Which Disney Princess Are You Based On Your Zodiac? (2022)

Over time, Disney has given audiences so many elegant princesses. From independent ones—like Mulan and Pixar's Merida—tocalm ones—like Snow White and Cinderella—each is unique in their own way. Although most of them are only based on fairy tales and some of their personalities are unrealistic for theactual world, there are certain things that one can pick from each princess that makes them relatable.

Adding that to the age-old belief that one's character can be associated with a zodiac sign, it would be fun to see which Disney Princess someone ismost like.

Updated on February 2nd, 2021 by Kristen Palamara:Disney characters and in particular Disney Princesses continue to be engaging in their own stories and have their own unique personalities. Official Disney Princesses go back to classics likeCinderella and Sleeping Beauty,but there are new princesses being added every year like Tiana from The Princess and the Frog and Moana.

Updated on January 19, 2022, by Lynn Gibbs:Life-long fans of Disney love dissecting and learning more about their favorite Disney Princesses.Disney Princess zodiac signs, in particular, are on the rise because fans are seeing more and more of themselves in their favorite characters. Seeing the zodiac signs as Disney charactersmake fans feel more connected to the princesses they grew up watching or are learning more about. From Elsa to Raya, it's exciting to break down the princesses' personality traits while comparing them to the zodiac chart.

Aries– Merida (Brave)

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Aries usually tend to be the first to act with their courageous and spontaneous nature– giving them less time to decide. Eponymous to the title of the movieBrave, Princess Merida isexactly that.

From climbing the highest rocks to shooting arrows as she rode her horse in the dense forest, Merida loves adventure. However, herimpulsive nature ultimately led to her mother and brothers being turned into bears. Putting all of it together, Merida is one of the bravest Disney characters and a great example of the fire sign Aries.

Taurus– Vanellope Von Schweetz (Wreck-It Ralph)

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InWreck-It Ralph, the title protagonist istrying to stop being a villain in his video game and he befriends Vanellope while visiting her racing game. At first, Vanellope is an outsider, who isn't allowed to race in the games because she's a glitch, but then it is revealed that she is the star of the game as a princess. She transformed into one of Wreck-It Ralph's most likable charactersand even interacts with other Disney Princesses in the second movie.

Vanellope's personality is similar to a Taurus because she's determined to become a racer and will stubbornly do anything to achieve her dream. At the same time, she has a soft side that those close to her are lucky to see.

Taurus – Tiana (The Princess And The Frog)

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Taureans' determination combined with their practicality are twofactors that play a crucial role in their success. Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frogperfectly fits this description. Throughout the movie, Tiana was committed to saving money by working two jobs in order to build her own restaurant, as her father dreamed.

Be itmaking beignets for Mardi Gras or agreeing to kiss the frog version of Prince Naveen, Tiana made sure that she made enough money to fulfill her dream. No matter what happy or sad moment happened inher life, she persevered like a Taurus.

Gemini– Cinderella

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As the first air sign in the zodiac, Geminis are very lively and amicable. Despite having so much work to do,Cinderella always seems cheerful in Cinderella.

Cinderellaasks her stepmother for permission to attend the prince's ball and later asks the guards if she can try on the glass slipper she left behind, showing that is willing to fight for the things she wants while also being eloquent.

Cancer– Ariel

Cancer's symbol is the crab– an animal that can exist in land and water. In addition to this similarity, Ariel'spersonality is also like a Cancer in The Little Mermaid. She can be both very emotional and loving.

Moreover, it is said that it takes time for others to understand those with this zodiac sign because of their hard exterior. Likewise, Ariel's father did not understand her love for Prince Eric and only perceived her as being stubborn and clueless. Because of those experiences, people of this water sign can relate toAriel. Fans will get to see more of Ariel's personality in the upcomingLittle Mermaidreboot in 2023.

Leo– Moana

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With the king of the jungle as the zodiac symbol, Leos are great leaders, especially for their passionate, optimistic, and protective traits. It is no doubt that Moana has all these traits in Moana,making her similar to a Leo.

As a potential leader for her tribe, Moana went across the ocean despite all the dangers that lurked there. She was positive that she would be able to bring back vegetationto her land by going on her quest to return goddess Te Fiti's heart that was taken by the demi-god Maui. Like Moana, Leos are optimists and don't give up when things get hard.

Virgo– Jasmine

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Virgos are most likely to achieve the greatest heights in their social circlebecause of their tendency to set high goals for themselves that they work hard to fulfill. They also aim for perfection, which shows in Jasmine's relationship with Aladdin. Likewise, Aladdin'sPrincess Jasmine says that she has been preparing all her life to take over the kingdom after her father.

Given that she is well aware that Agrabah's law doesn't permit her to becomea sultan, Jasmine still educated herself. Her "aim high, reach great heights" attitude classifies her as a Virgo.

Libra – Snow White

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Given that Libras are sociable and great listeners, they make a lot of friends easily. Likewise, Snow Whitewas charming and easily befriended the animals (and the seven dwarves)in the forest inSnow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Even Grumpy, whowas wary of her at the beginning, started to find Snow White charming over time. Althoughshe is a very young Disney Princess, Snow White knew how to survive in the forest by helping the dwarves. It shows that she is naturally clever — just like Libras.

Scorpio– Rapunzel

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Scorpios are known to be determined and persistent, and one princesswho has both these qualities is Tangled'sRapunzel. It is brought out by the way she goes outside the towertosee the lanterns on her 16th birthday. Despite the constant rejectionfromthe villainous Mother Gothel, Rapunzel follows her gut and goes to the celebration.

People under this sign are very strategic, and thefact that Rapunzel took Flynn Rider's sachet in order to get what she wants shows this traittoo. For all these characteristic traits,anyone under this water sign can associate themselves with Rapunzel.

Scorpio– Elsa

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Elsa is a Disney Princess and eventual queen in the movieFrozenand has a similar personality to aScorpio. Elsa has iconic quotes throughout the film, as she hid her powers for her entire life, especially from her sister Anna, because she's afraid that she will hurt someone with her powers so she hides them away.

As a Scorpio, Elsa is a resourceful, passionate, and brave character when she breaks free and lets go of all of her stress and secrets.

Sagittarius– Anna

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Anna is the younger princess and sister to Elsa inFrozen. Regardless of which Frozenprincess fans think is better,Annahas a personality that is similar to a Sagittarius.She's an idealistic character as she wants everything to work out perfectly for her and her sister, and is generous with the people of the town.

Although Anna tries her best to be formal, she doesn't have much of a filter and it adds to her charm that she's unable to hide any of her personality— even if she ends up saying the wrong thing or embarrassing herself.

Sagittarius– Mulan

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Sagittarians are known to be courageous and adventurous.Given that Mulan is a warrior princess, it is self-explanatory that she isfearless throughout Mulan.Her traits perfectly match the archer symbol. Unlike some of the other princesses, Mulan did not wait for her prince to save her, and she did not look forward to settling down. Likewise, people of this sign don't like to be restricted.

Instead, when the king ordered every family to send one man to fight in the army, Mulan bravely went in place of her sick father. She's one of the few Disney characterswho killed off a villain. All these factors make her a typical Sagittarian.

Capricorn - Raya

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Raya was Disney's first Southeast Asian Princess onceRaya and the Last Dragon was released in 2021. Raya is wise, independent, and fights for her and her family's freedom throughout the movie. Her headstrong personality and refusal to quit screams Capricorn energy.

As logical and level-headed as Raya is, she does have trust issues and doesn't let people into her life easily. Despite her flaws, she focuses on achieving her goals because she knows it would help her family and community for the greater good.

Aquarius– Belle

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Aquarius is anair sign associated with friendliness and selflessness. In that regard, Belle not only befriended all those people who were turned into objects but she was also humble enough to stay at the Beast's castle and do whatever she could do to help them out throughout Beauty and the Beast.

People under this sign love their independence and are incredibly intelligent, just like Beauty and the Beast's Belle.Sheis someone who loved reading by herself and learning as much as she could.

Pisces– Aurora

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Pisces is a zodiac sign that is related to kindness and selflessness, which describe Sleeping Beauty'sPrincess Aurora perfectly. She is considerate and sympathetic towards herthree fairies who live with her and protect her from Maleficent.

People under this water sign are also romantics, something Aurora proved to be whenshe saw her prince "once upon a dream." Coincidentally, this princess is also naive due to living inisolation for a long time, a trait that can be associated with this last water sign.

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