Top 7 Best Supports for Miss Fortune in Season 12 - LeagueFeed (2022)

Despite Miss Fortune’s hot start in season 12, she is currently near the low end of the spectrum of ADC picks. Many arguments can be given as to why MF isn’t the strongest champion right now, but none of them can actually deny her viability. Miss Fortune has always been a solid pick, especially in matches where you have a killer wombo-combo team composition. She brings a massive AoE burst damage to the table, so she’ll always be a good marksman to main. And in this guide, we’ll go over the best supports that you need to know when playing as or with Miss Fortune!

On a general note, any champion that can stun or snare the enemy is a good pick for supporting Miss Fortune. Despite her damage potential, she lacks the tools to keep her targets in place. Opponents that can constantly run away from MF are the most difficult to beat, so she needs some help in that regard.

Now let’s talk about the best supports for Miss Fortune in season 12 and see how you can utilize their powers!

1. Leona

Top 7 Best Supports for Miss Fortune in Season 12 - LeagueFeed (1)

If you’re looking for the absolute best combo for Miss Fortune in the bot lane, then we say go for Leona. These two champions have an insane amount of synergy and can face off against any other matchup.

First off, the Miss Fortune + Leona combo should be played very offensively. Leona is a natural when it comes to forcing fights and MF is great at following with bursts of damage. As soon as level 2, this pair can look for skirmishes thanks to Leona’s E and Q. However, Miss Fortune can also be the initiator if she captures an enemy with the Make It Rain ability. This will allow Leona to easily hit her skill shot on the slowed opponent.


But the biggest power-up of this combo comes only after level 6. With both ultimates unlocked, MF and Leona can unleash true chaos. Nothing is scarier than being caught in the center of Leona’s R while Miss Fortune is right there channeling her bullet barrage. From then on, the combo can look for fights around the map whenever they have their ultimates ready to use.

Leona is the easiest support partner you can pick for Miss Fortune and we highly recommend her!

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2. Maokai

Top 7 Best Supports for Miss Fortune in Season 12 - LeagueFeed (2)

Currently, Makoi and Miss Fortune is the combination that yields the most victories for MF. Their win rate is over 55%, which really speaks of how well this pair can do in a given matchup.

During the laning phase, Miss Fortune and Maokai don’t need to be aggressive at all. Maokai can keep MF safe by stuffing the bushes with his saplings and occasionally walking up to the enemies to assert dominance. Both of these champions have slow effects, which can really help them in engaging in a fight, especially Maokai.

Like Leona, Maokai has a killer-support ultimate for Miss Fortune. His roots cover the entire width of the lane and the river. They last for a very long time, nearly matching the channeling of MF’s Bullet Time. When combined together, this is a recipe for true disaster because Maokai ensures the entire damage of Miss Fortune’s ultimate, which we all know is totally broken.

(Video) COMPLETE Miss Fortune Guide [Season 12] in less than 5 minutes | League of Legends (Guide)

So don’t hesitate to try some Maokai + Miss Fortune action!

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3. Nami

Top 7 Best Supports for Miss Fortune in Season 12 - LeagueFeed (3)

Nami can be your backup plan when choosing a support for Miss Fortune in case you get tired of tanks. She provides quite a lot of benefit to the matchup, but most importantly – healing. The duo sits at over 53% win rate, which is more than most other duos in League of Legends.

Ebb and Flow, Nami’s W, is a fantastic ability to have during the laning phase. It’s both a poking and a healing tool and experienced Nami players always try to achieve both effects when using it. And since Miss Fortune doesn’t always build lifesteal, this is a pretty handy thing to have.

Similar to Leona, MF can use her E to slow down their enemies so Nami can secure her knock-up. This will create a small chain of CC which the duo can use to deal damage. Nami’s E is another incredibly useful spell and can be used to power up Miss Fortune’s Qs.

Once the ultimates are ready, you can synergize them to keep enemies knocked up and slowed for the entire duration of Bullet Time.

(Video) How to Play Like as Miss Fortune MAIN! - ULTIMATE MISS FORTUNE GUIDE

4. Nautilus

Top 7 Best Supports for Miss Fortune in Season 12 - LeagueFeed (4)

The Titan of the Depths excels at locking down a target, allowing Miss Fortune to quickly deal damage to the caught opponent since her kit is exceptional for burst damage thanks to her passive and her Q. Once they both reach level 6, if Nautilus catches a target and can chain his CC effectively, MF can likely channel a good portion of her ultimate onto the enemy thanks to the added 2 seconds of crowd control that Depth Charge brings to the table when it is rank 1.

Nautilus is also a fantastic frontliner. Once he can get some items under his belt, this titan becomes a lot harder to kill, making him able to engage hard without fear of being taken down quickly, which is a really handy benefit to have as an engage support.

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5. Soraka

Top 7 Best Supports for Miss Fortune in Season 12 - LeagueFeed (5)

MF doesn’t have many sustain options unless she chooses to build Eclipse as her mythic, which depends on the player and team compositions. Soraka brings plenty of sustain to the lane, allowing MF to look for slightly more aggressive trades knowing that she has Soraka behind her, ready to keep her health bar filled.

Soraka also does brilliantly against champions that need to cast their abilities to maximize their damage thanks to the silencing effect on her E. Champions like Ezreal, Samira, and Lucian will have a hard time fighting back into a lane with Soraka in it.

(Video) 3 BEST MAINS For Every Role on Patch 12.14 - League of Legends

6. Thresh

Top 7 Best Supports for Miss Fortune in Season 12 - LeagueFeed (6)

We all know Thresh as one of the most popular support picks, and he has been this way for a long time, and for a good reason. Thresh’s kit is simply superb for a support; he possesses many traits an AD carry could want: Engage and disengage tools, a shield that doubles as an escape, natural tankiness thanks to his passive, and an ultimate that synergizes incredibly well with Miss Fortune’s.

As Thresh, it’s not difficult to blow a flash from the enemy after landing one or two Death Sentences on them. Land another one after reaching level 6, and it’s a big fat “oops” for the enemy. Once Thresh is on top of the caught enemy, he can cast The Box, leaving them surrounded by walls that apply a considerable slow should they go through them, leaving MF free to cast her own ultimate onto the boxed enemy.

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7. Blitzcrank

Top 7 Best Supports for Miss Fortune in Season 12 - LeagueFeed (7)

Blitz is a great disruptor to bring into the lane. Suppose he manages to yoink an enemy that’s just a single pixel away from the cover of their minions. In that case, that’s a considerable amount of health the enemy will have to trade away, thanks to MF’s ability to deal bursty damage.

Blitzcrank does qualify as a tank, but he is likely one of the softer tanks, as his kit does not grant him any bonus resistances, and the shield he gains is thanks to his passive, which acts as a lifeline that has a substantial cooldown period. This means that Blitz must play a bit safer than other tanks, but thanks to his Q, it is not necessary for him to dive into the middle of the enemy team to get picks for his team; he can do it from a fair distance away.

(Video) How to ACTUALLY CARRY ON MISS FORTUNE for Beginners + BEST BUILD/RUNES Season 12 - League of Legends

And those are the top 7 best supports for Miss Fortune in season 12 of League of Legends!


Top 7 Best Supports for Miss Fortune in Season 12 - LeagueFeed? ›

Now let's talk about the best supports for Miss Fortune in season 12 and see how you can utilize their powers!
  • Leona. If you're looking for the absolute best combo for Miss Fortune in the bot lane, then we say go for Leona. ...
  • Maokai. ...
  • Nami. ...
  • Nautilus. ...
  • Soraka. ...
  • Thresh. ...
  • Blitzcrank.
Dec 8, 2021

Who is Miss Fortune best against? ›

What champions counter Miss Fortune? The best champions that counter Miss Fortune are Draven, Twitch, Jhin, Swain and Yasuo.

Is Miss Fortune a bot or top? ›

Miss Fortune Build 12.10 ranks as an C-Tier pick for the Bottom Lane role in Season 12.

Is Lulu good with Miss Fortune? ›

Lulu wins against Miss Fortune 47.86% of the time which is 0.11% lower against Miss Fortune than the average opponent. After normalising both champions win rates Lulu wins against Miss Fortune 1.12% less often than would be expected. Below is a detailed breakdown of the Lulu build & runes against Miss Fortune.

What support is good with Miss Fortune? ›

Leona is the easiest support partner you can pick for Miss Fortune and we highly recommend her!

Does MF counter JHIN? ›

Miss Fortune wins against Jhin 50.46% of the time which is 2.26% higher against Jhin than the average opponent. After normalising both champions win rates Miss Fortune wins against Jhin 0.33% more often than would be expected.

How do you play Miss Fortune like a pro? ›

  1. Miss Fortune ramps up speed if she hasn't recently taken damage. Avoid getting hit to move. ...
  2. Use. Double Up on the furthest enemy minion if enemy champions are hiding in the back. ...
  3. Make sure to utilize Love Tap while. Strut is on cooldown to maximize the active's availability.
  4. Try to don't keep.

What is Miss Fortune's real name? ›

Miss Fortune is a pirate bilgewater captain famous for her stunning looks but feared for her brutality. Real name, Sarah Fortune, she paints a stark figure among the criminals of the shady port city.

How do you dominate with Miss Fortune? ›

BEST Miss Fortune Build to DOMINATE EARLY GAME - YouTube

Is Miss Fortune a good late game? ›

Of all the ADCs, Miss Fortune has one of the more simple kits. Her only real issue is that in the mid-to-late game she is quite reliant on using her ult effectively in team fights. Coupled with her inherent squishiness and lack of mobility, you have to have perfect positioning to use her effectively.

Is Morgana good with Miss Fortune? ›

Morgana wins against Miss Fortune 46.98% of the time which is 1.78% lower against Miss Fortune than the average opponent. After normalising both champions win rates Morgana wins against Miss Fortune 2.46% less often than would be expected. Below is a detailed breakdown of the Morgana build & runes against Miss Fortune.

Who beats ezreal? ›

Try to avoid using champions with hooks or slow-moving skill shots such as Thresh or Blitzcrank as Ezreal can easily dodge these abilities with his E. Instead, pick champions who auto attack a lot, or who have point and click abilities. Champions such as Sona, Senna, and Alistar are all good against Ezreal.

Who is counter jinx? ›

The best champions that counter Jinx are Sivir, Draven, Yasuo, Tristana and Jhin.

Is Miss Fortune ADC or support? ›

Miss Fortune was one of the champions with the highest pick rate in 2021, and with good reason. She is a wonderful ADC with long-range abilities and a powerful wave clear. She can be left alone by the support and play the weakside lane.

Which ADC goes well with Lux? ›

Caitlyn. Caitlyn is a great ADC to pair with Lux because of her W snare. Once an enemy is caught with Lux's Q, that enemy will be guaranteed dead with this duo in the early game as the CC chain is too much, along with the burst damage they both deal.

Who has good synergy with Jinx? ›

  • Nami. Nami is easily the enchanter support with the most potential in the bot lane. ...
  • Blitz. Blitz has a very dominating presence in the bot lane. ...
  • Braum. Braum is a fantastic support to have when playing Jinx. ...
  • Thresh. ...
  • Janna. ...
  • Yuumi. ...
  • Leona.
Dec 9, 2021

Does jinx counter JHIN? ›

Jinx wins against Jhin 47.82% of the time which is 0.11% lower against Jhin than the average opponent. After normalising both champions win rates Jinx wins against Jhin 0.17% less often than would be expected.

Does Caitlyn counter Miss Fortune? ›

Caitlyn Bottom vs Miss Fortune Bottom Build & Runes

Caitlyn wins against Miss Fortune 48.93% of the time which is 0.91% higher against Miss Fortune than the average opponent. After normalising both champions win rates Caitlyn wins against Miss Fortune 0.63% more often than would be expected.

Does JHIN counter Vayne? ›

Vayne wins against Jhin 49.22% of the time which is 1.33% higher against Jhin than the average opponent. After normalising both champions win rates Vayne wins against Jhin 0.15% more often than would be expected.

Is Lux good lol? ›

Lux is one of those League of Legends champions you can never go wrong with. In most of the situations, she's a safe pick and also a great champion to learn in order to climb up the ranked ladder. Lux's shiny abilities perfectly describe her – she is a mid-game champion you always get a chance to shine with.

How do I farm for Miss Fortune? ›

Farming on Miss Fortune is relatively easy. Don't hesitate to use Q to secure 2 minions (try to use your bullet bounce as an advantage) in early game, just keep an eye on your mana. Keep farming till level 6 and that is where your game starts, unless the enemy botlane makes a mistake that you could punish.

Is Miss Fortune good for beginners? ›

Miss Fortune is one of the best beginner friendly champions you can use to get started playing as an ADC. She has excellent damage and good poke that helps her harass her opponents in the early game. She scales well into the late game and is a relatively safe pick even if she has no true mobility spell.

Is gangplank dead in lore? ›

In an epilogue released to the story event, it was revealed that Gangplank is still alive, but one of his arms is a little worse for wear and has now been replaced. Players who prefer his original design can still get it as a free skin according to a statement made by Riot.

Is Miss Fortune dead in lore? ›

Miss Fortune somehow survived, washed up onto the shore, got corrupted and became Ruined Miss Fortune. Pyke can't drown and somehow became a Sentinel to stop Miss Fortune. The End.

How old is Illaoi? ›

41-50 years old

Does Caitlyn counter Miss Fortune? ›

Caitlyn Bottom vs Miss Fortune Bottom Build & Runes

Caitlyn wins against Miss Fortune 48.93% of the time which is 0.91% higher against Miss Fortune than the average opponent. After normalising both champions win rates Caitlyn wins against Miss Fortune 0.63% more often than would be expected.

Is Miss Fortune a good champion? ›

Both a strong lane bully and a late-game hyper-carry threat, Miss Fortune is strong across all points of the game. She can poke down enemies in lane with her Q and E, and her high movement speed makes it all but impossible to trade or engage back.

How do you play vs Miss Fortune? ›

How to Counter Miss Fortune: Mobalytics Counterplay - YouTube

How do you play as Miss Fortune? ›

How to Play Like as Miss Fortune MAIN! - YouTube

Kindred has become an incredibly popular ADC pick in the Season 12 of League of Legends, so here are the 7 best supports for her!

The most obvious choice you can make when trying to select a support for Kindred is Alistar.. Alistar is a fantastic champion for supporting Kindred because his tool kit perfectly matches Kindred’s playstyle.. She and Alistar can trick their opponents into fighting to the death by activating Kindred’s ultimate and then having Alistar push them away from the circle.. Janna is another champion that can remove players away from Kindred’s R. Once her own ultimate is unlocked, she and Kindred can look for fights and perform the same trick on their enemies.. These disengaging tools are incredibly effective again, ganks as well, making Janna and Kindred a pretty solid combo in the bot lane!. For example, once Kindred’s ultimate is near expiration, Taric can activate his R to grant new invulnerability on him and Kindred.. Kindred is one of the scariest champions in the late game, and Taric can single-handedly win team fights if he times his ultimate right.. Do remember that both of these champions scale really hard as the game goes on, Kindred scales with their hunt marks, and Thresh scales with the souls he collects, making this duo really difficult to deal with if you give them enough time to really get going.. As if Kindred’s ultimate is not hard enough to deal with, your opponent will have to deal with Lulu’s as well and, if Lulu times it right, casting it just as Kindred’s is expiring, you may just be set up to turn the fight on its head.. By chunking out the enemy team, he enables Kindred to simply farm, scale up, and take fights when the opposition is already at a health disadvantage, paving the way for a healthy laning phase heading into the midgame.. Kindred applies a slow with their E, and Nami can empower Kindred’s basic attacks to deal bonus damage and apply another slow, making your opponent look like my 90-year-old grandmother trying to run away without her walking cane.

Looking to spice up your bot lane synergy? 🤔 Well, if you are, here are the 7 best supports for Ashe in League of Legends Season 12🔥

In this combo, Ashe can look to poke opponents with her W, and Lux can do the same with her E. Both of these abilities apply slow effects to the enemy champions.. If either Ashe or Lux secures a root or a stun, they can chain CC that target or quickly burst him with Lux’s R. Lux does a lot of damage in the early game, so you should always play aggressively with this combo.. Zilean is also one of the strongest support champions for Ashe, and the pair has a similar playstyle to Lux and Ashe.. Zilean provides a good amount of poke damage during the laning phase and offers an extra experience to Ashe and himself.. Or if the enemy players aren’t careful enough, the slow + two bombs combo can net Ashe and Zilean a lot of kills in the early game.. Thanks to Ashe’s slow, Soraka can successfully catch enemies off guard and root them.. Ashe has an innate slowing effect on her basic attacks thanks to her passive, meaning once Braum manages to trigger the first stack of his passive on an enemy, Ashe will be able to focus on that champion and proc the stun quite easily.. Once Leona gets on an enemy and Ashe can slow them down, there’s practically no escaping these two champions from slowly whittling you down.. Slowly withering your enemy with short bursts of damage like this can end up forcing them out of lane or leave them vulnerable enough for an all-in with Ashe slowing them and Sona granting herself and Ashe bonus movement speed thanks to her E.

Jinx has been a consistently good pick throughout Season 12, and we don't see that changing any time soon! Here are the best supports for her

Similar to Kog’Maw or Ezreal, Jinx needs a support that can get her through the laning phase.. Let’s examine the best supports for Jinx in Season 12 and how they can work with her!. And the reason why this is perfect for Jinx is that Nami can position herself to constantly poke and fend off any potential danger for Jinx.. First, Blitz’s E is one of the best setups for Jinx’s E. Whenever Blitz knocks a champion up in the air, Jinx can throw her chompers to secure the root effect.. This also works with Blitz’s Q, but Jinx has to be careful because opponents would often Flash away after being hooked by Blitz.. Both of their ultimates do a lot of damage early on, so this is the perfect time for Jinx and Blitz to look for 2v2 skirmishes.. Stack her own Flame Chompers on top of that, as well as Braum’s very own Glacial Fissure when he reaches level 6, and you have a champion that has no other choice but to endure the pain coming from Jinx and her loyal muscly support.. Additionally, Braum has different ways of saving Jinx, most notably his E ability, Unbreakable, which blocks projectiles coming in, which can come in very handy when Jinx is trying to trade.. If and when Jinx gets to a point where she’s dealing tons of damage, the enemy team is definitely going to try an all-in to take her out, and Janna is more than prepared to deal with that.. We did say Jinx required a support that carried her into the mid and late game since she is one of the best scaling ADCs in the current meta.. All Jinx has to do is follow up on Leona’s engages.. But the real power of the Jinx + Leona combo comes after level 6.. Leona can also lock enemies in place so Jinx can throw her ultimate from afar.. And those are the 7 best supports for Jinx in season 12!

Generally, the best support for Varus offers a lot of crowd control effects. But there are some that excel in this, way more than the others.

One focuses on his on-hit damage and attack speed.. And the other build favors Lethality items and funnels all the power in Varus’s Q.. Generally, the support champions that best suit Varus offers a lot of crowd control effects.. Leona has a very defined playstyle in the bot lane – crowd control and tanking.. But the advantage of Leona over other supports is that she doesn’t rely on her ultimate to do this.. Combined, they can chain CC a target for over 5 seconds, which is more than enough to kill anyone in the game. And since Varus doesn’t often build defensive items, this is very welcomed.. However, Zyra offers a lot more damage than Morgana throughout the game and it’s usually considered the very best among the supports for Varus in season 12.. This makes it way easier to land the ability, which in turn lets Varus secure his arrow.. After level 6, Varus can enhance Zyra’s damage by locking people in place so Zyra can damage them with her ultimate.. Her E is sort of a double buff, where the bonus damage goes nicely with on-hit Varus, and the slow is of course a very welcome addition, especially for lethality Varus, helping him find his target more often.. Also, Nami provides a nice movement speed bonus with her passive, meaning Varus will have an easier time dodging abilities and positioning well to deal damage.. Bringing both healing and shielding into the game, she does an excellent job at keeping her carry healthy.

Ever since she was released, Caitlyn has always been one of the safest picks in the bot lane. Here are the 7 best supports for Caitlyn in S12

Caitlyn’s damage potential is incredibly high, but she cannot keep targets in place once her trap is down.. Morgana also brings her Black Shield, so you have no reason to not try her as a support to Caitlyn in season 12!. A Lux Q can set up her E R, as well as Caitlyn’s Q W, and, in the unlikely chance your target is still standing after that, Caitlyn still has her ultimate too.. Boasting a rock-solid engage with her E Q combo, Leona can lock down a target in place long enough for Caitlyn to set up her trap, as well as land her Q and a couple of autos for free.. Those are the top 7 best supports for Caitlyn in League of Legends season 12!

Truthfully, Kog'Maw has seen better days than season 12, however, he can perform exceptionally well when paired with a great support...

Typically, you want to pair Kog’Maw with a champion that can protect him.. These two champions have an insane amount of synergy and work perfectly together, almost as if they’re were created for each other.. Kog’s W extends the range of his basic attacks and empowers them to deal bonus max health damage.. And that’s what makes her the best among the supports for Kog’Maw in season 12!. The latter is one of the most useful effects in the entire League of Legends, so Morgana is always among the best supports for Kog’Maw too.. Morgana frees Kog’Maw to move around the map and engage in team fights.. In the bot lane, Morgana and Kog’Maw can play aggressively into almost any matchup, as long as Morgana makes good use of her snare and spell shield.. Janna and Kog’Maw is a very typical bot lane duo.. You generally want to play this matchup as carefully as possible in the first few levels.. Kog’s damage is considerably low in the early game and Janna has only one damaging ability – her W.. And Janna has multiple ways of protecting Kog’Maw.. And all Kog has to do is deal damage from afar and be careful of the enemy assassins.. In that case, Kog can use his W to hit them from afar and even use his own E to lay down a slow on the enemy, with the main objective of activating the stun from Braum’s passive, allowing them to deal some more damage, winning the trade.. Nami’s E empowers Kog’Maw so that his next basic attacks deal bonus damage and slow the target.. And those are the 7 best supports for Kog’Maw in season 12!

Samira is probably the best ADC champion in Season 12, but she can't do well on her own. Here are the top 7 best supports for Samira in 2021!

Leona is known to be the queen of engaging supports and that’s not without a reason.. Given Samira’s tendency to just dive into the enemy team and, well, do Samira things, a support that can follow through and, well, support her is almost a necessity.. With his Stand Behind Me ability, he can dash to Samira right after she dives into the enemy team and support her from there.. Thanks to this, Samira and Galio can play quite aggressively in the lane, since Galio has his taunt to keep their opponents in place and secure the kills.. And that makes Galio one of the best supports for Samira in season 12 of League of Legends!

Even though she wasn't a great pick throughout S12, Xayah can still do wonders if she has good support by her side, here are the 7 best ones!

So let’s talk about the best supports for Xayah in season 12 of League of Legends!. The first bonus you get when playing Xayah and Rakan is the shared recall.. For example, Rakan can linger in the lane while Xayah is recalling to give false information to the enemies as if they’re staying in the lane.. Rakan has good tools for engaging and disengaging, so it’s more about picking the right time to attack.. Thresh is perhaps the second-best support Xayah in season 12.. Additionally, Braum’s passive synergizes well with Xayah’s W, and the additional attack speed helps to quickly put an enemy in stun.. Once they unlock their ultimates, both Xayah and Braum can be pretty helpful in team fights.. Nami goes well with Xayah due to the synergy of Xayah’s W and Nami’s E. Xayah’s W grants her attack speed and movement speed when she hits an enemy champion.. And those are the top 7 best supports for Xayah in LoL season 12!. LeagueFeed is a free resource for all League of Legends fans worldwide!

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