The Marriott Bonvoy® American Express®* Card (2022)

®*: Used by Amex Bank of Canada under license from American Express

®, ™: 2021-2022 Marriott International, Inc. All Rights Reserved. All names, marks, and logos are the trademarks of Marriott International, Inc., or its affiliates, unless otherwise noted.

§ The Marriott Bonvoy program is operated by or on behalf of Marriott International, Inc. and is subject to terms, conditions, and restrictions. For details, please see

1. Account must be in good standing. You will earn five (5) Marriott Bonvoy Points from American Express for every $1 of eligible purchases (less credits and returns) charged on your Marriott Bonvoy American Express Card when charged directly with participating Marriott Bonvoy properties, standalone Marriott Bonvoy retail establishments, and Marriott Bonvoy online stores (including online purchases of Marriott Bonvoy gift cards), that in each case, are owned or managed by Marriott International, Inc., and its affiliates. Merchants are typically assigned codes and categorized based on what they sell. Earn rate of two (2) Points for every $1 applies when the merchant code is not in an eligible category, using a payment account or service of a third party, a card reader attached to a mobile phone or online retailer that sells goods of other merchants or the merchant category is otherwise not identified. Points will be earned on the amount of all eligible purchases, less credits and returns. Funds advances, interest, balance transfers, Amex cheques, annual fees (if applicable), other fees, and charges for travelers cheques and foreign currencies are not purchases and do not qualify for Points.

2. For complete information on award redemption stays at Marriott Bonvoy participating hotels, please see Subject to availability. The amount of Points required per night for an Award Redemption Stay varies by the Participating Hotel, the room types available at the Participating Hotel, length of stay, and may also vary by time of year. Points required per night are updated continuously and may change at any time. If the Member makes a modification to the Award Redemption Stay, the Member is responsible for the changes to the Points required.

3. Each year starting after your first year of Cardmembership, 8-10 weeks after your annual reset date, you will earn an Annual Free Night Award redeemable within 1 year from issuing for an available single or double occupancy standard room at participating Marriott Bonvoy properties with a room redemption rate of up to 35,000 Points, inclusive of room rate and applicable taxes but exclusive of resort fee. Booking and stay of the Free Night Award must be completed within 1 year of the Award’s issuance. Account must be in good standing. To view the full terms and conditions for redemption of Free Night Awards, visit

4. Each year if, before the annual reset date, you reach $30,000 in net purchases charged to your account you will earn Marriott Bonvoy Gold Elite status in the Marriott Bonvoy program for a minimum of 1 year (unless you are already enrolled at that or a higher level). Account must be in good standing. On the annual reset date, the amount of annual net purchases resets to zero. Gold Elite Benefits are subject to the terms and conditions of the Marriott Bonvoy program available at If you already have Gold Elite status or higher status in the Marriott Bonvoy program, you will retain that status as long as you meet the requirements specified in the Marriott Bonvoy terms and conditions.

5. Based on availability. To view the full terms and conditions, visit

6. To be eligible to receive the 15 Elite Night Credits with this Card, you must be the Basic Cardmember, your Card Account must be in good standing at the time of the 15 Elite Night Credit deposit, and you must have an active Marriott Bonvoy program Account. To receive the 15 Elite Night Credit deposit, your Card Account must be linked to a Marriott Bonvoy program Account in your name. You will receive a maximum of 15 Elite Night Credits per calendar year even if you have more than one Marriott Bonvoy Consumer or Small Business credit card Account or have more than one Marriott Bonvoy program Account. American Express is not responsible for fulfillment of this benefit. It will take approximately 8 weeks from Card Account approval date for the credits to be applied to your loyalty Account. Your 15 Elite Night Credits for subsequent years will then be deposited on or before March 1 of each subsequent calendar year.

7. Participating brands: The Ritz-Carlton®, JW Marriott®, Autograph Collection® Hotels, Renaissance® Hotels, Marriott Hotels®, Delta Hotels by Marriott™, Gaylord Hotels®, AC Hotels by Marriott®, Courtyard®, Residence Inn®, SpringHill Suites®, Fairfield® by Marriott, and TownePlace Suites®. Not applicable in meeting rooms. Available at participating hotels within the participating brands.

8. Account must be in good standing. An additional card is a supplementary card. No annual fee for supplementary cards. Supplementary Cardmembers must be at least 13 years old. Maximum of 9 supplementary cards per account.

9. All references to you means the Basic Cardmember.

10. Your account must be in good standing. If this is a personal or family referral, you agree to only make recommendations to known friends and family members with whom you have a relationship and who have confirmed to you that they want to receive this communication. If this is a referral in the context of your business, you agree to only make recommendations to business contacts whom you know and have consented to receive this recommendation from you. You must not send recommendations to people you do not know. Whenever you reach out to a potential referral, you will only use content we provide. Any additional statements you make cannot be inconsistent with our content and must be truthful, accurate and not misleading. You should not publish or distribute your referral link in locations where the audience is likely to include individuals with whom you do not have a business, personal or family relationship or who may not be interested in the offer. You can only receive a maximum referral bonus of 150,000 Marriott Bonvoy® Points per calendar year for approved referrals, which includes eligible referral bonus amounts from both (i) special or limited time referral offers and (ii) regular referral offers in that same calendar year. Referral bonus for each approved referral and maximum annual referral bonus limit may change at any time and if you change card products. Should the referral bonus amount change during the calendar year, you may receive a partial bonus depending on the available maximum bonus Points. You are not eligible to receive this referral bonus offer if you have already reached your maximum annual referral bonus limit. The referral bonus will be awarded to you based on each eligible referral for which American Express receives an application that is subsequently approved, subject to all applicable terms and conditions. Your referral bonus will be awarded in the calendar year in which the eligible referral application is approved and not when the referral application is received. Due to the confidential nature of the approval process, you will not be notified when applications are approved or declined and any individual you have referred must agree to allow your account to be bonused upon approval or you will not receive the referral bonus. If our records indicate that any person you have referred has opted not to receive e-mails from us, your referral will not be sent and you will not receive the referral bonus offered as part of this program. Referral program varies by product and may be modified, suspended, cancelled or otherwise terminated without notice. Cannot be combined with any other offer. If the people that you refer have already applied for the product that you are referring without participating in this program, neither you nor they will be eligible for any referral bonus that may be offered as part of this program. Likewise, if the people you refer decide to apply for a Card through this referral program other than the one you have specifically recommended, the referral bonus for which you and they may be eligible will vary. You will only use the delivery methods we provide. By participating in the referral program, you are requesting that emails be sent on your behalf to individuals with whom you have a business, personal or family relationship. Any violation or abuse of this referral program including, sending emails to individuals with whom you have no business, personal or family relationship, efforts to bypass, manipulate, obscure or otherwise modify the delivery and accurate presentation of the referral link, sharing tools, content, disclosures, instructions or other materials we provide will be considered a breach of these Terms and make you ineligible for any referral bonus and/or result in your termination from the program. Referral program participants should allow 8 to 10 weeks for the award of the referral bonus once program criteria have been met and must be enrolled in the corresponding loyalty program (if applicable) when the referral bonus is awarded. American Express reserves the right to limit, cancel, or revoke a referral or welcome bonus if it determines, in its sole discretion, you have violated these Terms. Please note there may be other offers available for this Card on where spend requirements or welcome bonus amounts may differ. All products and services are subject to applicable Terms and Conditions.

11. Purchase must be charged in full to an American Express Card. Subject to availability and to event and ticketing terms, restrictions, verification procedures and fees. Tickets and packages may not be transferable and should not be resold. No refunds and no exchanges subject to merchant's obligations under applicable law.

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