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Well, we did it. We made it through the most harrowing hour of Outlander's first season—which also happened to be the last hour of Outlander's first season. If you're a reader of Diana Gabaldon's source material upon which the Starz series is based, you've likely beendreading this episode all year. (I know I have.) And it was, in fact, one of the most vicioushours of TV that I've ever watched. But credit should also be given to the Outlander team fornot shying away from Jamie's rape and its terribly messy and necessary aftermath. Let's recap:

It's the dawning of a new day at Wentworth Prison. Jamie, naked and bloody, is lying wide awake in his cell with Black Jack nestled close behind. Randall gets up and begins to put himself together for the day, but a disturbance from the hallway draws his attention. He goes to investigate and is unceremoniously trampled by a herd of cattle that Murtagh and Co. got past the gates. (Night-night, Black Jack?!) The MacKenzie-Fraser Rescue Brigade emerge with a nearly lifeless Jamie to meet Claire—who notes the smell of lavender oil (a known healing ointment) on her husband's skin. But it's not there for purposes of good (more on that to come).

The group take shelter in a nearby monastery, where Brother Paul delivers a damning prognosis: "I have no doubt you can mend his body," he tells Claire. "But there are other wounds not so easily dealt with. His soul, I'm afraid, is in turmoil."

To wit, Jamie can't stand to be touched by Claire, and at points, hallucinates that she's Black Jack. Claire begs to know what Randall did to him. His chilling response: "Too much and not enough."

Cue the first flashback: It's moments after Claire is delivered safely from Wentworth, and Randall dislodges the nail from Jamie's palm. The Scot falls backward, and Black Jack cradles him, painting a sort of an unholy Pieta. In fact, the Biblical allusions are almost a little heavy-handed here, with Randall soothing water onto Jamie's brow like a baptism and referencing Christ (lest we forget the nail-punctured palm).

"Dear God you are a magnificent creature," he purrs before kissing him. "It's like kissing a corpse," Randall says when Jamie doesn't reciprocate. (Here's hoping Randall doesn't actuallyknow what smooching a dead body is like…) "I know you can do better. My men can have Claire back here in an hour. We have an agreement."

Black Jack then bends down and pulls up Jamie's kilt, spreads his legs, and begins fondling him.

"Jamie, I just want this to be a pleasant experience for us both," he says.

"Do what you must," Jamie replies. "Take your pleasure and be done with it."

At that, Black Jack drops Jamie's kilt, bends him over the table, and rams himself inside Jamie, instructing him to scream.

Back to the present, Claire is fretting over Jamie's mangled hand. She needs to reset nine bones. She administers laudanum to knock him out and gets to work. (And seems to do a pretty solid job given the fact that she has to work with 18th-century supplies.) But it's a terrible endeavor—both physically and mentally—and Claire gets sick in the hallway afterward.

The next morning, Jamie refuses food and is running a fever.

"You cannot save a man that doesn't want saving," Jamie tells her. Murtagh, too, is worried and pays a visit to the ailing Jamie's room. The two argue in Gaelic.

NEXT: Come sail away

Another flashback: Randall is asking Jamie if he's reached his limit. Jamie is delusional and begins seeing Claire instead of Black Jack. "Are you mine?" Randall asks. Jamie answers: "Only you." At that, he forces Jamie to brand himself with Randall's initials. Literally, staking his claim to his body—and soul.

At the monastery, Murtagh and the MacKenzies have decided Jamie and Claire cannot stay in Scotland—it's not safe. The group decides upon France—Jamie has a cousin there—and Murtagh sets about getting passage on a boat.

Young Willie takes his leave to check on Jamie, who tries to make good on his claims that he wants to die. Jamie instructs Willie to give him his knife so he can put himself "out of this black misery." Willie, of course, refuses.

Claire confronts Murtagh, furious. Did he know about Jamie's death wish? He did, but thought Claire might be able to fix him. Claire faints. When she comes to, Murtagh has an idea. Instead of trying to force Jamie into the light, someone needs to step into the darkness with him. And Claire is the woman for the job.

Rubbing herself in lavender oil (the signature scent of Black Jack), she tries rousing Jamie. She jumps on top of him and they struggle. After a few rough turns, they come to atruce, in which Jamie reveals his darkest hour of his time with Randall: the brand. He explains that Black Jack made love to him. That he instructed Jamie to call out Claire's name and he did. He says he can no longer be Claire's husband. "He broke me," Jamie admits in defeat.

Claire reminds him of his vow: that she has the protection of his body. Randall could not have his soul too. She even goes a step further: She says she will die with Jamie if necessary. That promise (threat?) seems to awaken something in Jamie. Because, really, what was it all for if not for Claire's life and liberty? So they go about literally cutting Black Jack out of their lives by removing his brand from Jamie's chest.

After a farewell to the MacKenzie men (keep your hands to yourself, Angus!), Claire and Jamie board the Cristabel bound for France. Jamie promises Claire that one day they'll return to Scotland, but Claire knows the devastation the clans will soon endure. Which sparks an idea: "What if we could stop it from happening?" she asks Jamie.

"Change the future, the two of us?" Jamie replies. "That's madness. Is it not?"

But they are sailing to France where the problem (Prince Charles) happens to be.

When Jamie says it'll take some thought, Claire makes one last announcement: She is pregnant. And with that news, Jamie is happy for the first time in a long time…and we are left waiting for season 2.

What did you think of the season finale, Outlander fans? Book readers: Did you miss the ending cave scene as much as I did? Did the season feel less complete given that Jamie and Claire did not try to have sex again (like they do in the novel)? Or did that omission make sense in the context of the show and its pacing? What did you think of the first season overall, and will you be sticking around for season 2? Take it to the comments and thanks for reading. Oidhche mhath.

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Outlander Season 4 2018

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Diana Gabaldon's genre-bending time-travel novels come to life in the Starz series.

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As you may recall some of the lengthy discussions between Jamie and Jack in the last episode, Jack wants to have Jamie’s surrender.. That is no small event to live with for anyone, man or woman.. Jack does so much more though.. After all her work is done on the hand, Claire heads off to get some rest while one of the Friars watches over Jamie for her.. At that time Jamie was flashing back and forth between Claire and Jack’s faces in his deliria.. He saw Jack as Claire, and now in the Abbey he sees Jack’s face at times when he looks at Claire; a sure sign that his soul is shattered.. In the book, Claire puts Jamie into a trance through a means that Geillis showed her.. Jack did it as a way to force Jamie to show him affection while Jamie thought it was Claire instead.. Any amount of difficulty is not to be taken lightly but does have to be dealt with eventually.

To wit, Jamie can't stand to be touched by Claire, and at points, hallucinates that she's Black Jack.. At that, Black Jack drops Jamie's kilt, bends him over the table, and rams himself inside Jamie, instructing him to scream.. Jamie is delusional and begins seeing Claire instead of Black Jack.. At the monastery, Murtagh and the MacKenzies have decided Jamie and Claire cannot stay in Scotland—it's not safe.. Jamie promises Claire that one day they'll return to Scotland, but Claire knows the devastation the clans will soon endure.. Outlander finale recap: Is Claire arrested for murder?. Outlander recap: Claire is arrested for murder. Outlander recap: Jamie and Claire meet a friend of Bonnie Prince Charlie. Outlander premiere recap: Someone from Jamie's past arrives on Fraser's Ridge. (Video) Outlander Season Finale Recap 'To Ransom a Man’s Soul'. Outlander recap: Jamie gives us a fiery cross to bear

Jamie wakes for a moment, but when Claire comforts him, he sees Randall instead of her and strangles her.. He threatens to retrieve Claire, but Jamie insists that his side of the agreement was that he wouldn’t resist Randall’s advances.. Jamie continues spitting blood, groaning in pain, as he starts seeing Claire instead of Randall.. Randall wonders aloud at the power Claire has over Jamie and wants to know her secret.. Randall pulls Jamie back and asks him if he belongs to Randall.. Randall heats his seal in the fire and tells Jamie to prove it, pointing to Jamie’s chest, over his heart.. He tells Claire that he’s sorry, that he doesn’t want to hurt either of them, but he also doesn’t want to watch Jamie waste away.. She is still preoccupied with Jamie’s physical damage, but the monk suggests that Jamie will kill himself if he isn’t brought back into the light.

The video will auto-play soon8CancelDRAWN with broad strokes, the events of the finale are somewhat simple: Jamie is rescued, Randall gets trampled, and Jamie’s guilt hampers his recovery.. Although she encounters Jamie moments later and they are not parted again for the rest of the episode, this is the image of Claire that I carry with me as the episode progresses: hopeful waiting.. Murtagh tells Claire that he will reserve passage on a ship for France where he and Jamie have a cousin.. Later, when Claire informs him that Jamie asked Willie to kill him, Murtagh tells Claire that Jamie swore him to secrecy, and wonders what else he is holding back.. Shortly before they leave to board the ship, in a visual echo of the first time Claire healed her husband, Jamie sits on a stool while Claire holds his shoulders and Murtagh quickly cuts out the circle of branded skin, tossing it in the fire where Jamie spits on it.. “Too much, and not enough,” Jamie says to Claire when describing what Randall did to him, and it’s an apt summary of the episode as a whole.

Instead, Randall leaves Jamie in the cell, perfectly and unwillingly alive, to go check out a noise he heard.. Instead, Randall leaves Jamie in the cell, perfectly and unwillingly alive, to go check out a noise he heard.. Murtaugh: “Jamie.”. Jamie: “No.”. Murtaugh: “Jamie.. Claire finally finds the time to break some big news to Jamie: she’s pregnant.. Murtaugh: “Jamie.”. Jamie: “No.”. Murtaugh: “Jamie.. Claire finally finds the time to break some big news to Jamie: she’s pregnant.

Reviews Outlander’s season finale is its darkest, boldest, most unsettling episode to date.. Outlander has never shied away from showing violence, but Jack Randall’s rape of Jamie in the season one finale is one of the most unsettling things I’ve watched on TV all year.. Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the depiction of sexual violence on television.. Rather than having an Act One scene depicting the rape, Outlander relays what happened to Jamie in a series of flashbacks.. Here, and in most of its depictions of sexual violence, there is no confusion over whether we are meant to enjoy the scenes.. If Outlander ’s depiction of sexual violence (both here and elsewhere in the series) continues the discussion of real-world sexual violence and the culture that perpetuates it, then it has value.. If I have any criticism of the season finale, it is how seemingly quickly the trauma of Jamie’s rape is resolved.. (See also: Jamie’s acts of domestic violence against Claire.)

So excuse me, reader, while I attempt to parse out my thoughts on the subject right now, textually, before your very eyes, as I have a deadline to meet and thus cannot afford the luxury of “sitting here alone, trying to clear my head,” as Claire said to the monk when he apologized for interrupting her prayers.. For although it’s true Jamie gets very nearly if not exactly as much screen time as Claire, Claire is undoubtedly the show’s protagonist.. In Outlander , for all the talk about saving Jamie by “stepping into the darkness with him”, and for all that Claire’s tears could be argued to show that it hurts her to hurt him even as she believes it’s for his own good, the fact remains that it is ultimately proven toactually be for his own good , which means the show expects us to find Claire’s behavior righteous, selfless, strong, and wise.. What all of this leads me to—the question I’ve been dancing around and, frankly, putting off asking because it’s very much a can-of-worms-opening sort of question—is this: Would a contemporary TV show or movie ever depict such treatment of a female rape victim in such a positive light?. And the question that occurs to me on the heels of that one is: Am I only offended by this because I think people would be offended if the genders were reversed?. On the other hand, maybe it’s a good thing that a television show is forcing me to ask these sorts of questions.. After Jamie says he’ll have to think it over, Claire nervously tells him there’s something else: she’s pregnant.. All in all, a satisfyingly epic and anticipation-building way to end the first season.. “British Grenadiers”, also prominently featured in one of this viewer’s top five favorite films, Barry Lyndon .. Well, the writers doubled down this week with the line: “So that’s your plan.

Finally, he uses Jamie’s in-and-out consciousness to pose as Claire.. As Randall goes to leave, Jamie croaks out a reminder that they had a deal: Jamie would submit himself to Randall’s perverse desires if he would kill him quickly at the end.. Instead, Randall leaves Jamie in the cell, perfectly and unwillingly alive, to go check out a noise he heard.. Even then, the only way Claire can even get near Jamie to treat him is by drugging him.. Murtaugh: “Jamie.. Jamie’s kin agree that the monastery cannot shelter them from the British for long, so they pick a new destination: France, where Murtaugh and Jamie have a cousin.. When Willie tells Jamie of the new plan, Jamie asks him for a knife, so he can kill himself.. Jamie begins to tell her about his imprisonment, but she can tell he’s holding back—until she rips open his shirt and sees that Randall has forced Jamie to brand himself with his initials.. Jamie tells Claire that he cannot touch her, or even be near her, without feeling overcome by shame.. With those tearful admissions, Claire breaks through the darkness, and a little tattoo removal brings Jamie a little further into the light.. Claire finally finds the time to break some big news to Jamie: she’s pregnant.

In the season one finale of Outlander , we see, in flashback, how Captain Jack Randall repeatedly raped and brutalized Jamie before Claire, Murtagh, and the other men could break him out of Wentworth.. “To Ransom A Man’s Soul” is hardly the first time Outlander shows violent sexual assault, but it’s the most terrifying episode to date, and quite possibly the most difficult episode of television I’ve ever had to get through.. But unlike rape scenes on Game Of Thrones , these graphic scenes between Jamie and Randall never come off as sensationalized horror.. It isn’t violence simply for the sake of violence.. It’s violence that’s intricately connected to the character, his arc, and even the narratives of other characters on a show.. It’s violence against a person’s soul, and the Outlander writers deal with the physical, spiritual, and psychological wounds of rape throughout “To Ransom A Man’s Soul.”. That’s not to say the show completely denies the severity of rape, but as with a lot of the violence on Game Of Thrones , it just doesn’t seem like the writers have given any thought as to why rape exists in this universe or what it means for the characters.. I don’t think Jamie is entirely lying about being happy, but it certainly isn’t the whole truth.. “I will have you any way I can, always,” Claire tells Jamie.. This brings us to the end of Outlander season one coverage!

The way Jamie sees Claire's face blending with BJR's (in the scene in the wagon, and throughout this episode) is very effective.. The scene where BJR pulls the nail out of Jamie's hand was hard to watch.. I liked the next scene with Jamie and Claire.. I'm glad they included the scene in the chapel with Claire and Father Anselm, even though it doesn't address the question of Claire's adultery/bigamy.. I liked the way Jamie reaches for Claire and her face melts into BJR's.. Still, even under torture, Jamie can't stop loving Claire.. The confrontation between Claire and Jamie is a terrific scene, very intense!. The way he uses his hair to evoke Claire's presence is just horrible....but at the same time, it's an interesting twist on the way it's done in the book, where Claire evokes BJR's "ghost" (his voice, his scent, his touch) in order to get Jamie to fight back.. And it is very much consistent with Jamie's description in the book of how BJR would not stop talking about Claire, but kept her image always before him.. Jamie's reaction to the news of Claire's pregnancy is very good.

Posted by Alicia Lutes on. May 30, 2015 First thing’s first — this is a recap, which means there are plenty of spoilers for the final episode of Outlander this season, “To Ransom a Man’s Soul.” Additionally, it should be stated that this episode also contained a heavy dose of sexual and physical violence that we will discuss at length.. Well, it’s the moment most Outlander book readers were waiting for and those of us TV-only fans were dreading as the worst case scenario: the rape of Jamie Fraser at the hand of Black Jack Randall.. Things will never be the same for Jamie and Claire: the shame Jamie feels will haunt him for years to come, and the triggers will pop up without warning or logic.. Told in flashback — because if the audience had to wait the whole episode to find out if Jamie was OK/survived we’d all probably be dead from anxiety fits right now — the episode started out with a bit of levity as a bunch of Scottish cows ran through the jail, banging around and generally causing a ruckus big enough to knock Black Jack to the ground and insure an escape for Jamie.. Throughout the episode, Jamie frequently hallucinated Black Jack was there in place of Claire and vice versa, scaring both she and he, and sending Jamie into a complicated emotional tailspin made all the worse by the shame Jamie felt for, at his lowest point, succumbing to the pleasure.. Throughout the entirety of the encounter, Black Jack plead — in his way — for Jamie to succumb to him not just physically but mentally and emotionally, urging him to take pleasure from the sodomy and reminding him of the so-called dignified death Black Jack promised him for his “compliance.” But of course when the time came to it he fell back on his word — ultimately cementing the mental anguish, betrayal, and hurt he very likely disassociated from while it was all going down.. Add to that the mental machinations Black Jack brought into play (“Think of Claire; think of your wife”) and, well, you can see how this act will damage Jamie long into the future, effectively changing he and Claire’s relationship regardless.

The U.S. pay TV network Starz debuted the Outlander TV series in 2014, with the show concluding its fifth season last year.. No doubt you saw this coming after the final moments of last week’s episode, and we’ll see how the two got to that state later on in this episode.. But not at the moment, there’s some commotion outside of the prison that everyone but Randall seems oblivious to.. Randall’s going to have a cow later.. To Ransom a Man’s Soul. All that was 1945 Claire is gone.. This episode title comes from Chapter 39 of the Outlander novel If you’re wondering why you’re not hearing “God Save the Queen/King” as the Union Jack is raised at Fort William, the song didn’t become more well-known as the British national anthem until the following year (1744).. In the novel, the Abbey is located in France, whereas in the series it is in Scotland.. We’ll pick up with it in our Summer TV Binge next May/June as well.

After Jamie takes a few healthy gulps, Randall pulls out the nail that held Jamie’s smashed hand to the table, and then holds Jamie as he pukes.. Jamie tells Randall to take his pleasure and be done with it (and spits in Randall’s face) and Randall bends Jamie over the table and violently rapes him.. Jamie responds, and Murtagh yells at him something about Claire, and Jamie answers into another horrible flashback.. Randall essentially gets Jamie to put Claire in his mind and poisons the memory and existence of her while raping Jamie and forcing him to get sexual pleasure out of it.. One thing that I thought was so interesting was how they filmed the attempted rape of Claire by the solider vs. the rape of Jamie by Randall.

He decided to give Randall what he wanted in exchange for Claire's freedom, but first Claire had to witness Jamie's sincerity.. Randall kept his word and let Claire go where she and Murtagh hatched a plan to save Jamie, but it's too late as Black Jack was about to begin.. Jamie wasn't angry that he'd suffered at the hands of Randall or even raped, it was that he allowed Randall to break him.. Randall didn't want to hurt Jamie, he wanted to break him.. Jamie tried to remain strong, as he normally would, and resist Randall, but it was the reminder that Claire could be brought back at any moment that made him accept his horrifying fate.. It wasn't about what Randall did to Jamie that frightened me, it was how he went about it.. Randall forced his way into Jamie's mind, pretending he was Claire.. Randall used that to his advantage as he knew if he kept pushing that he was Claire, Jamie would go for it because he wasn't with it.. What Randall did to Jamie was cruel and psychologically twisted, but it showed Randall's extreme desire to break him and ruin his and Claire's happiness.. Randall kept on reminding Jamie that he was Claire, knowing too well that Jamie would accept that.. Jamie's been the life and soul of the show, Claire's rock, and seeing his soul being torn apart, was devastating to watch.. Jamie is Claire's protector.. Jamie wasn't the only one who was broken, Claire was as well.

Let us first begin with that cell in Wentworth Prison.. Outlander – StarzIf you’ve been reading my articles then you already knew that Jamie was raped by Jonathan ‘Black Jack’ Randall.. And with it, she brings him back to Wentworth, back to Black Jack and makes him fight.. Up until now, even as a viewer who has read the books and knows the premise and understands what ideas and thoughts these actors are trying to portray, I believed Jamie to be trapped inside some sort of self-inflicted prison of shame and fear.. And Claire has something to tell him.. Even for Claire.. I loved that it stayed so true to the book and didn’t shy away from anything.

Murtagh swaddles Jamie in his plaid and the clansmen manage to spirit Jamie away while the British remain distracted by the cows.. No time to ask her about it; the boys come rattling up with what remains of Jamie in the back of a cart, and Claire jumps in there with him.. When that approach doesn’t work, he tries plan B, flipping Jamie over across a wooden table and pounding into him while instructing Jamie to scream.. Randall uses every tool at his disposal — pain, relief, lust, and even the specter of Claire — to break Jamie.. “He made love to me, Claire,” says Jamie, disgusted with himself.. Jamie’s dark night of the soul with Randall is a perfect and sickening inversion of his wedding night with Claire, in which he had sex for the first time.. That night with Claire was, for Jamie, a bit like being born again; this night with Randall saps Jamie of his will to live.. To put it as bluntly as possible, Claire made him a man; Randall makes Jamie his bitch.. They also continue to help Claire treat Jamie, as she sets the broken bones in his hand and, later, after a powwow with Murtagh, as she decides to venture into the darkness with Jamie in order to save him.. Jamie does come out the other side of his trauma, eventually, with Claire’s determined and passionate help.. Once Jamie decides to live, he has the others help him cut out Randall’s brand from his skin, and he, Claire, and Murtagh book passage on a ship to France.. Jamie embraces Claire and laughs, a man with a destiny, looking, once again, young and strong and whole, and ready for season two.

Randall attempted to make Jamie more comfortable, first removing Jamie's hand from the table.. Upon calling Jamie a magnificent creature, he wants to kiss Jamie and sets to doing so.. When Claire tries to set his hand, Jamie gives to her the same responses he gave to Randall.. Jamie doesn't want to be saved, but Claire isn't giving up.. Murtagh decided to chat with Jamie Gaelic and we have no idea what they're saying, but it sends Jamie back into another memory of his time with Randall.. This time, when Randall asks, "What should I do with you," Jamie sees her face and Randall wonders what her secret is.. When Randall asks if Jamie is his, again Jamie sees Claire and Jamie tells Randall he belongs only to him.. We see Randall rubbing Jamie with oil of lavender, rubbing his nipples, telling him to think of Claire, think of his wife.. While Jamie is rubbing himself, Randall rubs himself with oil and asks Jamie to wait for him.. Randall becomes happy to hear himself called Claire as Jamie comes ad Randall almost reaches some special place.. Jamie tells Claire he couldn't help himself, because it felt so good not to be in pain.

“Game of Thrones” is forever courting controversy with its depictions of. sexual assault, the cause of which centers not necessarily on intent, but on the fact that “Game of Thrones” as it exists, with its sprawling cast of hundreds, can’t afford the time or energy. required to give such blatant displays of intimate horror the gravity and consequence they deserve.. It’s this treacherous environment that “Outlander” enters with “To Ransom a Man’s Soul,” the Season 1 finale and an episode that delves deep into what precisely transpired. during Jamie’s time as Black Jack Randall’s prisoner.. But as necessary as the show’s unflinching look at Jamie’s time in captivity might be, it’s nowhere near as vital as the time and care given to the aftermath of his ordeal.. It’s not just that Jamie survived an extremely traumatic experience and needs time to heal, it’s that the way he behaves afterward is wholly representative of the experience. of so many abuse survivors.. As important as it is for viewers to bear witness to Jamie’s rape, it’s even more. important that they witness how excruciating it is to reach a place where the healing process can even begin.. Mr. Menzies’s work as Jack Randall has always luxuriated in the sadism of the character, but in “To Ransom a Man’s Soul” he pushes past the embodiment. of mere evil and into something much more frightening: tenderness.. But. it’s after Jamie’s time with Randall that the most illuminating work the show has ever undertaken occurs, as he endures the process of grief, blame and self-loathing so familiar to victims of trauma.. “To Ransom a Man’s Soul” is an important episode of television because it takes the time to fully explore what recovery actually looks like and understands that it’s by no means simple. or straightforward.. As brilliant as it is that the series felt comfortable. examining the reality of trauma and its aftermath, this is far from the first time the show has waded into the realm of sexual assault.. That spawns a larger question: In being so immersive with Jamie’s experience at the hands of Randall, does the show exploit masculinity in a way that it never could in a similar situation with female characters?. It seems likely that the show could not spend two full episodes on the extended torture and repeated violation of Claire without bringing down hell and high water.. With Claire’s violations, the show barreled. forward without allowing the character time enough to process her ordeal.. Jamie, on the other hand, is afforded two entire episodes to process what happens to him, and as stellar as the episodes are, it’s impossible not to compare the time and serious consideration given. to the traumatic experiences.

Tina: Kara, I was grateful that the episode didn’t pick up right where things left off in “Wentworth Prison.” However, seeing Jamie’s rescue right off the bat only delayed the inevitable.. In addition to the hand, Randall whips Jamie again and Claire also finds evidence of cane marks, use of a hot poker (in addition to the brand) and a few of Jamie’s ribs are broken as well.. And that’s why Jamie continues to shut Claire out.. Kara: Their first go around was quite violent — the evidence of which we see when Jamie’s crawling away from Randall — but he hasn’t broken Jamie, not yet.. At this point, Randall knows he needs to involve Claire to get what he really wants from Jamie.. Randall wonders how Claire still has power over Jamie, even now.. But in following Randall into that darkness, even if it was against his will, Jamie feels like he’s failed himself and he failed Claire.. She tries to reassure Jamie that he still belongs to her and that she still belongs to him, but he calls her words “weak.” I feel like Jamie doesn’t full realize Claire’s commitment to him until she tells him she’ll die with him if he’s so determined to put an end to himself.. I enjoyed watching Claire and Jamie fall in love, although I was way more resistant to it in the beginning.

It’s the first time I’ve done an adaptation like this.. And it sets things up well for anything to happen in season two.. It wasn’t a set where people were joking around a lot.. He’s always trying something different in the performance take to take and scene to scene, so there’s a lot of experimentation.. So Tobias and Sam and Anna would work alone on all of the scenes from both episodes, really work through the material.

This soldier has a hero’s face and just like I hoped he’d save the men at the hanging, I have a glimmer of hope he’ll intervene and save Jamie, but alas he does not.. The men find Jamie; Murtagh wraps him in his kilt and carries him out the door looking for all the world like the hero he has become to us.. Claire is waiting for the men in the middle of a road and when she spies the wagon coming toward her, she quickly jumps aboard to help Jamie and just as quickly he tries to choke her.. Jamie flashes back to his time in the prison with Randall.. Just after Claire left, BJR pulled the nail from his hand, and Jamie fell to the floor and vomited.. #gag He then threatens Jamie saying he needs to respond or “my men can have Claire back here within the hour.” Jamie spits in his face….hard and accurate and for one brief moment I think of American baseball where they spit way too much and it comforts me.. Claire sedates Jamie with whisky and laudanum and performs a grueling surgery to repair Jamie’s hand.. A monk tells Claire to go rest as he will watch Jamie, so she staggers from the room and vomits in the hallway, which is becoming somewhat of a habit, and then goes to chapel.. The next day, Jamie tells Claire he does not want to be saved.. Back at the Abbey, the MacKenzies and Claire have realized Jamie’s not getting better and they must leave Scotland as they are not safe from the damn redcoats.. Claire confronts Murtagh and finds out Jamie also told Murtagh he wants to die.. The monk tells them Jamie’s soul is in torment and Murtagh says the only way to save his soul is for someone to enter the darkness with him and they look at Claire.. Jamie finally tells Claire what happened with Randall and says that “Randall broke me”.. Jamie, Claire & Murtagh are leaving for France.. They briefly discuss what their future may be like and then Claire shares the joyous news that she is pregnant and we finally get a real smile of hope from Jamie.


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