(Randall nods at Fungus, who presses buttons on the console.)

Mike: I-I don't! I mean, I don't.... Uh-oh.

(A large vacuum-like machine lowers from the ceiling.)

Mike: What's that? Wait. Come on. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Uh-oh. Uh-oh. Oh, come on. No, no, no, no, no, no. Come on. Hey, hey, hey, hey. This thing is moving.

(The machine comes closer to Randall and Mike.)

Mike: I don't like big, moving things that are moving towards me. No! Come on! Hey! Randall!

Randall: Say hello to the scream extractor.

Mike: Hello.

(Randall walks away from Mike.)

Mike: Come on. Where are you going? We-we'll talk. Come on, we'll have a latte. Come on. We can talk about this.

(Randall activates the machine. An oxygen-like mask inches towards Mike's face.)

Mike: What's that thing? What is that thing? Wait, wait, wait! No, no, no! Uh-oh! No! Come on, hey!

(Mike screams. The device is now inches away from his face. Behind the pipes, Sulley backs into the darkness with Boo.)

Mike: Help! Help!! Help!!! Help!!!! Oh...NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! GYAH!!!!!

(The machine's suction pulls Mike's lips closer, then suddenly stops, powering down with a whir. Mike sighs, relieved. Randall turns angrily on Fungus.)

Randall: Oh, for.... what did you do wrong this time?

Fungus: I don't know. I calibrated the drive shaft--

Randall: Go check the machine!

Fungus: There must be something wrong with the scream intake valve.

(Randall sighs, frustrated. On the back of the console, he sees the cords wiggling.)

Randall: Huh?

(He follows the cords along the floor around the corner...)

Randall: Hmm...

(Randall sees that the machine has been unplugged. Fungus adjusts the machine. Mike whispers to him.)

Mike: Psst. Fungus. Fungus! You like cars? Huh? 'Cause I got a really nice car. If you let me go, I'll give you... a ride in the car. Please, Fungus?

Fungus: I'm sorry, Wazowski, but Randall said I'm not allowed to fraternize with victims of his evil plot.

(Fungus is suddenly pulled up into the ceiling by a pair of large blue hands. Mike smiles in recognition. Randall plugs the machine back in. It powers up. Randall enters to see Fungus strapped into the machine.)

Randall: What happened?! Where's Wazowski?!

(Fungus struggles and grows pale as the machine does its work. Randall hits a switch on the console, turning it off.)

Randall: Where is he?!

(A nearby albino Fungus points weakly towards the exit. Randall takes off angrily. Fungus collapses. Sulley, Mike and Boo burst from the tool panel doorway and run down the hall.)

Sulley: Come on.

Mike: This is crazy. He's gonna kill us!

(They nearly bump into a group of CDA agents, inspecting a trash can.)

CDA Agent: (to fellow agent) Careful with that. Could be contaminated.

(Mike, Sulley and Boo do a quick detour, avoiding the CDA.)

Mike: We gotta get out of here NOW!! We can start a whole new life somewhere far away! Goodbye, Monsters, Inc.! Goodbye, Mr. Waternoose!

(Mike runs through a side exit door, out of the factory. Sulley stops.)

Sulley: No, Mike, wait.

(Sulley turns back the way they came.)

Mike: Hey, what are you doing?

Sulley: Follow me. I have an idea.

Mike: No! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no...

Scene 21: Sulley Scares Boo

Computerized Voice: (o.s.) Simulation terminated. Simulation terminated.

Mr. Waternoose: (o.s.) No, no, no, no, no.

(Thaddeus Bile is standing on one leg, sticking his tongue out at the animatronic kid.)

Mr. Waternoose: What was that? You're trying to scare the kid, not lull it to sleep.

(The recruits sit in their usual chairs, taking notes.)

Bile: I was going for a snake/ninja approach with a little hissing. (hisses)

Mr. Waternoose: How many times do I have to tell you? It's all about PRESENCE!! About how you enter the room!

(Sulley bursts into the room holding Boo, and Mike follows.)

Sulley: Mr. Waternoose!

Mr. Waternoose: James! Perfect timing.

Sulley: No, no, no, no. Sir, you don't understand.

Mr. Waternoose: Ah, now, show these monsters how it's done.

Sulley: What? No, no, I can't... Sir, sir, you have to listen to me.

(Waternoose grabs Boo from Sulley and hands her to Mike.)

Mike: Eeeh!

Mr. Waternoose: (to recruits) Pay attention, everyone. You're about to see the best in the business.

Sulley: Sir, I...!

Mr. Waternoose: (to Flint) Reset the simulator.

Sulley: But-But, sir!

(Waternoose positions Sulley on the stage and steps behind the control panel. The lights in the room dim, and the animatronic kid resets.

Mother: (o.s.) Good night, sweetheart.

Little Boy: (o.s.) Good night, mom.

Father: (o.s.) Sleep tight, kiddo.

(Mike sets Boo down. She immediately runs towards Sulley on the stage.)

Boo: (happily) Kitty!

Mike: No, Boo, no, no!

Mr. Waternoose: Now, give us a big, loud roar.

Sulley: Mr. Waternoose, there's no time for this!

Mr. Waternoose: Come on, come on, what are you waiting for? Roar!

Sulley: But-but-but, sir!

(Mr. Waternoose is determined.)

Mr. Waternoose: ROAR!

(With no other choice...)


(And a mighty roar it is. The animatronic screams. By now Boo has reached the stage, close enough to feel the full impact of Sulley's roar. His glaring eyes and snarling teeth are genuinely horrifying. Sulley has become a gruesome, terrible monster. Terrified, Boo's face widens in fear and she runs to hide. The recruits are impressed.)

Mr. Waternoose: Well done! Well done, James.

(Sulley sees her go.)

Sulley: Boo?

(Mr. Waternoose and Flint escort the recruits out of the room.)

Mr. Waternoose: All right, gentlemen.

Ms. Flint: Right this way, everyone.

Mr. Waternoose: I hope you learned a valuable lesson in scaring today. Read chapters two and three in your manuals. I'll see you all in the morning.

(Sulley finds Boo, hiding in the shadows, crying.)

Sulley: Boo?

(Sulley reaches for Boo, trying to calm and reassure her. Boo struggles to get away.)

Sulley: Boo? Boo, it's me.

(She backs away from Sulley and trips over a cable. Her hood flops open, revealing her scared face.)

Mr. Waternoose: (gasps) The child!

(Mike rushes to explain.)

Mike: Sir, she isn't toxic. I know it sounds crazy, but trust me.

(As Mike continues, Sulley approaches Boo, who is petrified.)

Sulley: Boo? No, no, no, no, it's okay. I was just...

(Sulley reaches towards Boo. She cringes.)

Sulley: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, don't be scared. That wasn't real. It's just a... I was just...

(Behind Boo is the bank of monitors, displaying a still image of Sulley's fearsome roar. This is the way hundreds of children see him every night in their rooms. This is what Boo saw. Sulley looks down on Boo, who is crying.)

Sulley: Boo.

(She ran from Sulley towards Waternoose, hiding behind one of his crab legs.)

Sulley: Boo?

Mike: ...this scream machine and he was going to test it out on that sweet, little girl.

(Mike is still explaining the situation to Waternoose.)

Mike: Now that we have her, he is trying to kill US! This whole thing is Randall's fault!

Mr. Waternoose: Randall?

Mike: Yes. And we can take you to his secret lab, which is right here in this factory.

(Mr. Waternoose is stunned. He lets this information sink in.)

Mr. Waternoose: How could this happen? Oh, how could this happen? (beat) Does anyone else know about this?

Mike: No, sir.

Mr. Waternoose: Good. This company can't afford any more bad publicity. (He picks up Boo.) Now, before we do anything else, let's...take care of the child.

(Sulley watches her with remorse.)

Scene 22: Banished

(Waternoose flips the switch and the simulator door and ejects, just like the Scare Floor. It travels away on an overhead track.)

Mr. Waternoose: Oh, I never thought things would come to this. Not in my factory. I'm sorry you boys got mixed up in this. Especially you, James. But now we can set everything straight again, for the good of the company.

(Sulley tries in vain to catch Boo's eye. A huge metal door lowers into the station with a bang.)

Mike: Uh, sir, that's not her door.

Mr. Waternoose: I know, I know.

(Randall uncamoflages in front of the door, and opens it. Snow swirls through from the other side.)

Mr. Waternoose: It's yours.

(Mr. Waternoose shoves Mike and Sulley through the door.)

Mike/Sulley: AAAAAHHH!!

(A blizzard rages. Sulley and Mike land face down in the snow. Waternoose stands in the doorway, holding Boo. Sulley makes a run for the door, but it's slammed in his face.)

Sulley: No!

(Sulley pulls the door open and sees only more snow. The portal to the monster world is closed.)


(Mike and Sulley are in the middle of a snowy mountain range. Panicked, Sulley opens and slams the door, but nothing changes.)

Sulley: No! No! No, no, no, no, NO!!!

(Behind him, Mike watches angrily.)

Mike: It's too late! We're BANISHED, genius!! We're in THE HUMAN WORLD!!! Oh, what a great idea; goin' to your old pal Waternoose! Too bad he was in on the whole thing! All you had to do, was listen to me, just ONCE!!! But you DIDN'T, did you?!

(Sulley desperately runs his hands along the sides of the door, looking for anything that might activate it.)


(Mike leaps onto Sulley's back, sending both of them tumbling down the side of the snowy mountain.)

Sulley/Mike: AAHHH!!!!!

(Mike continues to pound at Sulley as they flip over an embankment, landing with a thud several yards below.)

Mike: Take that!!!!

(Suddenly, a huge shadow covers them. They look up to see a giant monster!)

Yeti: Welcome to the Himalayas!

Scene 23: Welcome to the Himalayas

Yeti: Abominable! (chuckles) Can you believe that? Do I look abominable to you?

(Mike huddles around the lantern for warmth because he's cold from being out in the snow for so long. He's wearing mittens on his horns, his hands, and his feet.)

Yeti: Why can't they call me the "Adorable Snowman", or... or the "Agreeable Snowman", for crying out loud? I'm a nice guy. (offering) Snowcone?

(The Yeti holds out a tray of yellow snowcones.)

Mike: (disgusted) Yeech.

Yeti: Oh, no, no, no. Don't worry. It's lemon. (to Sulley) How about you, big fella? Snowcone?

(Sulley sits at the mouth of the cave, staring at his hands.)

Sulley: (muttering to himself) Did you see the way she... looked at me?

(In anguish, he buries his face in his hands.)

Yeti: Ah, poor guy. I understand. It ain't easy being banished. Take my buddy, Bigfoot. When he was banished, he fashioned an enormous diaper out of poison ivy. (chuckles) Wore it on his head like a tiara. Called himself "King Itchy".

(Mike looks up at the Yeti as though he's insane.)

Yeti: It won't be so hard for you guys, though, you know, I mean, how lucky can you get? Banished with your best friend.

Mike: He is not my friend.

Yeti: Oh, I just assumed you were buddies, you know, when I saw you out there in the snow hugging and all that...

(Mike stares angrily at Sulley.)

Mike: Look at that big jerk. Ruined my life, and for what? (yelling at Sulley) A STUPID KID!!! Because of you, I am now stuck in this frozen wasteland!

Yeti: Wasteland? I think you mean "Wonderland"! I mean, how 'bout all this fabulous snow, huh? Oh, and wait 'til you see the local village - cutest thing in the world. I haven't even mentioned all the free yak's milk...

(For the first time, Sulley turns, his eyes alive.)

Sulley: Wait. What did you say?

Yeti: Uh, yak's milk. Milking a yak ain't exactly a picnic, but you know, once you pick the hairs out, it's very nutritious.

(Sulley jumps up, runs across the cave, and grabs the Yeti.)

Sulley: No, no! Something about a village! Where? Are there kids in it?

Yeti: Kids? Sure. Tough kids, sissy kids, kids who climb on rocks...

(This diversion is more that Sulley can handle.)

Sulley: WHERE IS IT?!

Yeti: It's at the bottom of the mountain. Around a three-day hike.

Sulley: Three days?! We need to get there NOW!!!

(Sulley punches the wall in frustration, sending a piece of ice across the floor. It stops in front of a pile of hiker paraphernalia piled in the corner of the cave. Sulley's eyes light up. He has an idea.)

Yeti: You wanna go to the village? Okay, rule number one out here: Always…no. Never go out in a blizzard.

Sulley: We need to get to Boo.

(SMACK! A snowball hits Sulley in the back. Yeti points to Mike nervously - he did it.)

Mike: BOO?! WHAT ABOUT US?! (SMACK! Mike throws another snowball.) Ever since that kid came in, you've ignored everything I've said, and NOW look where we are! (SMACK!) Oh, we were about to break the record, Sulley. We would've had it made!

Sulley: None of that matters now!

Mike: None of it matters? Wa-wa-wait a second. None of it matters? Okay, that's - no. Good. Great. So now the truth comes out, doesn't it?

(There is an uncomfortable pause.)

Yeti: Oh, would you look at that? We're out of snowcones. Let me... just go outside and make some more.

(The Yeti leaves.)

Mike: Sulley, what about everything we ever worked for? Does that matter? Huh? What about Celia? I am never... never gonna see her again. Doesn't that matter?

(Sulley has finished building a makeshift toboggan. In silence, he slowly pushes it past Mike.)

Mike: And what about me? I'm your pal, I'm-I'm-I'm your best friend. Don't I matter?

Sulley: I'm sorry, Mike. I'm sorry we're stuck out here. I didn't mean for this to happen. But Boo's in trouble. I think there might be a way to save her, if we can just get down to that--

Mike: "We"? Whoa, whoa, whoa. "We"? No. There's no "we" this time, pal. If-if-if you wanna go out there and freeze to death, you be my guest. Because you're on your own.

(Mike turns his back on Sulley, folding his arms. There is nothing Sulley can say. He turns and pushes the toboggan out of the cave. The cave grows dark. Mike stares in disbelief. Sulley is gone.)

Scene 24: Sled Ride

(Sulley races down the mountainside on his makeshift sled. The lantern dangles from a ski pole on the sled, lighting the way as Sulley navigates the treacherous terrain. He zips by the Yeti, folding a fresh tray of snow.)

Yeti: Hey, I got more snowcones!

(The sled is narrowly missing boulders, and picking up speed until...)

Sulley: Whoa!

(Sulley's sled smashes into a boulder, and bursts apart. He tumbles down the mountainside, finally sliding to a stop, face down in the snow. Sulley lies motionless in the snow, the wind howling through his fur. A child screams in the distance. Or was that the wind? Sulley slowly lifted his head. Another scream, this one louder than the first. Sulley's eyes widen. Through the snow, Sulley can barely make out a small Tibetan village.)

Scene 25: Sulley Rescues Boo

(George leans on his crutch, nervously trembling as he stands in front of his door with Charlie.)

Charlie: Oh, come on now, George. I know you can do this. I picked out an easy door for you, in Nepal. Nice, quiet Nepal.

George: (resolved) You know, you're right. (hands Charlie his crutch) Here, take this.

Charlie: Go get 'em, Georgie.

(As George gets to the door, Sulley bursts through, trampling George.)

Sulley: Gangway! Look out! Coming through!

(George lies flattened on the ground.)

Sulley: (calling back) Sorry, George.

Charlie: What the--? Hey! You can't just-

(As George staggers to his feet, Charlie spots a sock stuck to his chest. Charlie's eyes go wide.)

Charlie: (Gasp!) 23-1...!

(Before Charlie can finish, George grabs him by the throat, stuffs the sock in his mouth, and tosses him in the door. George relaxes, whistling happily as he walks away. Sulley runs past various monsters in the hallway.)

Sulley: Outta the way!

Misc. Monster: Hey!

(Randall straps Boo into the scream extractor chair. She whimpers as Waternoose looks on.)

Waternoose: (to Randall) Finally! I never should have trusted you with this. Because of you, I had to banish my top scarer!

Randall: Eh, with this machine, we won't need scarers. Besides, Sullivan got what he deserved.

Waternoose: Sullivan was TWICE the scarer you'll ever be!

(Randall glares at Waternoose. Sulley rips off the door to the secret passageway and runs through. Fungus revs up the machine. Waternoose and Randall watch with anticipation as the machine nears Boo's face. In fear, she calls out for Sulley.)

Boo: Kitty!

(Just in time, Sulley rushes in, roaring angrily. He grabs the Scream Extractor and forces it away from Boo.)

Boo: (happily) Kitty!

(Waternoose looks as if he's seen a ghost.)

Waternoose: Sullivan?!!

(With a massive effort, Sulley wrenches the machine from its moorings and throws it towards Randall, Waternoose and Fungus. It pins them to the wall. Sulley frees Boo from the chair.)

Boo: Kitty!

Sulley: Sorry, Boo.

(Waternoose turns to Randall, who has managed to escape.)

Waternoose: Randall, stop him!

(Randall camouflages, disappearing. Sulley picks Boo up out of the chair.)

Sulley: Let's get you home.

(Sulley picks up Boo's door card key and runs towards the exit. Suddenly, Sulley is knocked back into the room, as if punched by nothing.)

Waternoose: (o.s.) Finish him off!

(Sulley keeps getting punched. He can't see where it's coming from. Behind him, a scream can rises into the air and hits him on the head. Sulley falls to the ground, still holding Boo. Randall materializes, hanging from the ceiling.)

Randall: You don't know how long I've wanted to do that, Sullivan!

(Sulley swings at Randall and misses. Using his tail as a whip, Randall sends Sulley flying out into the hallway. Sulley lands with a thud. Boo spills out of his arms. She quickly hides in a crevice in the hallway. Sulley is hit in the face with a snowball. He turns to see...)

Sulley: Ooh! Mike?

Mike: Look, it's not that I don't care about the kid.

Sulley: Mike, you don't understand.

(Mid-sentence, Sulley is attacked by an invisible Randall. Mike continues his apology, obvious.)

Mike: Yes, I do. I was just mad, that's all. I needed some time to think, but you shouldn't have left me out there.

(Sulley is slammed against the wall.)

Sulley: (winded) I'm being attacked!

Mike: No, I'm not attacking you. I'm trying to be honest, just hear me out. Look, you and I are a team. Nothing is more important than our friendship.

(Boo tugs on Mike's arm, and points at the invisible Randall.)

Mike: I-I know, kid. He's too sensitive.

(Invisible Randall chokes Sulley, who gasps for air.)

Mike: Come on, pal, if you start crying, I'm gonna cry, and I'll never get through this.

(Sulley grabs futilely at his neck.)

Mike: I'm sorry I wasn't there for you, but I am now.

(Sulley is going to black out.)

Mike: (annoyed) Hey, Sulley, I am baring my soul here. The least you can do is pay attention!

(Mike hurls his snowball towards Sulley, but instead, it smashes Randall's invisible face, exposing him to view. Sulley punches Randall, knocking him out. Randall collapses to the ground, becoming visible again. Sulley gasps for breath.)

Mike: Hey, look at that, it's Randall. It's... (putting it all together) Ohhhhh.

(Sulley picks up Boo and Mike and runs out.)

Sulley: Come on!

(Randall is beginning to come, too. Waternoose yells at him from behind the machine.)

Waternoose: Get up! There can't be any witnesses.

(Randall lifts himself off the ground)

Randall: There won't be.

Scene 26: Schmoopsie-Poo!

(Sulley runs down the hallway, carrying both Boo and Mike.)

Sulley: I'm glad you came back, Mike.

Mike: Somebody's gotta take care of you, you big hairball.

(A horrible scream gets Mike's attention. It's Celia! Snakes flowing wildly, she leaps through the air and tackles him to the ground.)

Mike: Schmoopsie-Poo, I really can't talk.

Sulley: Come on!

(Sulley drags Mike away. Celia isn't about to be left behind again. She grabs Mike's leg, and so is dragged after him.)

Celia: Michael, if you don't tell me what's going on right now, we are through! Do you hear me? Through!

Mike: (being pulled from both sides) Okay, here's the truth! You know that kid that they're looking for? Sulley let her in! We tried to send her back, but Waternoose had this secret plot, and now Randall's right behind us, and he's trying to kill us!


(Boo pops up from behind Sulley's shoulder.)

Boo: Mike Wazowski!

(Celia gasps. In terror, she lets go of Mike as he and Sulley round the corner towards the Scare Floor.)

Mike: (calling back) I love you, Schmoopsie-Poo!

(Randall and Fungus coming running down the hall, crashing after Sulley and Mike. They trip over a slow monster pushing a scream cart.)

Randall: Will you move it?! Look out, you idiot!

(Celia's eye widens, then narrows in determination.)

Scene 27: The Door Vault

(Sulley and Mike run onto the crowded Scare Floor and head for an empty station.)

Mike: Look out. Coming through here! Coming through! Make way. Move it!

Sulley: Sorry.

Mike: Hurry up, hurry up!

(They swipe Boo's card key and wait anxiously for her door to arrive. Randall and Fungus run out onto the Scare Floor.)

Randall: (spotting Mike and Sulley) There they are!

(Sulley and Mike turn at the sound of Randall's voice.)

Celia: (over P.A.) Attention, employees: Randall Boggs has just broken the all-time scare record!

(Randall and Fungus are mobbed by a collection of excited employees, who trap the duo.)

Randall: Huh? No, I didn't! Get out of my way!

Employee Walla: Way to go, Randall! Nice job!

(Celia hangs up the intercom phone with a smile. Success!)

Celia: Go get 'em, Googly Bear.

(Sulley and Mike watch as Fungus and Randall struggle to break free of the crowd. Boo squeals happily as her door enters the Scare Floor on the conveyor belt above.)

Mike: (pointing) There it is!

(Meanwhile Fungus is being tossed happily into the air by the celebratory group.)

Fungus: Whoa! Ha-ha!

Randall: Get off my tail! Let me through!

(Randall is finally able to push his way through the mob. He heads towards Sulley. Boo's door will not reach their station before Randall. Sulley punches a red panic button on the keypad. An alarm sounds and Boo's door, poised high above the station, heads back into the door vault. Sulley runs toward in the next station over. All the doors are being returned to the vault.)

Mike: Sulley, what are you doing?!

Sulley: Grab on, Mike!

(With Boo in one hand, Sulley grabs the door as it sails out of its station. Mike manages to grab onto Sulley's tail.)

Mike: Are you out of your... (screams) ...miiiiiiiiiiind?!!!!!

(Randall watches the trio cling to the door hanging overhead. He climbs aboard a door being ejected and sails up onto the track several door behind Sulley, Mike and Boo. The two dozen doors glide towards the vault. Sulley, Mike and Boo follow Boo's door down a long corridor.)

Mike: Sulley, what are we doing?!

Sulley: We have to get Boo's door and find a station.

Mike: What a plan. Simple, yet insane!

(Randall hangs from a door two behind him. He leaps forward one door, closing the gap. The corridor opens up onto a massive room. Millions of doors, as far as the eye can see, travel on overhead tracks.)

Sulley: Whoa.

Mike: Oh, boy.

(Their door suddenly pitches forward.)

Sulley: Hold on!

(They speed through the vault as if on a roller coaster ride.)

Mike/Sulley: Aaaah!

Mike: Whoaaaaa! Wowww!

Sulley: Don't look down!

(The door pitches and twists dangerously as it is switched from track to track, Boo enjoys the ride. The door turns, suddenly going into a ninety degree drop.)


(Boo screams happily. The red light on the door they're riding lights up and fades off. The track rounds a post.)

Mike: I'm gonna be sick, I'm gonna be sick! Whoaaaaa! Oh, no!

(Ahead, a switched reroutes the doors onto multiple tracks, Boo's door on one, their door on another.)

Sulley: No!

(Randall's door switches onto yet another track. Sulley visually follows Boo's door. It stops, stacked against the wall of doors.)

Sulley: Boo's door!

Mike: There it is! How are we supposed to get to it now?

(Their door travels into a corridor of doors, surrounded on all slides, enveloping them in darkness. It slows to a stop.)

Mike: Oh, it's a dead end, Sulley!

(From the other end of the tunnel of doors, Randall jumps onto a door and rides it towards them.)

Mike: There he is!

(Sulley gets the idea.)

Sulley: Make her laugh!

Mike: What? Sulley....!

Sulley: JUST DO IT!

Mike: OH...

(Mike pulls his eyelid out and snaps it back on his eye.)

Mike: OW!!

(As Boo squeals with laughter, the light above their door illuminates. the doors surrounding them activate too. In fact, every door in the vault powers up, their lights glowing bright red. By now Randall is almost upon them.)

Sulley: (re: their door) Get it open!

Mike: Here he comes!

(The trio jump inside and shut their door just as Randall leaps towards them.)

Randall: Gimme that kid! (hitting the door) Ooof!

(It was a beautiful tranquil day in the tropics. Sulley, Mike and Boo run out of a Hawaiian beach house, onto the sand.)

Mike: Why couldn't we get banished here?

Sulley: Come on, we gotta find another door!

(They head onto a nearby beach house. Sulley, Mike and Boo burst out of a door, hanging thousands of feet in the air.)

Sulley: Whoa!

(Doors are stacked in rows above and below them, like a wall.)

Sulley: (pointing up) Look! Boo's door!

(He climbs from one door to the next, trying to reach Boo's door. Mike sees Randall approaching from the Hawaiian door. He shuts the door and shimmies up toward Sulley)

Mike: There he is! Hurry up! Hurry up!

Sulley: Give me your hand!

(Mike's hand slips from Sulley's grasp, but he grabs Mike's foot. Mike hangs precariously over the vault, thousands of feet in the air.)

Mike: Waaaaaah! WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh-oh Whoa-a! AAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!

(Sulley pulls Mike up into the door with him just as Randall emerges from Hawaii. Mike and Sulley come to a Japanese paper door. Their silhouettes are visible as they pause in front of it.)

Mike: Come on, it slides, it slides!

Sulley: Oh, right, right, right!

(Sulley slides the door open and they run through the room. They emerge again, this time through a door moving along the door track.)

Mike: Jump! I'm right behind you!

(Sulley jumps onto another track of doors below. Mike follows. They land on a platform.)

Sulley: Come on!

(Mike looks back and sees Randall approaching.)

Mike: Hurry up! Keep moving!

(The only available door is on the ground, undergoing some sort of maintenance. Sulley opens he door and motions for Mike to jump in.)

Sulley: Get inside!

(Because the door was lying sideways, Mike's fall changes trajectory as he enters a French kid's room. He falls sideways onto the floor.)

Mike: (grunts) Oof! That was weird. UGH!!!!

(Sulley falls through, landing on Mike.)

Sulley: (looking for Mike) Mike? (jumping up) Oh. Sorry, buddy.

Mike: (punch-drunk) Ah, duui?

(Mike and Sulley run though the room and exit. Randall runs across the platform and jumps through the door on the ground. Randall lands in the same French kid's room, then continues after Mike and Sulley. Randall emerges. The door slams in his face. Mike appears behind it.)

Mike: I hope that hurt, lizard boy!

(Mike jumps over to another door with Sulley and Boo. The three ride off across the vault.)

Sulley: Great job, buddy, we lost him!

(Suddenly Boo slips through Sulley's arms and disappears, Boo screams.)

Sulley: BOO!

(Randall appears atop of the door, holding Boo in his many arms.)

Randall: Ha-ha!

Sulley: NO!

(Randall pulls out a pin from their door, sending it plummeting downward. Mike and Sulley stare up at Randall in disbelief as they fall.)

Sulley/Mike: Aaaaah!

(Randall smiles down at them)

Randall: Nice working with you!

(Sulley and Mike struggle to hang onto the door as it plunges downward.)

Sulley: GET IT OPEN!!!!

Mike: I'M TRYING!!!!

Sulley: OPEN THE DOOR!!!

(Mike is able to open the door and clamor in to the bedroom inside.)

Mike: COME ON, GET IN HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Mike pulls Sulley through and shuts the door just moments before it smashes into tiny pieces on the floor, Randall jumps from door to door, holding Boo.)

Scene 28: Randall's Demise

(A pile of partially assembled doors starts to move, as if someone were stacked within it. The top door pops open and Sulley jumps out, followed by Mike. They run to the edge of the platform.)

Sulley: Boo!

(Sulley spots a little purple figure riding a door off in the distance.)

Sulley: There they are!

(He runs to the end of the platform which sticks out precariously over a sea of moving doors like the prow of a ship. Sulley climbs up and balances on its metal railing.)

Mike: Sulley, what are you doing? Sulley!

(Timing is just right, Sulley leaps out onto a passing door. Mike follows, jumping onto the door behind him. Their doors join up with the "freeway" of doors above, speeding ahead.)

Mike: Looks like we caught the express, pal!

(Sulley desperately scans the doors ahead.)

Sulley: Do you see them?

Mike: Straight ahead!

(Sure enough, Randall is heading towards the exit with Boo in tow. Sulley jumps onto a faster moving door on an adjacent track. He jumps a second time but loses his grip, almost falling. The door tilts towards another track, banging into oncoming doors as they zip by.)

Sulley: Whoa! Aaah!

(Randall hears the commotion and turns around. He spots Sulley, regaining his balance and closing in. Randall opens the door he's riding on and slithers into the room. Sulley uses his door like a pendulum to swing forward into the room after him. Sulley bursts through the door and spots Boo standing alone in the middle of the moonlit room.)

Boo: Kitty!

Sulley: (relieved) Boo! (Randall swings down from the rafters, kicks Sulley and sends him tumbling backward out of the open door. Sulley just barely gets a hand-hold on the lip of the door.) Aah! Aaah!

(Randall stands menacingly over Sulley, who holds onto the bottom of the door for dear life.)

Randall: Look at everybody's favorite scarer now, you stupid, pathetic waste. (Randall stomps on one of Sulley's hands, knocking it off the door edge. Sulley dangles by one arm as the door speeds through the vault. Boo cowers at the back of the room, afraid. Randall steps on Sulley's other hand. Sulley hangs on with just two fingers.) You've been #1 for too long, Sullivan! Now your time is up! (Seeing her kitty in danger, Boo's face changes from fear to anger. Randall prepares to push Sulley off for the last time.) And don't worry. I'll take good care of the kid.

Sulley: No!

(Suddenly, something yanks Randall's head back.)

Randall: (in pain) Yaaaaah! (Boo is riding Randall, pulling his fronds! Each painful jerk of his fronds makes Randall change colors. Sulley lifts himself back up into the room. Clinging to Randall like a bucking bronco, Boo grabs a bat and wallops Randall repeatedly on the head. With each hit, he changes colors and patterns.) Ow! Yowch! Aah! Ow!

(Sulley grabs Randall by the neck, wrestling him like an alligator. Randall writhes and wiggles, but Sulley is able to subdue him. Boo roars at Randall.)

Sulley: (to Randall) She's not scared of you anymore. (Boo roars again.) Looks like you're out of a job.

(Randall gulps. Mike place a door near the edge of the platform, opens it, and crouches down in front like a baseball catcher.)

Mike: All right, come on, over the plate, let's see the old stuff here, pal. Come on, now, chuck him, chuck him, baby, hum, baby. Hum, baby. Here's the pitch...

(Sulley prepares to toss Randall through the door.)

Randall: No, no, wait! Please! Don't! Don't! Don't! (Sulley pitches Randall through.) NOOOOOOO!

Mike: And he is... outta here! (He slams the door closed.)

(A dilapidated trailer sits swamp-side. We see silhouettes of a boy, his Mom, and Randall.)

Redneck boy: (o.s.) Mama, 'nother gator got in the house.

Redneck mama: (o.s.) 'Nother gator?! Gimme that shovel! Come here!

(Mama beans Randall on the head with the shovel.)

Redneck boy: Get it, mama! Get that gator!

Randall: Oww!

(Sulley smashes the light on top of the door.)

Sulley: Care to do the honors, Mikey?

Mike: With pleasure.

(Mike pushes the dilapidated door over the side of the platform. It falls and smashes at the bottom of the vault. Boo waves goodbye, taunting.)

Sulley: That's right, Boo. You did it! You beat him.

(Boo gives Randall a big wet raspberry.)

Sulley: (turning to leave) Come on!

(Sulley, Mike and Boo climb onto Boo's door.)

Sulley: Okay, Boo, it's time to go home. Take care of yourself and be a good girl, okay?

(Mike opens the door, but sees only other doors stacked behind it.)

Mike: Oh, no!

Sulley: The power's out. Make her laugh again.

Mike: All right, I got a move here. It'll bring down the house. Up!

(Mike jumps gracefully into the air and does a flip, landing crotch first on top of the metal door track.)

Mike: (in pain) Hehh?

(Sulley notices that Boo's hood is down.)

Sulley: (lifting Boo's head) Oh, sorry, she didn't see that.

Mike: WHAT?! What'd you do, forget to check if her stupid hood was up, you big dope?!

(Boo frowns. She doesn't like Mike to yell at Sulley.)

Sulley: (singsong) Uncle Mike, try not to yell in front of her. You know we still need her to laugh.

Mike: Right. (laughs) Hey, Boo, just kidding. Look!

(Mike closes the door on his face, squishing it and making a goofy face.)

Mike: (through smashed lips) Hello, Boo!

(Nothing from Boo, who is not in the mood to laugh now.)

Mike: Funny, right? (chuckles) See, with the... (annoyed) These are the jokes, kid.

(Boo's door jerks violently and heads off towards the exit. Mike, Sulley and Boo hang onto the door as it moves.)

Mike: Whoa! What's happening?

Sulley: Hold on!

Scene 29: Tricking Mr. Waternoose

(Waternoose stands at an empty door station with Boo's card key in his claw. He addresses a group of CDA agents.)

Waternoose: When the door lands in this station, cut the power. You'll have the child, and the criminals responsible for this whole mess.

(Boo's door sails out of the vault corridor and into the Scare Floor. Sulley, Mike and Boo peek out from behind the door and see Waternoose and the CDA agents below.)

Mike: (stage whisper) Great. A welcoming committee! What are we gonna do?

(Sulley has an idea. The door lands in the station. The power shuts off.)

CDA Agent: This is the CDA. Come out slowly with the child in plain sight.

(Mike emerges from behind the door, carrying Boo's monster costume.)

Mike: Okay, okay! You got us. Here we are. Here's the kid. I'm cooperating. But before you take us away, I have one thing to say:

(Mike sticks his tongue out. There's a sock on it!)

Mike: (throwing sock) Catch!

(It lands on an agent in the middle of the pack! The frenzied CDA agents pounce on the agent with the sock.)

CDA Agents: (all shouting) 23-19! We have a toxic projectile! Isolate the contaminate!

(Mike takes off, carrying Boo's monster disguise. The CDA agents see this and chase after them.)

CDA Agent #1: Halt! After the suspect!

CDA Agent #2: Cover the area! Bring in reinforcements!

(Waternoose takes up the rear.)

Waternoose: Stop him!

(As the commotion clears, Sulley peeks out from behind Boo's door. Boo is with him, now out of her disguise and wearing only one sock. Sulley pops her door out of its station and heads for the exit.)

Sulley: Come on.

(Waternoose hurries after the CDA agents)

Waternoose: (re: Mike and Boo) Don't let them get away!

(CLANG! Waternoose spins around to see Sulley, who has knocked over a stack of cans during his escape. Sulley scoops up Boo and her door and heads for the Simulation Room.)

Waternoose: (calling to CDA) No, wait, wait. Come back. He has the child.

(It's no use, the agents have already disappeared after Mike. Waternoose lunges after Sulley like a wild animal. Sulley races down the hall, with Boo in one arm, and her door in the other. Waternoose clambers after them, closing in.)

Waternoose: Sullivan! SULLIVAN! Give me the child!

Boo: I not going!

Waternoose: Give her to me!

(Sulley bursts through the door of the Simulator Room, Waternoose close behind. Sulley breaks a pipe off the wall and slides it through the door handles just as Waternoose slams against the door. Sulley lends the pipe around the handles to secure it. He frantically removes the door that's currently in the station.)

Waternoose: (slamming against the door) Open this door! OPEN THIS DOOR!

(Sulley replaces the simulator door with Boo's door. Waternoose scratches at the doors.)

Waternoose: SULLIVAN!!

(Boo screams and braces herself in fear.)

Waternoose: Don't go in there!

(Sulley pushes a button on the door station keypad, picks Boo up and runs inside.)

Sulley: Come on!

(Sulley looks back at Waternoose.)

Waternoose: (Shouting) DON'T GO IN THAT ROOM!!!

(Sulley closes the closet door behind him. Waternoose yells and beats against the Tryout Room door. Sulley stands over the bed, tucking in the sheets.)

Sulley: I think we stopped him, Boo. You're safe now. You be a good girl, okay?

(SLAM! Sulley turns to see Waternoose standing in the room, closing the door behind him.)

Waternoose: This has gone far enough, James!

(Sulley stands protectively in front of the bed.)

Sulley: She's home now! Just leave her alone!

Waternoose: I can't do that! She's seen too much. You both have.

Sulley: It doesn't have to be this way.

Waternoose: I have no choice! Times have changed. Scaring isn't enough anymore.

(Waternoose closes in on Sulley, rising up on his legs intimidatingly.)

Sulley: But kidnapping children?!

Waternoose: I'll kidnap a THOUSAND children before I let this company die! And I'll silence ANYONE WHO GETS IN MY WAY!

(Waternoose smacks Sulley, sending him flying to the floor.)

Sulley: NO!!

(Waternoose grabs the mechanical simulation child from the bed.)

Little Boy: (o.s.) Good night, mom.

Mother: (o.s.) Good night, sweetheart.

Little Boy: (o.s.) Good night, mom. Good night, mom.

Waternoose: What is this?! What-?! Who-?! Huh-?!

(Waternoose blinks, uncomprehending. The child isn't Boo at all, but the Animatronic Kid from the simulator. The wall of the bedroom begins to rise.)

Computerized Voice: (o.s.) Simulation terminated. Simulation terminated.

Waternoose: Wha...?!

(Behind the fourth wall of the simulator, the tryout room is filled with yellow-suited CDA agents. Mike sits in the evaluator's chair.)

Mike: Well, I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I spotted several big mistakes.

Waternoose: (stammers) B-but...H-How'd you--?!

Mike: You know what? Let's watch my favorite part again, shall we? (he rewinds the tape and plays it.)

Waternoose: (on tape, repeating) I'll kidnap a THOUSAND children before I let this company die!

(Waternoose sees himself on the monitor)

Waternoose: What...?! Wha...?!

Waternoose: (on tape, repeating) I'll kidnap a THOUSAND children before I let this company die!

(The CDA agents discuss the situation. Boo peeks out from under the bed. Sulley motions for her to stay quiet. She nods and crawls back. CDA agents walk onto the stage and grab Waternoose.)

CDA Agent: I'll get him. All right, come with us, sir.

Waternoose: W-what are you doing? Take your hands off me. You can't arrest me!

(The CDA agents lead Waternoose out of the simulator room.)

Waternoose: I hope you're happy, Sullivan. You've destroyed this company. Monsters, Incorporated is dead! Where will everyone get their scream now?! The energy crisis will only get worse because of YOU!

(The doors slam shut, leaving Sulley clearly troubled by Waternoose's words.)

Lead CDA Agent: Stay where you are. Number one wants to talk to you. (to other CDA) Attention!

(Sulley and Mike exchange a confused look. A parade of agents enter the room, standing at attention. As the last two enter, they make room for...)

Roz: Hello, boys.

(Sulley and Mike's mouths drop open.)

Sulley/Mike: Roz?!

Roz: Two and a half years of undercover work were almost wasted when you intercepted that child, Mr. Sullivan. Of course, without your help, I never would have known that this went all the way up to Waternoose.

(Boo scampers up to Sulley. Nearby CDA agents nervously step away.)

Roz: Now, about the girl...

(Sulley scoops Boo up in his arms.)

Sulley: I just want to send her home.

Roz: Very good. (into wrist communicator) Bring me a door shredder.

Sulley: What, you mean... You mean, I can't see her again?

Roz: That's the way it has to be. I'll give you five minutes.

(Sulley looks at Boo and sighs. Boo seems to understand.)

Scene 30: Goodbye

(Sulley activates Boo's door. The light illuminates. Mike taps Boo lightly on the shoulder. He holds out his hand, formally.)

Mike: Well, so long, kid.

Boo: Mike Wazowski!

(Boo gives Mike a big hug. He tenses, then relaxes and hugs her back.)

Mike: Ah, Boo, it's been fun.

(Boo waves bye-bye to Mike as she turns back to Sulley.)

Mike: Go ahead. Go grow up.

(Sulley smiles down at Boo. Ready, Sulley opens her door. Boo squeals with delight. Boo runs into the room, happy to be home. She pulls Sulley into her room and hands him various toys, each one with a new sense of excitement.)

Sulley: Uh... Boo... um... (accepting a toy) Oh, look at that. Yeah, you know-- (another toy) Oh, that's cute. Yeah... uh... Boo...

(Boo hands him a teddy bear, Jessie, the Luxo Jr. ball, and Nemo.)

Sulley: Well, that's very nice.

(Sulley realizes it's up to him to say goodbye. He grabs her playfully and flies her like an airplane to her bed.)

Sulley: Come here, you!

(Boo giggles wildly as Sulley deposits her in bed. he tucks the teddy bear in next to her.)

Sulley: ♪ Oh, he's a happy bear... ♪

(Boo looks to her closet and points.)

Boo: Dars byargs lub.

Sulley: Nothing's coming out of the closet to scare you anymore. Right?

(Boo smiles and gives a little nod. Sulley tickles her chin.)

Sulley: Yeah. Good-bye, Boo.

Boo: Kitty.

Sulley: Kitty has to go.

(Boo gives Sulley a big hug and Sulley hugs her back. Sulley sets her back in bed, then walks slowly to the door. He looks back at her one **** time. Boo watches him sadly from her bed. Sulley turns away, slowly closing the closet door after him. Boo climbs down from her bed. She runs to her closet and opens it.)

Boo: Boo!

(Boo jumps in front of the open door, but only sees her closet with her stuff in it)

Boo: Kitty?

(The portal to the monster world has closed. In the simulator room, Boo's door is shredded.)

Roz: None of this ever happened, gentlemen. And I don't want to see any paperwork on this.

(Roz and the CDA Agents exit. Sulley and Mike share a silent moment. Mike notices a single piece of Boo's door on the floor. He hands it to Sulley. Sulley clasps the small chip in his large hand. Outside the factory, The CDA agents shut Waternoose into the back of the van and drive away. A large crowd of MI employees murmur with concern about what will happen now.)

Smitty: I bet we get the rest of the day off!

Needleman: YOU IDIOT! They're gonna shut down the factory!

(Several monsters gasp. Sulley and Mike walk out into the evening light.)

Mike: I'm telling you, pal, when that wall went up, you should've seen the look on Waternoose's face. Hoo-hoo! I hope we get a copy of that tape.

(Mike looks up at Sulley. His buddy looks pretty sad.)

Mike: Hey, you all right? Come on, pal, cheer up, we did it. We got Boo home. Ah, sure we put the factory in the toilet, and... gee, hundreds of people will be out of work now. Not to mention the angry mob that'll come after us when there's no more power. But hey, at least we had some laughs, right?

(As Mike continues walking, Sulley slowly comes to a stop, an idea forming in his mind.)

Sulley: Laughs!

Scene 31: The Laugh Floor

(A kid sleeps in bed. Soft moonlight illuminates the room. A shadow cuts across the bed sheets. The silhouette of a large horned creature rises up over he bed. The kid sees the monster and gasps. Suddenly, the whine of microphone feedback fills the room.)

Mike: Hey, is this thing on? Hello. Hello. Testing, testing.

(The kid turns on a light, revealing Mike, sitting on a stool, microphone in hand.)

Mike: Hey, good evening, how are you? Nice to see you. I'll tell you, it's great to be here in... your room. Where are you from?

(The kid stares at Mike, confused.)

Mike: Never mind. You're in kindergarten, right? Oh, I love kindergarten. Best three years of my life.

(No response. Is that supposed to be funny?)

Mike: (forging on) Of my life. But I love sports. Dodgeball was the best. Oh, yeah, I was the fastest one out there. Of course I was the ball...

(The kid looks on, skeptically. That was worse than the last joke. Mike knows he's dying.)

Mike: ...but I... was the ball... see? All right.

(Mike stands up, tosses the microphone in his mouth and swallows it. Amplified stomach gurgles are heard while he waits. He finally lets out a huge burp, projecting the microphone out of his mouth and catching it.)

Mike: (what do you think) Huh?

(The kid howls with laughter. Mike grabs the stool and heads for the closet door.)

Mike: Hey, thanks a lot! I'll be here all week. Remember to tip your waitresses.

(The Scare Floor has now officially become The Laugh Floor. Mike smiles as a gigantic can fills with laughs.)

Sulley: Great job, Mikey. You filled your quota on the first kid of the day.

Mike: Not bad, huh? You know, only somebody with perfect comedic timing could produce this much energy in one shot.

Sulley: Uh-huh. And the fact that laughter is ten times more powerful than scream had nothing to do with it.

(Mike clears his throat, sheepishly.)

Celia: (o.s.) Oh, Googly Bear...! Come here, you!

(Celia calls to Mike from a nearby desk. Mike tosses the microphone and runs to her.)

Mike: Schmoopsie-Poo!

Celia: Googly...

(Celia kisses Mike on his mouth, and he feels loved by that. Celia's snakes begin kissing Mike, too, and it tickles him.)

Celia: (scolding snakes) Girls, girls! Ple- stop, stop, stop. (coyly) Michael, you're such a charmer.

Mike: Hey, did you bring the magazine?

Celia: They just delivered a whole box.

Mike: Let me see it! Ha ha ha! Sulley and I made the cover, right?

(He opens the box and we see: "BUSINESS SHRIEK" magazine. The lead article, "MONSTERS, INC. BACK ON TOP!" shows Sulley in full view. Mike's face is totally obscured by the bar code.)

Mike: (in shock) I don't believe it.

Celia: (sympathetic) Googly Bear.

(Mike lifts up a copy of the magazine and holds it in front of him.)

Mike: I'm on the cover of a magazine! OW!!

(Peterson inserts chattering teeth into his mouth as he walks into a closet door. Fungus puts on a pair of three-eyed grouch glasses.)

Fungus: Oh, this is great!

(George walks by carrying a watermelon and a mallet. Thaddeus Bile backs out of a door, jacks sticking from his butt. Laughter emanates from the kid's room, filing the tank. Satisfied, Bile bounces a soccer ball and smiles. Sulley makes his way to the end of the hall. He surveys the fruit of his labors. Laughter emanates from all the doors. Workers happily move giant scream cans tell each other jokes, juggle and enjoy themselves. A graph on Sulley's clipboard shows first year profits going through the roof. But Sulley's smile fades. taped to the clipboard backing is the now tattered picture Boo drew of herself and Sulley. Below is the wooden chip from her door.)

Mike: (o.s.) Hey, Sulley.

(Sulley covers the picture as Mike approaches.)

Sulley: Ah! Hey, uh, Mike. I was, uh...

Mike: Well, listen, if you got a minute, there's something I want to show you. Okay? Close your eyes, follow me.

Sulley: (hesitating) I...

Mike: Come on. No peeking!

(Sulley follows Mike with a sigh.)

Scene 32: Kitty

(Mike backs into the room, leading Sulley along.)

Mike: Keep coming, keep coming, keep coming. Come on, keep coming, keep coming...

Sulley: (eyes closed) Mike...

Mike: Come on, and follow the sultry sound of my voice. Okay, stop. Open 'em.

(Sulley opens his eyes. Before him sits Boo's reconstructed door, meticulously glued back together.)

Mike: Ta-da!

(Sulley stops, scarcely able to believe what he's seeing.)

Sulley: Mike? Is that....

Mike: Sorry it took so long, pal. There was a lot of wood to go through. (His hands are covered with splinters and band-aids.) You know, it only works if you have every piece.

(The door is clearly missing a piece. Sulley looks down to his clip board where the sliver of Boo's door is taped. Sulley fits the piece into the door. It fits perfectly. The red light above the door glows. Mike smiles and steps aside. Sulley reaches for the door-knob. The door opens. Sulley's nervous face is hit with light as he scans the room.)

Sulley: Boo?

Boo: (o.s.) Kitty!

(Sulley smiles.)



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