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Now that we’ve got two of the core episodes out of the way from the taping I went to back in February (Maybe a guestless will come from it, in Summer 2018); But this Taping just went above and beyond, and ready to discuss. In this photo is the Game List, What was aired, what was cut, and what were my absolute favorite games from this taping!

(I apologize, this is going to be a pretty long. Bare with me!)

•The initial core of the show: Absolute Insanity, the two words to describe it. Before the show we were ushered in by quite the engaging studio ushers, brought us into the decently sized studio (It’s not as big as it looks on Television!). The studio sound system was playing a constant stream of Blues Brothers music; some of the studio ushers got in on it and started dancing up and down the audience aisles. They definitely ramped us up a lot, even prompting Audience Waves every so often. It wasn’t long after that they started passing out forms and pencils for quirk suggestions for the quirk based games, line suggestions for ‘Whose Line’ (I remember two of the lines I had; ‘Piss in the Orange Man’s Coffee’ and ‘Drew Carey looks fab in Drag’) and Scene suggestions for Scenes From A Hat (My Scene suggestions included ‘Things you can say about the Weather and Not Your Partner’, The Secret Double Life of Aisha Tyler, Famous Commercial Ads as done by Carol Channing, and Rejected Skittles Flavors).

  • It was near 5:30p when the studio lighting was tested and then set for shooting. Yep, the audience (including me) lost their shit when time came closer and closer to taping. The Stage Manager came out gave sort of a brief introduction, talked about audience cues for the show, basically telling us to have a great time; He introduced the brilliant Dan Patterson (Who I will always consider an icon and mentor) who gave us the entire speech, summarized how the taping will go, talked of pickups, the monitors above us, he also spoke of audience cues, went over calling out suggestions, applause, cheering, laughing, gasping, boos; An secondary audience warm-up if you will; It was a Nice lengthy speech, call me boring but I found it all interesting. He introduces the band, who had a nice warm welcome and started doing their thing (immediately playing what I call the Intro Taping Music); and introduces the entire cast. All I remember is Ryan coming out on Wayne’s intro, completely goofing off; Wayne in turn comes out for Ryan’s cue. After we settled with the intros, Ryan goes “Fantastic, rehearsal is off to a great start!” Aisha says hey to the audience and briefly chats. After which she runs up to her spot in the audience.

  • Dan calls out Ready, Aisha nods, Ready. The Stage manager calls for “BIG APPLAUSE”, We break out into a thunderous applause and The Music Intro starts with a pre-recorded voice-over, with the guys doing their intro shots. (Think it was at this time I realized, OMG I’m Here!); Aisha does here “Let’s Make Some Stuff up!” line on microphone and runs down to the desk; where her heel snags the carpet and nearly falls! Laughs all around when that happened, she introduces the show and compares the points to the faulty carpeting (Something of that nature, don’t totally remember word for word!). They start off with Questions, brief pause as the stagehands bring out the Hats boxes; and they resume.

  • The taping was like watching a 4 Hour version of Whose Line, everything IS as quick as you see it on television (Except for like edits to the game, etc etc etc). I will also say, Its very odd seeing the starter games being introduced (Like “We’re moving now to a game called ‘Weird Newscasters’” or “Let’s go on to a game called ‘Let’s Make a Date’”) It’s just all interesting to me. We got a break in between, Was right after Scenes From a Hat, the twelfth game.

Resumed with a return from commercial shot, resumed with Props. The games all went phenomenal just as they did during the first half, (Minus Living Scenery and Newsflash; Scenery went Decent, Newsflash, just… Oy, If you want to watch people drink, party and it's 'after effects', more power to you).

•What a treat this was, seeing this show in person; Again it’s exactly like how you see it play out on television, just a four hour version! Aisha is naturally on fire during the taping, if she’s not sassing Dan or bantering with the guys after a game, she’s interacting with the audience, making jokes at appropriate moments. Overall, she finds ways to add to the funny and contributes her own flare. Some might complain she doesn’t give out points or doesn’t do points jokes. I was right there in the audience and I can say the points giveaways were constant, we actually had a few points don’t matter jokes. She’s a very lively and vibrant host, it’s a shame a lot of her funnier moments aren’t edited into the final products for the show!

•Another thing you don’t see is the pause leading to Helping Hands. This was right after the banter from Hoedown; Aisha announces they’re moving onto a game “entitled” Helping Hands, The stage manager puts his hand up signaling for no applause yet. Ryan looks to Colin, He laughs and goes “Here we go”. The stagehands come out bringing a substitute carpet, the table, and many come out with props and food. Colin sees cake on the table and goes “Hey Ryan, Look! Cake!” he then gives a snide snicker. Soon as they’re done setting up, Aisha reintroduces the game with full read (Who’s in it, The Scene, etc) with applause, etc. Credit Readings happened after Helping Hands

So much went on at the taping, here’s a summary of things I’m dying to discuss!

•Cut from Banter after Hollywood Director; we saw a decent chunk of banter after Hollywood Director. Ryan remarked the desk was stronger than first thought (as it was able to hold Jonathan leaping over and onto Aisha) in the episode the banter bit ends after Aisha’s comment about her cards. In the taping the banter didn’t end there, after Aisha’s comments; Ryan commented that there was no neon to break either; Aisha retorts with “No, We had to have that removed”, Ryan quips back with “I’m still removing pieces of glass from my head!”

• Let’s Discuss this taping’s ‘Scenes from a Hat’, It was just a 30 min cluster of everyone going above and beyond. Great material from it aired in Wanya’s episode yes, but just the 3 Mins(?) we saw did not do it justice; Everything of the 30 Minute Playing was top form. Jonathan’s Big Bird started a running gag and it popped up more in SFAH and a few other games after. For ‘Things You Wish Were True’ only one suggestion aired from it, Jonathan’s Big Bird. But if you’ll notice from the shot up to Jonathan’s suggestion, you have Aisha reading the scene, you have Jonathan walking out all deadpan to the camera; The shot changes closer to Jonathan who SUDDENLY has this goofy smile going “This is What Big Bird Sounds like” He says. That was a ‘crafty’ edit and switch; When this Scene happened at the taping, Aisha read it, Jonathan WAS the first out, and with a dead pan look to the camera he went “THE. NEWS”. Causing Wayne, Aisha, Colin and Ryan coming out and around Jonathan giving him a standing Ovation. Remember my SFAH suggestions I told you about, the weather one made it!

• Let’s Discuss Mixed Messages. I think it took the slot as my favorite game, certainly the highlight of the entire taping. It’s a Modern Two Line Vocabulary, if you caught episode ‘Danielle Pannabaker’ you know how it runs. Wayne, Jonathan, and Colin did this game and it flowed so well, the audience members having some of the funniest texts I’ve heard; one of them having potential to be quotable. Colin prompted Jonathan in the scene and the next text Jonathan read was ‘Does she do the Sex? Lol’ (With the lol Read out letter for letter) and the way he said it was hysterical. Backstage before the taping the production staff had been looking for people to volunteer their phones for this game, I volunteered immediately. Unfortunately for me I had a non-smart phone Tracfone, it was not the kind of phone they were looking for, I lamented that I had a dinosaur phone, the person of the prod staff looked at me and took out his phone (just like mine) and went “I feel your pain, I’ve yet to upgrade!”, another prod staff walked by caught a whiff of the conversation, stopped and pulled out their phone and went “Oh, Tracfone too?” and nodded. Happy to report I’ve upgraded my phone since then.

• Let’s discuss this Taping’s Props. Went for a good five-six minutes, and a lot of funny suggestions. I’m happy a lot of them made it in; including Jonathan’s Tennis Prop; a bit shortened of what happened, because after Jonathan slammed Ryan’s Prop; Just about everyone lost it for a good second, including Ryan. Probably my favorite bit, happened after the game; I believe it was Colin. There was a slight pause during banter after Props, and all of a sudden out of the silence, Colin goes “Should we have done a Trump Golden Showers joke?” The Entire Audience burst out in one gigantic “AWWWWWW”. I can’t remember if they went back and did that suggestion in pickups.

• Scene To Music was extremely fun, if you’ve seen it on a Drew or Clive Series episode it flowed exactly like a playing from one of those seasons, if not better. Wayne, Colin and Ryan bounced of each other really well in this game; I remember just being completely impressed. I remember the last style as it kicked into this sort of Hoedown-ish fused with Swamp stereotype Music; Interesting indeed and what else could you do when some Hoedown-ish music starts to play? Why do a Hoedown-ish sort of song of course, Wayne broke out in one to end the game.

• Speaking of Hoedowns, this was insanity but so much fun! So much better to see in person. They asked for a Significant/Major Life Event; I yelled out Menopause (Just a fun callback to when an audience member shouted that out before the iconic ‘Going Bald’ Hoedown) I yelled that out, they went with Marriage. First go around went well, no big problems except maybe Colin had to take a second to dance around before his verse; Jonathan sort of cheated in his verse. Each line he would say “Marriage Marriage Marriage” etc etc. Kind of what you’d call ‘Pulling a Neil Mullarkey’ (See Rubix Cube Hoedown; Although Jonathan pulled off his verse much better and more efficient). Dan Patterson came out after and he ordered another go around, also noted he thought Jonathan could do much better than the first verse. 2nd go around completely killed, Wayne sang about being married 3 times and is choosing to stay single because he likes to keep his shit. Jonathan, oh my god, it was as if you were watching a Hoedown on a Drew Carey Season (Wayne says something to prompt Drew to strike back). Jonathan started out great, you didn’t expect the curveball he was about to throw at the end of his. He ends with “Guess what Wayne, I’ve been with all three of your wives”. Aisha goes slackjawed, Wayne doubles over laughing, Ryan & Colin’s head shoot over to Jonathan (As to say, Did he just say that?!). Colin does his verse, swears in the middle and restarts. He manages to get a great verse out.

•Now we come to Ryan on the second go around, so many mess ups! He started singing about marrying someone and how his wife looked like a young Joe Peschi, He doubles over into a complete giggle fit. He tries again, this time saying his wife looked like a young Abe Vigoda; He squeaks the name out and doubles over. He goes again, He opens his mouth and he starts to giggle again; soon after goes "I really fucking hate this game". Goes in for another; It starts to go well, but loses steam quickly. Goes "Fuck" right in the Middle. He looked as if he was going to say “F*ck it’ and just give up, He stopped swaying to the music, he just stood still. Not only that but I started noticing the audience stopped clapping to the Hoedown music. Something came over me, Don’t know what; but all of a sudden I called out “You’ve got this Ryan!”, I started loudly clapping to the Hoedown beat, and it started to echo; and that got the audience to start clapping again, which seemed to snap Ryan out of his funk, he stopped being still and started swaying again with a smirk. Finally (and within seconds) he got one out about Marrying someone who became a Trump Supporter, and hopes to get out of the marriage smoothly by telling her that he (Ryan) is gay. Ryan’s mess ups from the 2nd go around would be revisited in Pickups.

•Moving onto Pickups, Probably the most rigorous part of the taping but oh so necessary. Before they happen Dan briefs on what’s going to happen and how. Aisha expressed her disdain for it, I can’t remember her exact words, But I do remember before they happened Aisha saying “Okay, I’m going to try my best not to look like I’m shitting my pants from a seizure”. Pickups start with a series of Intros, like top of the show Intros, Aisha constantly had to walk up those stairs and do the intro, run down to the desk and introduce a game; it was constantly too. The games Dan had Aisha introduce as starter games were ‘Newscasters’, ‘Questions’, ‘Let’s Make A Date’, ‘Director’ and ‘Scenes From a Hat’. That was five different intros right there.

  • After intros, they reshot the end to Director, from the point of Jonathan getting off the desk and everyone back to their seats. Jonathan groaned as the placed himself in the position he was in, Aisha patted his back “Hey there buddy” She said, “Have I earned my pay yet?” Jonathan asked.

  • There was a reshoot the end of ‘Let’s Make a Date’, Weird Newscasters reshot from Wayne’s quirk. Originally when Wayne did his quirk, he did a roll like an agent and his phone fell out of his pocket, unknown to Wayne. Ryan grabs it to play off the audience member he supposedly broke up with. In this pickup, no roll. What you saw on TV, the first part of his quirk was from pickups, up to Wayne making his way towards the audience member was from the top of the show, and then the ending of the game was from pickups. They reshot the end to Mixed Messages, just having the audience members go their seats quicker, Starts and ends to Guest Games (Having them run out, run back; Few endings to the other games, such as Wanya’s ‘Themed Restaurant’, or Marisol’s Duet)

  • Film Dub was reintroduced again, Dan said he liked the playing from the core of the show, and wanted to try and see if they could go funnier. So Film Dub was done again with a different scene and video. They shot a second end to Helping Hands, it originally ended with Ryan and Wanya shoving cake at each other, the pickup involved Sandwiches and Wanya spitting into Colin’s hands; The pickup is what aired. They also did a pickup to Aisha describing the game Marisol’s Living Scenery game, Ryan who was deliriously cranky at this stage started Ooh’ing at the directions the entire time. After that pickup, Dan went “Ryan, stop that” to which Ryan flipped him off and went “Oooh!”

•Pickups into Greatest Hits. Ryan & Colin did a secondary open to Greatest Hits, did different segues to the songs. As the two went and an on with their segues and banter, Jonathan and Wayne decided to sit down on the other side of the stage and started to laydown and play sleep (Unless they REALLY fell asleep and we didn’t know it!). One Point Dan yelled out to Jonathan and Wayne to get up. They started shooting the starts and ends to the songs, The begin the songs give a little chance for the music to play and then end the song seconds later. So Start, Some Dead Space, and then end the song. There was one point where Jonathan in dead space of one of the songs started singing nonsense just to fool around, which got Wayne to laugh.

•Pickups into Props. Aisha reintroduced Props, and the guys did about eight more suggestions. Colin got a little flustered in the middle and went “What would you do with these f*cking things?!” after the suggestions, Aisha did a commercial cutaway.

•Pickups into Scenes From a Hat flowed exactly like the Props pickup.

•Commercial Cutaways and Welcome Backs. Dan spoke to Aisha through her ear piece that this was the time for the cutaways etc. Aisha relayed that to the audience, and she started singing the theme to “Welcome Back Kotter”, it wasn’t long until the room was singing it! For welcome back’s, the stage manager called out “BIG APPLAUSE”. Each one, Aisha would welcome the audience back and introduce the game after break. The games she introduced were, Helping Hands, Mixed Messages, Living Scenery, Duet, Props, Scenes From a Hat, Greatest Hits, Scene To Music, and Party Quirks. We clapped for each game that was introduced, despite no one getting up and playing again. Colin at one point after one of the games intros, giggled and went “We’re not gonna play it, We’re not gonna play it!”

•Commercial Cutaways, These also happened in the core of the shows. Aisha did cutaways after Scenes From a Hat, Hoedown, Greatest Hits, Duet x2, and Helping Hands during the core show, ones you’d expect to see them in. For these Dan had the cast taking turns on saying something funny; and what he wanted us to do was laugh at the jokes and go into “BIG APPLAUSE”. So we did that about eight times, somewhere around there. They ripped on Dan A LOT during this time, Jonathan reprised his “WOOH WOOH WOOH” from the Wanya Duet, and He also brought back his Big Bird impression.

•Hoedown Pickup. Dan had something Different in mind, He said to Ryan that they were going off one of his bloopers from earlier; Ryan cocked his head in wonder. He explained that they were working off of just for fun, and he goes “You remember what you said, right? It was when you did that sort of… ummm.. Pause”. Ryan grows this incredulous look, “You remember what you did, yeah?” all of a sudden Ryan blasts “HOW THE F*CK AM I SUPPOSED TO REMEMBER WHAT I DID?!” so Dan recalls it for him, Ryan started a verse and went Fuck it in the middle, and what he wanted the pickup to go was, Ryan starting a verse, him saying fuck it and the Hoedown to end with that chorus. Cranky Ryan obliged, and went “Fine… Oh, even better. Let’s Do 12 Hoedowns!” the boys all get into position, Laura returns to the piano, the music starts and goes into Ryan’s verse, I don’t think he understood the directions completely but he got an alright verse out, going fuck it towards the end. Dan comes back out, and asks if he can do it again, for a funnier effect. Ryan starts to swear under his breath. The music picks back up, Ryan grows a snide grin, he looks up the camera and goes “There’s this British Guy who likes to Suck my Dick…. Ahh Fuck It”. End Chorus being Awww Fuck Ittttttt.

  • After the conclusions of pickups, Dan announced the end, which got Ryan to leap out of his seat and start jumping like Larry Bird for a quick second. Colin goes “Don’t want to do too much of that or your colon will fall out again!” Aisha quips with “I’m not cleaning that up this time!” Dan looks back to them and shakes his head, and calls the cast to come up to stage and take a bow. Aisha thanked the crowd, she said our crowd was the most enjoyable of this taping’s season. Wayne announced he had to run and catch his flight to Chicago for Hamilton; and the cast said their goodbye’s and made their ways backstage, and we were ushered out of the studio as the staff started shutting down the camera’s etc.

  • This was THE best four hours of my life and I've been wanting to share with you all for so long! If you ever have the chance to go to a 'Whose Line' taping, please do it! You will not be disappointed! Thank you for bearing with this long report, as I recall most of the taping. I encourage comments and questions!

  • BIG thank you to Sam Nulman (Assistant to the Producer) for his wonderful VIP Ticket sign up. Just an overall fantastic assistant (Who I believe I met on the way out of the taping?)

Part of the experience was heading over to Hollywood to see a taping of the improv comedy show “Whose Line is it Anyway?”. As an added bonus, I was tuning in near the end of that run, so many of the familiar American stars like Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie and Greg Proops were making appearances (hell, by season 8 of 10, Ryan and Colin were already in every episode).. That was disappointing to me, because it meant I wouldn’t get the chance to see the show live.. When WLiiA was renewed for another season (either season 2 or season 10 depending on who you ask), everything was set.. A couple old favorites returned, including Party Quirks (mysteriously absent from the first Aisha season) and Irish Drinking Song (although I don’t know if that will make it to air because Colin kept using placenta in the final rhyme).. And while we were stuck in an obnoxiously long pick-up session, the four cast members decided to do another impromptu Irish Drinking Song when the camera weren’t rolling, just to fill time.. February 3, 2014July 7, 2015blog , Chris , Colin , comedy , hollywood , improv , Ryan , taping , television , TV , Whose Line , Whose Line is it anyway

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