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Join Fortune 500 companies speeding up their workflows with signNow
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Benefit from signNow’s electronic signature

Create electronic signatures with the same legal force aswet-ink signatures injust afew clicks onany computer ormobile device.

Adjust existing templates for each customer without needing torecreate additional documents orsimply create afillable template and let aclient fill out the information ontheir own.

Choose ifyou want tosend aprepared file toshare anelectronic signature with aspecific recipient orallow anyone with the link tofill out and sign adocument.

Set upconditions and role-based orders for each document toautomatically send multiple files for signing.

Implement eSigning capabilities into your application, CRM system, orwebsite tocollect electronic signatures significantly faster.

Create teams and enjoy the ability toshare the latest versions ofdocuments and tocollaborate onthem securely.

How tocreate anelectronic signature

Watch this video tofigure out how toadd anelectronic signature toaPDF using our professional solution.

The best electronic signature to go paperless with (14)

signNow solution for electronic signatures

Keep your electronic signatures secure

Feel confident about the safety ofyour documents and the electronic signatures you insert into them. With industry-leading encryption features, all your data issecurely stored onprotected servers.

Transform files into fillable forms

Insert fillable fields with different validation types toensure that your recipient fills inthe needed information inthe required format. Add conditional fields torequest different information from various people.

Stay mobile

Sign onthe gousing convenient electronic signature apps for iOS and Android. Their user-friendly interface will help you todeal with even the most complex tasks injust afew minutes.

Receive instant payments and attachments

Never wait hours for receiving payments orattachments. Add the appropriate request right toyour forms and receive all the needed documents simultaneously.

Implement electronic signatures into your services

Use signNow API togive your customers the ability tocreate electronic signatures without leaving your website orapp, and toallow your employees tosign documents without leaving the CRM system.

Collect signatures



Reduce costs by


per document

Save up to


per employee / month

be ready to get more

Why choose electronic signature bysignNow

  • Free 7-day trial. Make sure our electronic signature solution meets all ofyour needs risk-free.

  • Honest pricing. signNow has nohidden fees, soyou always know how much you’re paying.

  • Enterprise-grade security. All your electronic signatures comply with global security standards.

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Your complete guide onhow tocreate anelectronic signature

Anelectronic signature provides you with convenience and flexibility: you can eSign adocument from anywhere around the globe without needing toprint and manually signit. Electronic signatures simplify and accelerate everyday workflows, giving you the ability tofinish your work faster and greatly expand your efficiency when itcomes tohandling paperwork.

How tocreate anelectronic signature online:

  • 1. Log intosignNow orcreate anaccount ifyou don’t have one yet.
  • 2. Upload adocument tothe system byclicking Upload orCreate.
  • 3. Select the MySignature tool.
  • 4. Click where you want tosign.
  • 5. Create anelectronic signature bydrawing, typing, oruploading one.
  • 6. Adjust its size and position. ClickOK.
  • 7. Select Save and Close toapply changes.
  • 8. Click More ➟ Download tosave the document asaPDF.

signNow enables you tocreate electronic signatures quickly onany internet-connected device without installing additional software.

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How it works

Upload a file to the system.

Create an electronic signature in the editor.

Save the document or send it for signing.

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What our customers say about our electronic signature

Explore why lots ofpeople around the world trust our electronic signature

Excellent workflow and electronic signing


Mark L

What doyou like best?

The ability toroute documents for signature and add fields todocuments that you can then route. You can add date, time, calculated fields and even request files tobeattached. This can all then berouted for signatures.

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Great solution


Administrator in Banking

What doyou like best?

Itisuser-friendly, offers easy access, and clients can use itfast and douseit. Clients can use the system through their phones. It’s easy tounderstand how the app works. Also, the price ispretty reasonable for the type ofworkI use itfor. The solution guides the clients through signatures and what they need tosign next onthe app. The simpler the better, the more easy access the better.

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Great Experience!


Judy H

What doyou like best?

I’ve been using SignNow for over ayear and have had noissues. It’s easy toset upand use, myclients are quick toreturn agreements and I’ve had nocomplaints, even from the non-techie ones.

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Helps our business dobusiness


David J

What doyou like best?

Itallowsus toget documents signed. Wecan upload apdf ofadocument and itwill allow our customers todigitally sign the needed fields.

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The best electronic signature to go paperless with (22)The best electronic signature to go paperless with (23)

The best electronic signature to go paperless with (24)The best electronic signature to go paperless with (25)The best electronic signature to go paperless with (26)The best electronic signature to go paperless with (27)The best electronic signature to go paperless with (28)

The best electronic signature to go paperless with (29)

How tocreate anelectronic signature

Creating anelectronic signature doesn’t have tobecomplicated. When you have the right solution onhand, you have totake just afew simple steps tocomplete your document.

signNow provides you with all the necessary tools tocreate anelectronic signature and more, socreate your account onthe signNow’s registration page and follow the guide below:

Step1. Upload adocument.

Click Upload or Create and choose the file on your device to import it into the system.

The best electronic signature to go paperless with (30)

Step2. Enhance your file.

Use the options from the upper part of the left toolbar to add fillable fields, dropdowns, and checkboxes, or insert new text and checkmarks from the options at the bottom of the toolbar.

The best electronic signature to go paperless with (31)

Step3. Create anelectronic signature.

Select the MySignature tool. Click onthe document where you want toinsert the eSignature. Then draw, type, orupload your unique signature, adjust its place and size, and clickOK.

The best electronic signature to go paperless with (32)

Step4. Export adocument with anelectronic signature.

Click Save and Close toreturn tothe Documents tab and apply file changes. Click More ➟ Download tostore itonyour device. You can also select Invite toSign toadd anemail and request anelectronic signature from anindividual.

The best electronic signature to go paperless with (33)

There isnosimpler way tocreate anelectronic signature than using signNow and its robust editor.

be ready to get more

Get legally-binding signatures now!
  • Best ROI. Our customers achieve an average 7x ROI within the first six months.

  • Scales with your use cases. From SMBs to mid-market, signNow delivers results for businesses of all sizes.

  • Intuitive UI and API. Sign and send documents from your apps in minutes.

What isanelectronic signature? Explore signNow and find out

According tothe ESIGN Act, anelectronic signature is«anelectronic sound, symbol, orprocess attached toorlogically associated with acontract orother record and executed oradopted byaperson with the intent tosign the record.» While this seems simple and straightforward, some platforms may try toconvince you that eSignature isn’t guaranteed tobevalid (unlike adigital signature) because it’s just animage ofareal signature. This isn’t true.

Ifyou randomly select asolution tocreate aneSignature, you run the risk ofsubmitting asignature that isnot legally binding. Ifyou want toaccelerate your work with documents and eSign records securely, it’s best tochoose the platform carefully. Use the list below tosee what makes anelectronic signature legally binding:

  • Consent todobusiness electronically. Your solution should ask signers toagree torecognize electronic signatures made with this service asequally valid ashandwritten wet-ink signatures.
  • Intent tosign. Asigner’s intent must beclearly shown. Signers must draw aneSignature ortype aname and confirm signing.
  • Providing signed copies. All signers must receive completed copies ofsigned documents. Inmost cases, the solution will automatically send signed records (especially ifit’s aprofessional solution).
  • Authenticated signers. All parties should beable tocheck ifareal person isbehind each signature.

Pay attention tothese aspects and beconfident that you are signing your documents securely and avoiding any possible issues.

Are you wondering where you can find asimple solution with all these options available? Check out signNow. This professional service allows you tocollect and create eSignatures accepted byofficial institutions and courts. Ifrequired, you can add additional security levels and beconfident about the safety ofyour electronic signature.

Data accuracy, security, and compliancesignNow iscommitted toprotecting your sensitive information bycomplying with global industry-specific security standards.Learn more about security

FAQs about electronic signature

Here isalist ofthe most common customer questions. Ifyou can’t find ananswer toyour question, please don’t hesitate toreach out tous.

Need help?Contact support

  • How doyou create anelectronic signature?

    Among numerous tips onhow tocreate anelectronic signature, the easiest way isbyusing signNow. With this professional solution, you only need totake these three simple steps: Upload afile, eSign, and export your document. Take alook atthe detailed instructions above orregister for asignNow account and try tocreate anelectronic signature onyour own. signNow’s user-friendly interface will guide you through all the required steps injust aminute.

  • What isanelectronic signature?

    Anelectronic signature isalegally valid way toindicate approval orconsent onadigital form ordocument. Inother words, it’s asymbol, sound, orprocess used for signing. Toconfirm the validity ofyour electronic signature, consider checking the laws incountry jurisdiction. Ifyou’re inthe United States, please refer tothe ESIGN Act, and ifinEurope, please refer tothe eIDAS Regulation.

  • How doI make anelectronic signature?

    AneSignature can beeasily created byusing specialized solutions. Consider avoiding suspicious platforms that offer you simple ways onhow tomake anelectronic signature without requiring any registration. Such services don’t provide information about signers, somost official institutions have the right torecognize these documents asinvalid. Toavoid legal issues, use signNow. Its electronic signature isvalid inthe United States and Europe.

  • How doyou add anelectronic signature toaPDF?

    Adding anelectronic signature toaPDF can beasimple task ifyou have asignNow account. With all its professional tools, our platform doesn’t require you tohave special skills todeal with eSigning. You just need toupload your document, add your electronic signature using the appropriate option, and export the file toyour device, cloud, oremail.

  • How doI create anelectronic signature?

    signNow assists you increating aneSignature. Use the MySignature tool toaccess one ofthe available eSigning methods:

    • Drawing. Draw your unique signature using a trackpad, screen, or mouse.
    • Typing. Enter your name inthe specialized field and choose your preferred font style.
    • Uploading. Upload aphoto ofyour signature tothe system for electronic use.

    Tocomplete the signing process, adjust your eSignature’s size and placement. Then, click Save and Close and export the eSigned file.

  • How canI create anelectronic signature inWord?

    Microsoft Word enables you tosign afile only byusing digital signatures, which are shrinking inpopularity more and more each year. Ofcourse, you can insert aphoto ofyour autograph into adocument, but its validity will bequestionable. The best way tocreate anelectronic signature inWord isthrough signNow. Our service will automatically convert aDOC oraDOCX toaPDF, and from there, you’ll beable touse the MySignature tool insignNow toeSign the file injust aminute.

  • How doI electronically sign adocument?

    When you have atool aspowerful assignNow, only afew steps are required for you toeSign files. Follow these instructions onhow toelectronically sign adocument online:

    • 1. Log intoyour signNow account.
    • 2. Click Upload orCreate toimport afile.
    • 3. Use the MySignature tool tosign the form.
    • 4. Click Save and Close.
    • 5. Select More ➟ Download tosave the file.
  • Are electronic signatures and digital signatures the same?

    No, they’re different. Digital signatures require you tohave apair ofsecret and public keys generated byCertified Authorities. Electronic signatures don’t require you tohave any keys. All you need tohave isanaccount onsignNow and you’ll beable tocreate electronic signatures from any device and any location that are valid.

  • How canI use anelectronic signature?

    You can use itfor most ofyour document needs: eSign contracts, agreements, tax forms, orany other record that requires your signature. There are some exceptions, for instance when you need tosign adocument infront ofanotary. These situations are less common.

  • How doI request aneSignature?

    Ifyou need toshare alegally-binding agreement, make use ofsignNow inthe following way:

    • 1. Log intoyour signNow account.
    • 2. Upload afile tothe system.
    • 3. Insert a Signature field.
    • 4. Click Invite toSign and indicate the recipient’s email.
    • 5. Wait for your document tobesigned.

    Your recipient will get anotification about your electronic signature request and will beable toeSign adocument even without asignNow account.

Electronic signature generator

Handle your paperwork easily with our professional electronic signature service and speed upeveryday workflows.

The best electronic signature to go paperless with (45)The best electronic signature to go paperless with (46)

How tocreate anelectronic signature online

After choosing eSignature when debating between digital signaturevs. electronic signature, the next step istochoose the proper solution for eSigning. You can find plenty ofadvantages and disadvantages tousing installable and non-installable (online) signature solutions. Let’s look athow todeal with eSignatures using anonline signature solution and then compare ittoinstallable programs.

Learn how tocreate anelectronic signature with signNow:

  • 01.Create anaccount onthe signNow website.
  • 02.Select Upload orCreate totransfer aneeded file tothe tool.
  • 03.Add more text orinsert fillable fields toyour document.
  • 04.Use the MySignature tool toeSign your record.
  • 05.Click Save and Close.
  • 06.Select Invite toSign torequest signatures from other people.
  • 07.Click More ➟ Download tosave the file toyour device.

Now, you have your document eSigned. You also can email acopy toanother person orset upautomatic export toyour preferred cloud storage service.

Ifyou decide touse aspecialized installable program, you’ll take the same steps tocreate aneSignature. Onone hand, you don’t need toconnect tothe internet (and that’s important), but, onthe other hand, you can’t take advantage ofmultiple online features like the ability toset upautomatic document export tothe cloud, email itright from the service, orrequest payments and attachments. Furthermore, you’ll have toregularly update your software, keep inmind hardware requirements, and erase data from your storage more often because installed programs take upasignificant amount ofspace.

Ifyou want tostay mobile and create electronic signatures inPDFs from any device worldwide, register for your signNow account now!

The best electronic signature to go paperless with (47)The best electronic signature to go paperless with (48)

How tocreate anelectronic signature inGmail

Gmail isone ofthe most important and widely used tools for doing business. Itprovides you with the ability tosecurely communicate and share documents with customers. However, there are nospecialized tools for document management with Gmail, and you have todownload files tobeable toedit and sign them. Itseems tobeaquick and straightforward procedure, but ifyou doitday after day, itcan bequite time-consuming and inefficient. signNow can help.

One simple add-on for Google Chrome can help you totransfer received PDF, JPEG, and Word documents tothe professional electronic signature solution. Follow the guidelines below tolearn how tocreate anelectronic signature inGmail:

  • 01.Click the + icon onthe right sidebar ofyour inbox.
  • 02.Find signNow and installit.
  • 03.Click the signNow icon onthe sidebar and log intoyour account.
  • 04.Open anemail with the attachments that require your eSignature.
  • 05.Select the file inthe signNow toolbar.
  • 06.Click Upload.
  • 07.eSign the record.
  • 08.Apply changes byclicking Save and Close.
  • 09. Export your document.

This simple optimization can save you hours per month. Byadding anonline signature without the need todownload and upload files, you can easily increase your productivity. Try itout now!

The best electronic signature to go paperless with (49)The best electronic signature to go paperless with (50)The best electronic signature to go paperless with (51)

How tocreate anelectronic signature inGoogle Chrome

Google Chrome isone ofthe fastest and the most convenient web browsers out there. However, its speed and interface aren’t the only advantages ofthis program. Google Chrome supports installing useful extensions for improving your work. These can look like tab counters, task management integrations, orelectronic signature solutions.

When you install the signNow add-on, importing files found on the web takes just a few seconds. Follow the instructions below to create an electronic signature in Google Chrome:

  • 01. Find our electronic signature for Chrome add-on inthe Chrome Web Store.
  • 02. Click Install.
  • 03. Find the link tothe file you need.
  • 04. Right click onit.
  • 05. Select Open in signNow.
  • 06. Check the document and modify its content ifrequired.
  • 07. Place today’s date and eSign the record.
  • 08.Click Save and Close.
  • 09.Select More ➟ Download.

This add-on does more than just import your files from the web toour electronic signature service. How often doyou analyze your downloaded files for viruses? Virtually everyone neglects this step and endangers their device and sensitive information. signNow checks all files imported tothe system. Ifadocument contains viruses orother malware, the uploading will beaborted, and you’ll get instantly notified aboutit.

Create eSignatures securely with signNow. Register now!

The best electronic signature to go paperless with (52)The best electronic signature to go paperless with (53)The best electronic signature to go paperless with (54)

How tocreate anelectronic signature onmobile

Despite the fact that smartphones have capacities similar tocomputers, their browsers still can’t handle all processes. Asaresult, most products have todevelop specialized mobile applications toenable their users toutilize their platform onmobile. Few companies give their customers the option ofusing their services onboth abrowser and mobile app. signNow, with its robust electronic signature tools, isone ofthem.

With signNow, you can always access your documents orforms and eSign them with noeffort, even while onthego. Follow the guidelines below toadd anelectronic signature toaPDF using amobile browser:

  • 01. Open the signNow website inaweb browser and login.
  • 02. Transfer afile tothe system byclicking Upload orCreate.
  • 03. Choose the page and click the Sheets icon toclose the Thumbnails tab.
  • 04. Select the MySignature tool and click onthe document.
  • 05. eSign the records inyour preferred way.
  • 06. Close the editor.
  • 07. Tap More ➟ Download tosave the signed form onyour device.

This isafast and straightforward solution for eSigning inthe moment. Ifyou prefer touse anapp, and tomake eSigning your document even more convenient, you can also install signNow’s specialized mobile applications tocreate electronic signatures for iOS and Android. They don’t require much space onyour device but will significantly increase the speed ofprocessing documents. Soprepare yourself for adding online signatures— register anaccount now!

The best electronic signature to go paperless with (55)The best electronic signature to go paperless with (56)

How tocreate anelectronic signature oniPhone

Virtually any reputable service needs tohave anapplication for one ofthe world’s most popular mobile operating systems: iOS. signNow, with its electronic signature app, isnoexception. Inaddition tobeing able toeSign documents right inSafari orany other installed browser, you can download the specialized app toenjoy anenhanced and convenient user experience.

Follow the guidelines below toeSign documents onaniOS device:

  • 01. Install our electronic signature app from the App Store.
  • 02. Create anaccount orlog intoanexisting one.
  • 03. Select the Create option (the plus icon).
  • 04. Choose the location ofyour document (your device, cloud, orcamera).
  • 05. Find aneeded file and confirm importing bytapping Select 1Document.
  • 06.Select who needs tosign the document.
  • 07.Modify the form according toyour needs.
  • 08.Select Signature, tap on the required place to insert it.
  • 09.Click onyour electronic signature and select Adjust Size tomake itbigger orsmaller.
  • 10.Tap Done ➟ Save tofinish the signing process and specify the name ofyour file.
  • 11.Select the three dots icon (···) near your file’s title, select Share, and choose your preferred exporting method.

The steps ofeSigning are alittle different from eSigning inthe web browser. The process demands afew more steps, but it’s just asquick and easy.

Don’t miss out onthe ability toadd electronic signatures toPDFs onaniPhone. Install our application now!

The best electronic signature to go paperless with (57)The best electronic signature to go paperless with (58)

How tocreate anelectronic signature onAndroid

Android devices can beuseful not only for communication and entertainment but also for document management. Ifyou need togenerate adocument from scratch, the convenience ofthis process depends onthe size ofyour screen and what additional gadgets you have. Still, you can transform afile into afillable form, insert new text, and add anelectronic signature toaPDF file injust acouple ofclicks with the help ofour robust solution, signNow.

Follow the instructions below toeSign documents onanAndroid device with our electronic signature app:

  • 01. Download the eSignature application from Google Play.
  • 02. Create anaccount.
  • 03. Click the + (plus) icon and upload afile from agallery, cloud, orcamera.
  • 04. Select Signature inanopened record and tap where you want toplaceit.
  • 05. Close the editor by clicking the icon in the top-right corner, select Save, and specify the name of your new file.
  • 06. Tap ⋮ ➟ More ➟ Download tosave the file toyour device.
  • 07. Select Share tosend your document.

signNow isthe best way tocreate anelectronic signature onanAndroid device without any hassle. Even ifyou decide not toinstall our electronic signature app, you still have the ability toeSign PDFs inyour mobile browser. However, the application makes iteasier and more efficient toget what you need done. Install itand handle your document signing tasks effortlessly!

The best electronic signature to go paperless with (59)

Learn more about our eSignature

  • How to sign a document electronically
  • How to eSign a PDF
  • How to create eSignature
  • Create a handwritten signature

The ins and outs of eSignature

Find everything you need toknow about electronic signatures. We’ve collected all the best tips and step-by-step instructions for working with eSignatures inasingle place.

Improve the onboarding process with eSignatureRead our how-to guide and learn how to sign and date a PDF with an eSignature. Manage onboarding workflows at ease with tools for adding dates and eSigning PDFs.Learn how to sign a PDF onlineDoing business digitally is the only way to increase the efficiency of your signature workflows. Learn how to edit and sign a PDF right from your signNow account.Make it easier for your clients to eSign PDFs onlineLearn how to make eSigning documents online easy for your clients. Take advantage of the industry’s easiest-to-use electronic signature solution.

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