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Tuscany is one of the most beautiful, most charming regions in Italy. Your trip can be about food, countryside, wine, culture, or nature. Everything is covered in Tuscany in the most amazing way possible. Discover the top 10 towns in Tuscany, from the beautiful Florence to the most hidden ones as Cortona. On our list, you’re going to find the most beautiful towns in Tuscany that you must visit!

Top 10 towns in Tuscany

So which are some of the most beautiful towns in Tuscany? If you’re visiting Florence, and you’re looking for the best towns in Tuscany countryside, where you could plan a day trip from Florence, we’ve got a separate post for that too! For now, you can see the prettiest towns in Tuscany, and some of the small towns in Tuscany to visit if you’ve got some spare time. Also, you can travel to these places by public transport, such as train or bus, but if you’ve got a car, that’s always the best and easiest way to travel around!

1. Florence

Top 10 Towns in Tuscany - Most beautiful towns in Tuscany | Italy Best (1)

Our first on the list of 10 towns in Tuscany, is actually one of the best cities you could visit in Italy! Florence is the birthplace of the Renaissance, and the center of Italian culture and arts! Traveling to Florence and towns in Tuscany near Florence is really easy! Florence has an international Airport, the Amerigo Vespucci Airport, but you can also reach it by train or bus from Rome, Bologna, Milan, or Venice too.

One of the highlights of the city, and a reason why Florence is one of the best towns in Tuscany is the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. You can also climb up to the top of the duomo and enjoy a beautiful panoramic view, or visit Piazzale Michelangelo, and get an even better view over Florence and the cathedral.

Besides the many museums and art galleries, Florence is known also as one of the best shopping towns in Tuscany, since you can find anything from luxury to local artisan products. The Ponte Vecchio bridge, besides its beauty, is also known as the artisan bridge, where you can find many jewelries and leather shops with products made in the area.

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2. Siena

Top 10 Towns in Tuscany - Most beautiful towns in Tuscany | Italy Best (2)

Siena is definitely one of the most beautiful towns in Tuscany! It’s just about 1.5 hours away from Florence, and it is definitely our second pick for the most charming towns in Tuscany! The town is located south of Florence and you can visit by car, bus, or train too!. It’s also close to making it a day trip from Rome!

Siena is also one of the best shopping towns in Tuscany, with many local products, such as truffles, wine, cheese, meats, but also ceramics. This Tuscan town is also the home of one of the most stunning gothic and renaissance pieces of architecture. The most important square of Siena is Piazza del Campo, that’s one of the largest and most significant medieval squares in Europe.

Besides the shell-shaped square, you can visit here the Palazzo Pubblico and the Tower of Mangia. Moreover, n Siena you can visit one of the most fascinating Renaissance cathedrals, the Duomo di Santa Maria Assunta, then try some truffles,wine, and other great local dishes!

3. San Gimignano

Top 10 Towns in Tuscany - Most beautiful towns in Tuscany | Italy Best (3)

San Gimignano is definitely one of the 10 best towns in Tuscany that you should see! One of the prettiest towns in Tuscany, which stands still with its many towers on top of the Tuscan hills. If you’re looking for pretty hill towns, we’ve found San Gimignano to be one of the most breathtaking small towns in Tuscany Italy.

If you’re looking for day trips from Florence for example, and you want some towns in Tuscany near Florence, so you could reach them fast, San Gimignano is a top choice! mushrooms,cheese, greatwine, and sweets. Moreover, you can find dozens of local shops to buy famous Tuscan olive oil, more wine, and ceramics. The ceramics are stunning!

Can’t be missed in San Gimignano:

While you’re roaming the cute town of San Gimignano, make sure not to miss this pastry and chocolate bar calledArmando e Marcella.The story of this place is so beautiful on its own, that it just can’t be missed. This bar is a family-owned business, Armando e Marcella are those who opened it, and you can still find Marcella (who I’d say is around 80 years old) making amazing cappuccinos and serving their clients so fast, that a bartender in their 20s’ wouldn’t do it like her!

A local man recommended this place to us, and I must say that I have never had such a great brioche with cream, and brioche with chocolate as what they make! They also sell sandwiches, all types of sweets, but homemade chocolate balls (THEY ARE INCREDIBLE!) as well as homemade chocolate cream, hazelnut cream (better than Nutella!), andhomemade pistachio cream!I spent more money shopping in this one bar than during my whole Tuscany trip! The charming town, the towers, the food, and this bar all together make San Gimignano definitely one of the best day trips in Tuscany!

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4. Volterra

Top 10 Towns in Tuscany - Most beautiful towns in Tuscany | Italy Best (4)

Volterra is one of the most beautiful towns in Tuscany. A hilltop town that will make everyone fall for! If you’re looking for some of the most charming towns in Tuscany near Florence, Volterra is another of the greatest choices! Volterra is close to San Gimignano as well as to Florence. However, a car is really much helpful to have a comfortable trip.

Volterra isn’t as famous as Siena or San Gimignano, but it is definitely a stunning destination with an incredible panorama over the Tuscan hills. The best in this town is that it actually has these medieval vibes with dragon symbols around the town. Volterra’s historic center and these medieval vibes are absolutely fascinating, and sometimes you might find yourself looking if a knight covered fully in armor will show up on the next corner.

The town is steeped in mystic folklore, and those who loved the Twilight saga, I’d remind you, that theVolturivampires had their residence in Volterra, while the town is also visible in the New Moonmovie. Possibly the town was picked for the Twilight saga due to the many vampire stories originating from Volterra.

While you’re exploring this stunning town, make sure to stop by at the Alabaster Museum, and plan a lunch or dinner in the town, to try some delicious local dishes! If you like porcini mushrooms, the Risotto con Funghi Porcini is definitely something you want to try in Volterra!

5. Greve in Chianti

Top 10 Towns in Tuscany - Most beautiful towns in Tuscany | Italy Best (5)

One of the top 10 towns in Tuscany is definitely Greve in Chianti! The land of the perfect grapes, vineyards, and the land of the most famous Italian wine, the Chianti wines. Definitely, Greve in Chianti is one of the prettiest towns in Tuscany that you should see! Actually, the whole wine region is great to be visited as a road trip, to explore multiple towns like Greve. You can add to your list Radda, Castellina,and Montefioralle.

The squat wine bottled held in straw baskets that are called a fiasco, you can recognize a Chianti wine easily, and no sommelier will pass the opportunity to explore the wine region for sure! To visit this area, the best is always by car, since the vineyards are spread in the area. Otherwise a bicycle or a motorbike.

Greve of also one of the best shopping towns in Tuscany when it comes to local wine, truffle, cheese, and meat products. Also, since the wine region is worldwide famous, you can expect to find some of the highest quality restaurants from Italy, that are usually serving traditional Tuscan dishes, many times with a modern twist. Anyhow, any foodie will definitely leave Greve with a happy stomach!

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6. Montepulciano

Top 10 Towns in Tuscany - Most beautiful towns in Tuscany | Italy Best (6)

Montepulciano is another of the most beautiful towns in Tuscany that you must see! A prime example of Tuscan beauty! The medieval hill town is home to Renaissance buildings, a labyrinth of cobbled streets, beautiful churches, great food, history, and wine. Definitely one of the best small towns in Tuscany to visit!

If you want to think about day trips out of Florence, and you’re looking for elegant, yet rustic, beautiful locations, day trips to Tuscany countryside from Florence, we say Montepulciano. To be honest, the best is always to get a car, and travel around 5-10 towns in Tuscany during a trip instead of doing 1-1 random day trips, however, in each case, Montepulciano is one to consider.

For wine lovers a day trip from Florence to Montepulciano can be a perfect option, so you can visit vineyards, and try some of the most famousItalian winesthat you’ve ever tasted. Since Montepulciano isn’t big either, if you’re in the area, you can combine a visit also to Cortona from here.

7. Cortona

Top 10 Towns in Tuscany - Most beautiful towns in Tuscany | Italy Best (7)

Cortona is definitely one of the most charming towns in Tuscany that you must see! It’s draped over the hillsides of the pre-Apennines on the eastern fringes of Tuscany, close to Siena. A stone-clad town topped with a beautiful medieval tower. Winding alleyways, cute streets, stunning main piazza, that’s all Cortona.

Cortona offers beautiful views over the beautiful Tuscan hills of Chiana Valley and Lake Trasimeno. Also, don’t miss the cute market between Piazza Garibaldi and the Cortona Cathedral over the weekend for red wine and lampredotto sandwiches!

Cortona is one of those small towns in Tuscany to visit, that became famous thanks to a book or a movie. You may have seen already, or read the book Under the Tuscan Sun? It was written by Frances Mayes, where she falls in love with the villa in Cortona and buys it. Well, if the book doesn’t help you imagine it, the movie will give you a glimpse of how Cortona is.

8. Lucca

Top 10 Towns in Tuscany - Most beautiful towns in Tuscany | Italy Best (8)

Here’s another of the most beautiful towns in Tuscany, and one of the best towns in Tuscany near Florence, Lucca! Lucca is a perfect choice for some of the best day trips in Tuscany. The medieval town center that’s really unique since it has a perfect round form, thanks to the buildings surrounding it.

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While you’re in Lucca, you must explore some of the most stunning architecture, such as the Guinigi Tower. You can see on the top the holm oak trees that stand proud on top of the tower, that’s absolutely incredible to see! Also, the above-mentioned round square, Piazza dell’Anfiteatro is packed with lovely cafes and restaurants serving local dishes and wine.

9. Pisa

Top 10 Towns in Tuscany - Most beautiful towns in Tuscany | Italy Best (9)

You’d expect that Pisa should be higher on the list of the 10 towns in Tuscany, right? Well, even though the Piazza dei Miracoli is one of the most famous places in Italy, Pisa didn’t convince me enough to put it before the charming towns that I’ve listed above.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is probably one of the most iconic landmarks not just in Italy, but the whole of Europe. If you’re looking for the best day trips from Florence by train, Pisa is always a winner, since you’ve got a direct line there.

The first thing to visit in Pisa is always the Piazza dei Miracoli, where you can find the Cattedrale Metropolitana Primaziale di Santa Maria Assunta (Cathedral of Pisa, or in Italian it’s also called Duomo di Pisa), with the stunning baptistery on the side, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa behind it. Though, if you want to visit Pisa, it’s always best to think about 2 destinations. A day trip to Pisa and Lucca from Florence could be a great pick for good day trips from Florence.

10. Arezzo

Top 10 Towns in Tuscany - Most beautiful towns in Tuscany | Italy Best (10)

And the last one on the list of the best towns in Tuscany countryside is Arezzo! The hilltop town is easily reachable from Florence. It is definitely a must-see since, beyond the medieval architecture and stunning panorama, there’s also a Roman amphitheater to visit. Moreover, there are plenty of churches and a fortress as well to explore in Arezzo!

The stunning historic center, the Piazza Grande, is just stunning. Moreover, the Medici Fortress on the top of the hill is unmissable, also for the spectacular panorama that it offers. Definitely, a lot of good food, wine, and local delicacies are to be found in Arezzo, so everyone can satisfy their curiosity and stomach too!

Wrapping up the top 10 towns in Tuscany

We’ve covered the 10 most beautiful towns in Tuscany that you must visit. From the largest city, Florence, to the smallest yet most charming towns in Tuscany, everything has been listed for you! These are definitely some of the prettiest towns in Tuscany! If you ask me to pick, I’d say that my 3 favorites were Siena, San Gimignano, and Volterra! Florence is stunning on its own, but when you want to relax and enjoy some beautiful views over Tuscan vineyards, you want to go to places outside Florence!

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Top 10 Towns in Tuscany - Most beautiful towns in Tuscany | Italy Best (11)
Top 10 Towns in Tuscany - Most beautiful towns in Tuscany | Italy Best (12)

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How many towns are in Tuscany? ›

There are 273 municipalities in Tuscany (as of January 2019): 36 in the Province of Arezzo. 41 in the Metropolitan City of Florence. 28 in the Province of Grosseto.

Which is better Siena or Lucca? ›

Lucca is quieter, smaller easier to get around and has a more small town feel. It does have some great medieval art, as Ruskin noted. Siena is also more central and a good base for visiting the sights of central Tuscany, like Chianti or San Gim. You pays your money and you takes your choice.

What town is the heart of Tuscany? ›

Panzano. At the bucolic heart of Tuscany and set amid some of the most important vineyard sites for Chianti Classico, Panzano is a natural intersection where outstanding wine and food meet.

Which is better Siena or San Gimignano? ›

Siena is larger, although it's not a big city, has its university, its way of life (Palio etc.) and all things considered is less devoted to mass tourism than San Gimignano, especially if you wander apart from the most touristy spots (the Campo and the Duomo).

Is it worth visiting San Gimignano? ›

San Gimignano and its surroundings are well worth a visit to enjoy both historical monuments and taste great wines. This town situated on the Via Francigena represents a pleasant stop for pilgrims directed to Rome in the Middle Ages and present visitors looking for ancient medieval towns in Tuscany.

Is Lucca worth visiting? ›

Lucca is one of the cities most loved all of Tuscany, a stop that can not really miss in a classic itinerary to the discovery of the region. The city can be visited in a day, but if you want to appreciate the best stop for a few days or choose it as a base to explore central or north Tuscany.

Which is better Umbria or Tuscany? ›

In general, Tuscany is the perfect place to explore iconic city centers, while Umbria is ideal for soaking in the Italian experience. It's true that Tuscany also has small towns that feel less “discovered,” but Umbria has more, and it's generally easier to escape the crowds in the region known as Italy's “green heart”.

With towns like these, Tuscany is an easy holiday destination for those who appreciate rolling hills and stone-cobbled architecture | Photo by Rowan Heuvel on Unsplash. From San Gimignano to Volterra, here are the most beautiful towns to visit in this region of Italy .. In the heart of the town, the Piazza dell’Anfiteatro dominates with its ochre-painted stucco and sun-splashed al-fresco spaces – while the nearby Lucca Cathedral rarely fails to draw a gasp.. Draped over the hillsides of the pre-Apennines on the eastern fringes of Tuscany, Cortona is a stone-clad town topped with an imposing medieval tower.. Rustic beauty flows through the streets and piazzas, while a curious Scottish character is also palpable in the town’s annual Sagra del Pesce e Patate (Fish and Chips Festival) – with anachronistic red telephone boxes peppering the corners.. Courtesy of Hemis / Alamy Stock Photo. In the centre, up top, winding cobblestone streets dip and duck under archways and cascades of bougainvillaea, while shadowy stairways lead to the front of enchanting synagogues – a famous feature of this town.. Courtesy of Zoonar / Alamy Stock Photo. Clinging to the highland ridges of western Tuscany, the town of Volterra cloaks the old homeland of the Etruscans in a patchwork of medieval stone.. Built and razed by the Romans, the grand Tuscan dukes and the formidable Medici family, the historic town plays host to ubiquitous basilicas, cobblestone streets, crumbling gateways and red-tiled roofs – while its sporadic piazzas bubble with the mellifluous tones of Italian chatter.

Dating as far back as the Etruscan times, many Etruscan artefacts can be found in the town’s museum, whilst the past of its Roman descendants are still visible in the impressive remains of the 1st century Roman amphitheatre as well as its Roman forum and Roman baths.. We have also fallen in love with a couple of Pienza’s street names – the Via dell Amore (Street of Love) and the Via dell Bacio (Street of the kiss) are both in Pienza, all of which means Pienza also makes it into our list of the most romantic places to stay in Italy .. Probably the most famous and well-known of the towns and villages of Tuscany within this list, San Gimignano is known all around the world for its incredible towers.. However, Lucca is equally famous for its many churches, earning itself the nickname, ‘the city of one hundred churches’ and for its oval-shaped central Piazza dell’ Anfiteatro and Torre Giunigi, a tower with trees growing from its top where is a roof garden, built by the Guinigi family as a symbol of Lucca’s rebirth.. The Piazza del Duomo and the smaller Piazza della Sala are home to numerable buildings worthy of a visit including the Cattedrale di San Zeno (Duomo), Medieval Baptistry and bell tower as well as the Church of San Giovanni Fuorcivitas, with its striking dark green and white marble-striped exterior.

One of the best ways to see the region’s authentic self is to visit its classic hilltop towns and medieval hamlets, many of which are famed as some of the most beautiful places in Italy.. To help you decide which Tuscan towns to visit on your next trip to Italy, here are 11 of the most beautiful places to visit in Tuscany.. Montepulciano is one of the best hill towns in Tuscany for its beautiful views, and is also one of the most famous towns in the whole region.. Volterra is another of the most popular towns to visit in Tuscany near Florence , built high up in the west of the region and surrounded by a historic wall that is thought to have been built in the 13th century.. A very popular town for travellers visiting this region is Lucca, which is well-regarded as one of the most beautiful places in Tuscany .. Located in the southeastern part of Tuscany, Cortona is one of the best Tuscan towns to visit if you’re looking for a location that won’t be overrun with tourists.. Although this is one of the smallest towns in Tuscany, the views, food, wine and atmosphere make it a must-see if you’re searching for beautiful places in the region.

Tuscany, a region in central Italy, is considered a birthplace of Renaissance , with Florence being the center.. Tuscany is world famous for its wines.. Florence is considered a birthplace of the Renaissance and is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy .. Piazza Del Duomo , the main square of Pisa, houses several historically important and visually impressive buildings.. Siena is a medieval hill town in Tuscany, Italy.. San Gimignano is a walled medieval town set on a hilltop in Tuscany.. Pienza is a small town located in Tuscany, between Montepulciano and Montalcino.. Pienza is famous for its Renaissance architecture .. The main sights in Pienza are the Cathedral (Duomo) in the center of the town, Palazzo Piccolomini, Palazzo Vescovile, and Palazzo Comunale .. Montepulciano is a hill town in Tuscany.. It's famous for its Medieval and Renaissance architecture.. While the town itself is rich in history and beautiful architecture, the surrounding areas and vineyards around Montalcino are also worth visiting.. Monteriggioni is a walled medieval town in Tuscany, with beautiful architecture and rich history.

Finding beautiful towns is easy but finding a beautiful town that’s not so touristed is a bit more difficult.. Poppi really is one of the most beautiful towns in Tuscany.. I would love to visit this town in Tuscany.. One of a few wine shops you’ll find in Montalcino.. Pitigliano One of the towns located in the southern part of the region this town in Tuscany is a bit different from the others.. The town of Castiglione d’Orcia is one of those beautiful Tuscan towns that not many folks visit.. And you’ll find sculptures around town which I loved!

Here are my favorite hilltop villages and towns to visit on your next road trip to Tuscany.. From there you can visit The Duomo, Siena’s inspiring cathedral; Museo Civico, the town’s most famous museum which is decorated with rich frescoes; and Pinacoteca Nazionale di Siena, a gallery that is home to incredible masterpieces from the Sienese school.. To get the full experience of such an unforgettable place, one must visit the fresco-covered Collegiate Church of San Gimignano, the Romanesque cathedral built in the 11 th century, and the Palazzo Comunale for the medieval art inside.. End your visit by tasting one of the top wines in Tuscany, Vernaccia di San Gimignano, a white wine that is produced especially in San Gimignano.. While walking through the town, visitors can visit the majestic walls that surround the village which dates back from the 13th to 16th centuries, the oldest being Portia all’Arco.. If you want to see Romanesque architecture and frescoed chapels, pay a visit to the Duomo and Baptistry, where you will also find artwork by renowned Italian artists, and visit the Roman Theatre, built in the 1 st century BC and one of Italy’s finest.. Also known as “Hill of Elsa Valley,” this Tuscan town is world renowned for its narrow lanes and crystal glassware which make it a charming village to visit.. Sitting on a limestone ridge, Montepulciano is known for its food and drink production and for being the filming locations of the Twilight sequel “New Moon.” At the very center of this beautiful town is Piazza Grande, and because this town is highly walkable, you can make your way throughout the city from there with ease; the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta houses a masterpiece from the Sienese school and the church of Santa Lucia houses an altarpiece.. There are a few palazzos in Pienza to visit: the first is Palazzo Piccolomini, which sits to the right of the Duomo and has a lovely garden from where you can get a panoramic view of the Val d’Orcia Valley; the second is Palazzo Vescovile, home to Diocesan Museum, the Museo dellaCattedrale and many important works of art; and the third is Palazzo Comunale, the town hall.. Home to one of the greatest wines, Brunello di Montalcino , this medieval Tuscan village is surrounded by walls which makes it an ethereal hilltop village.


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